[Bug 787561] Review Request: torsocks - A transparent socks proxy for use with tor

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--- Comment #5 from Petr Ĺ abata <psabata at redhat.com> 2012-02-10 05:17:04 EST ---
You've corrected the devel package Summary, +1.

The static libraries are gone and the rest is packaged correctly, good.

Documentation is not the case, though.  Why do you insist on hardcoded and
absolute paths?  How do you know what files are chosen this way?  For example,
there are three README files in your project.

This is wrong.

The %doc macro does all the work for you.  Just give it relative paths (in your
build directory) to the files you want to package as documentation and it will
do everything you need.  Currently it means it places your files into
%{_datadir}%{name}-%{version}-%{release} but don't count on that.

So, how to fix this?

1. Don't override datadir.  It's defined by rpmbuild.
2. Replace your current %doc macros with builddir relative ones.  Examples

# This packages ./README and puts it to /usr/share/torsocks-1.2-1/README
# This packages ./doc/patches/README and puts it to the same location as the
%doc doc/patches/README
# This packages the whole ./doc directory and puts its files to
%doc doc
# You can put specify more files
%doc doc/socks/SOCKS4.protocol doc/socks/SOCKS5

See my suggestions in the first comment and/or how other packages do this if
you're still unsure.

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