[Fedora-packaging] ownership of /usr/share/gtk-doc

Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Jun 16 16:44:15 UTC 2010

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote, at 06/17/2010 12:37 AM +9:00:
>>>>>> "RD" == Rex Dieter<rdieter at math.unl.edu>  writes:
> RD>  See tracking bug, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=604169
> RD>  Seems an enterprising soul mass-filed bugs arguing packages placing
> RD>  content under /usr/share/gtk-doc doesn't necessarily need to
> RD>  Requires: gtk-doc
> Do the guidelines not already cover this case?
> "Multiple packages own files in a common directory but none of them
> needs to require the others."
> All of the packages should simply own /usr/share/gtk-doc.

On rawhide

# repoquery --whatprovides '/usr/share/gtk-doc/html/*' | sort | cat -n

currently returns *206 packages* and making all of them own
/usr/share/gtk-doc/html must clearly regarded as a bug in the packaging
in the distibution ( I will surely complain ) and need fixing.

As /usr/share/gtk-doc/html is so common, only one filesystem-like package
must own this and all of the rest must have the dependency for it.

For Rex's idea:
> 1. gnome-filesytstem (comment #20)
> 2.  add to 'filesystem' itself
> 3.  gtk-doc-filesystem

Here I don't think 2 is acceptable because (it seems) that directories or files
under /usr/share/gtk-doc (and itself) are for development purpose only
and for "normal" users these directories are not needed. The directories
in filesystem should generally be for ones "every" user need them.
And with the same reason, I don't think 1 is a option.

For from me +0.5 (not +1) for idea 3 .... and I see little value in creating
gtk-doc-filesystem only for purpose, because anyway packages in need of
/usr/share/gtk-doc/ all seem for development purpose only and gtk-doc
package is "not so large".

So just make all these packages have "R: gtk-doc" seems the simplest solution.


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