[Fedora-packaging] Web Assets/JavaScript guideline drafts

Remi Collet Fedora at FamilleCollet.com
Mon Jul 15 06:08:30 UTC 2013

Le 11/07/2013 12:32, T.C. Hollingsworth a écrit :

>> Could web server configuration be included in web-assets package ?
> Perhaps, if that's what the httpd maintainers would prefer.  I really
> don't want JS library packages to drag in httpd though, since they can
> be used by Ruby and Node.js too, so this would have to be done
> carefully.

Yes, carefully, I agree it will be awful to pull httpd in the
dependencies. Despite, I think this is a better solution, as this could
also be used in EPEL (while having httpd changed in RHEL will be a long

A web-assets-httpd subpackage, seems a trivial solution.

>> Have you a proposal for the change required in the web server package ?
> Just something like:
> Alias /assets /usr/share/assets
> And maybe "Options -Indexes" for this directory if that's desirable
> for security?

Also missing the "Require all granted" to allow access.


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