[Fedora-packaging] Question: will bundling of xml and pckl be allowed in this case?

Marcin Dulak marcin.dulak at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 11:55:34 UTC 2014


i'm asking for a clarification/suggestions here before filling in an 
exception request at https://fedorahosted.org/fpc.

I'm packaging a python software called gpaw: 
During the tests in %check gpaw uses some static xml and python pckl 
data (these are definitions related to chemical symbols).
The data (gpaw-setups) belongs to gpaw (see 
and gpaw won't run without it, however gpaw and gpaw-setups are 
versioned separately, and therefore
they need to be packaged separately (two separate spec files).
gpaw-setups are being packaged here 

I'm asked by the reviewer to remove gpaw-setups bundling from gpaw.
Does the concept of bundling apply to this case?

The problem is that each gpaw release requires a specific release of 
gpaw-setups in order for the gpaw tests to pass.
It may happen that new gpaw-setups are released without a new gpaw release.
If the gpaw-setups corresponding to the gpaw release are not bundled in 
gpaw one won't be able to run %check during a rebuild of gpaw.
gpaw-setups are bundled in gpaw.spec only for the purpose of %check.

Best regards,


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