[Fedora-packaging] rpmlint on Fedora and FHS

Siem Korteweg siem at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 16 20:05:38 UTC 2011

> Am 16.07.2011 21:06, schrieb Siem Korteweg:
> [...]
>> Why is it not permitted for packages to install files in /opt while that
>> is allright according to the FHS and Fedora follows FHS?
> FHS says in the first sentence:
> »/opt is reserved for the installation of add-on application software
> packages.«
> Installation in /opt is unusual in Fedora, but permitted as far as I
> know. Is SCC an »add-on software«? I recognize generic rpm packages as
> such, like the Google, Skype, or Adobe ones. In my mind, I package which
> will be shipped with Fedora itself should follow the usual standard. The
> hierarchy in the generic package is somewhat odd anyway: /opt/scc/bin,
> /etc/opt/scc and /var/opt/scc/. There's no common installation prefix,
> though. If you could figure out a way to make it work with /usr/bin,
> /etc/scc and /var/scc, it would become more transparent.

What do you mean with the common installation prefix? What is the common
installation prefix when I migrate the software to /usr/bin, /etc/scc and

Siem Korteweg

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