[Fedora-packaging] RFC before update PHP Guidelines about PEAR package documentation

Remi Collet Fedora at FamilleCollet.com
Mon Nov 8 16:58:26 UTC 2010

For now, doc provided in pear package use an awful hack.

Standard pear installation copy doc in /usr/share/pear/doc
(known as %{pear_docdir} in spec file)

After installation they are moved to a temporary location
Something like
	mv %{buildroot}%{pear_docdir}/%{pear_name} docdir

And then add to %file as %doc
	%doc docdir/*
This seems awful for (at least) 2 reasons:
- PHP developer are used to search them in /usr/share/pear/doc
- report of "pear list-files <package>" is wrong

Proposal :

- keep documentation in standard pear location

- tag them as doc files
	%doc %{pear_docdir}/%{pear_name}

- add a README-DOCS-RPM in standard "fedora" location
	Documentation for %{pear_name} are in

Other tried solutions

- soft link
	=> will be impossible to handle update (from file to link)
           for all existing packages

- overriding "doc_dir" in pear configuration before install
	=> file list don't store full patch, but path relative to config
	   so, this won't work, path must be the same for all packageq

Any comment ? Others idea ?

I will submit a draft for a PHP Guidelines update quite soon.


P.S. for now, /usr/share/pear/doc only contains doc from php-pear main
package, this is an exception which probably need to be fixed according
to the Guidelines, if approved.

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