[Fedora-packaging] RFD: C/C++ template packages

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at freenet.de
Mon Oct 15 10:05:44 UTC 2012


Fedora carries some "C/C++" "template"/"header-only" packages (Packages 
which contain C/C++-headers only).

Typically, these packages are being built "BuildArch: noarch".

== These packages are supposed to be arch-independent.

In reality, many of these packages often are wrapper headers, trying to 
wrap to something highly OS-/arch-dependent, from system-headers and 
compiler built-ins defines.

I.e. though these packages are supposed to be arch-independent, there is 
no guarantee nor check whether these packages actually are arch-independent.

I am proposing to:


All "C/C++-template/header-only packages" must be built using an 
"arch'ed BuildArch", with the resulting binary packages implemented as
"Arch: noarch"-subpackages.


- This would assure such packages would be built on all architectures 
Fedora supports and not only the architecture noarch-packages are being 

- This would exercise potentially existing configuration-scripts on all 
architectures and would allow to exercise test-scripts rsp. coding 
examples (which can be regarded as compilation-checks) on all Fedora 
supported architectures.

Comments, opinions?


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