[Fedora-packaging] Can multiple packages built from same source?

Lin Gao lgao at redhat.com
Fri May 25 08:07:08 UTC 2012


     We have a package already built in Fedora called: ironjacamar, 
which only produces several core jars used by JBoss AS 7. We also want 
to built a ironjacamar standalone environment which can make the 
ironjacamar running without JBoss AS 7 environment, but this standalone 
environment has different libraries than JBoss AS 7 has. So we plan to 
built a overall new package called: ironjacamar-standalone, which 
produces the ironjacamar standalone environment, it will use the same 
source as the package: ironjacamar uses.  I want to know if it is 
approved in Fedora?

Lin Gao

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