[Fedora-packaging] Moving an existing rpmfusion package into Fedora

Brendan Jones brendan.jones.it at gmail.com
Thu May 24 09:35:46 UTC 2012

On 05/24/2012 11:13 AM, Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-05-24 at 10:18 +0200, Brendan Jones wrote:
>> To cater for existing RPMFusion users, I can be clear in the changelog /
>> update notes that this Fedora package is replacing the one in qtractor
>> and they should install qtractor-freeworld if MP3 support is desired.
>> Sound OK?
> I don't have a strong opinion either way, but if I was implementing it,
> I'd follow the following steps:
>       1. Push qtractor-freeworld into RPM Fusion and have it obsolete
>          qtractor
>       2. Finish getting qtractor reviewed in Fedora
>       3. A week or two after (1) happens (and *before* qtractor gets
>          pushed to testing in Fedora), remove the obsoletes from
>          qtractor-freeworld
>       4. Build qtractor in Fedora
> The advantage of this process is that most RPM Fusion qtractor users get
> qtractor-freeworld automatically (and the longer the obsoletes is left
> in, the more RPM Fusion users get qtractor-freeworld).
Sure - however we should still implement alternatives in the 
qtractor-freeworld package right?
(btw review is approved in Fedora already - although I've pulled the 
update for the moment)

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