[Fedora-packaging] EPEL packaging question - mozilla-adblockplus

Russell Golden niveusluna at niveusluna.org
Wed Apr 4 19:09:43 UTC 2012

mozilla-adblockplus won't build in EL6. I suspect the version of
python-jinja2 is too old.

My question: The upstream XPI for mozilla-adblockplus includes a JAR
file. This JAR file contains _no_ libraries or binaries. It only has
images, javascript, and some XUL files. Definitely no Java, despite
the JAR extension.

It appears to me that there are three options.

Option 1: Unpack the upstream XPI and ship that.
Option 2: Figure out how to make this package build, if it can at all.
Option 3: Retire the package. AdBlock Plus 1.x will be disabled by
default in Firefox 10 without disabling addon compat checking, and I'm
not even sure it will work at all.

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