[Bug 800102] Review Request: perl-WWW-Google-Contacts - Use Perl to access, list and edit Google Contacts

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Thu Mar 22 13:45:13 UTC 2012

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--- Comment #10 from Ken Dreyer <ktdreyer at ktdreyer.com> 2012-03-22 09:45:12 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> Ken, thank you for sponsoring.

Well, a member of FESCo or another sponsor still needs to approve the request.
Fingers crossed.

> What happens now if there are upstream updates or there is a need to update the
> package in the future?

There is a Package Update HOWTO on the wiki. See
. Fedora also has a tool that can monitor upstream releases. You can set that
up once you're sponsored.

> I'll manage to merge my e-mails on both systems.

Ok, please do this soon. Once you're sponsored into the packagers group, it's
important that the accounts match so that your Bugzilla privileges stay in sync
with Fedora's package database.

> What about these other submissions

Once you're sponsored and someone reviews these Perl packages, you'll be
allowed to import them into Fedora also. Maybe we can work out some review
swaps once you're sponsored. I have two open myself, at Bug 713313 and Bug
790215 .

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