[Fedora-packaging] Packaging ada libraries

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Wed Nov 10 21:09:18 UTC 2010

I'm thinking perhaps it is time to come up with a standard for how ada 
libraries are installed.  I don't know much about ada, but I package plplot 
which has an ada interface.  ada uses a couple different types of files: adb, 
ads, ali, and perhaps .gpr and .lgpr for gnat.

Example location from GtkAda-devel:


I don't know about the difference between relocatable and static.

So this may be simple, but perhaps:


is sufficient.

plplot-ada-devel currently puts files in:


Not sure where they got that directory structure from.

plplot does not produce .gpr or .lgpr files.  Not sure if this should be 
enforced or how they are produced.

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