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--- Comment #65 from Hongli Lai <honglilai at gmail.com> 2010-09-14 13:37:24 EDT ---
> Can you please elaborate on this. Looking at the passenger repository, it seems
> boost is still marked as being on version 1.35

Passenger 3 will be based on 1.42. Passenger 3 isn't out yet but will soon be.

> Which OS was this customer running btw?

Debian. But even if it was a different OS, the checks should remain. Returning
EINTR is POSIX compliant behavior I believe, so apps should take care of it

> I would like to include this (and everything else), but it looks like there is
no way to include passenger in Fedora without this being removed (eg passenger
> needs to work against the stock boost). So its either remove this debugging
stuff or not ship passenger at all.

In that case I prefer to decline packaging. We cannot agree on having an
important feature like that removed. We want every user who uses Phusion
Passenger to experience the same quality, and we will find it unacceptable if
quality differs among different OS packages.

> Have you guys ever considered using thread pools?

Yes. Thread pools will not do. We really need all those threads, they're used
for I/O concurrency so limiting them will not solve the problem.

The default stack size can be changed through ulimit. However I disagree with
the notion that the default stack size should be respected. There's a reason
why pthread_attr_setstacksize() exists, and we use it for a good reason.

It is certainly possible to patch Phusion Passenger to work with normal Boost.
However doing so degrades the user experience in such a way that we cannot
approve of such changes. Please note that Phusion Passenger is a registered
trademark in the European Union and a pending trademark in the United States.
If you want to ship a patched version of Phusion Passenger with changes that we
do not approve of, we have to ask you to rename it something else.

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