[Fedora-packaging] RPM macro to match build arch

Jujens jujens at jujens.eu
Thu Aug 6 20:26:00 UTC 2015

On 08/06/2015 09:57 PM, Thomas Spura wrote:
> Jujens <jujens at jujens.eu <mailto:jujens at jujens.eu>> schrieb am Sa., 1.
> Aug. 2015 um 13:38 Uhr:
>     On 07/31/2015 11:26 PM, Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote:
>     > Hi,
>     >
>     > On Friday, 31 July 2015 at 16:52, Jujens wrote:
>     >> Hi,
>     >>
>     >> I am in the process of packaging python-wsaccel
>     >> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1244517). This module
>     >> contains C extensions and in order to launch the tests, I need to
>     modify
>     >> the python path so that the build module are found.
>     >>
>     >> The build directory to add to the path is like:
>     >> build/lib.%{_os}-%{_target_cpu}-%{python3_version}
>     >>
>     >> This expression works fine with i686 and x64_84. However, on armv,
>     >> %{_target_cpu} resolves to armv7hl whereas the folder is named
>     >> lib.linux-armv7l-3.4.
>     >>
>     >> Previously, I tried the %{_host} macro but it extends to i386
>     instead of
>     >> i686 for 32 bits build.
>     >>
>     >> Is there a macro that would correctly extends in all cases
>     (x86_64, i686
>     >> and armv7l)? If not, I will use grep to get the proper folder name.
>     >
>     > Note: the advice below is provided without looking at the code.
>     >
>     > armv7hl is correct (it's set by build environment). You could
>     patch the
>     > package's build system to use that instead of armv7l and then you
>     could
>     > use the first macro.
>     >
>     > Regards,
>     > Dominik
>     >
>     Maybe there is a solution based on this. I don't know how to patch the
>     build system to use armv7hl. I found a `--plat-name` option in distutils
>     but it is only available for windows.
>     The most promising option I have right know is the `--build-lib` option
>     which allows me to choose how the build directory is named. So instead
>     of relying the the default
>     build/lib.%{_os}-%{_target_cpu}-%{python3_version} I can choose
>     build/lib for instance which removes the problem of arch.
>     However, there are two problem with this option:
>     - I don't seem to be able to use the %py2_build macro with the option. I
>     tried %py2_build --build-lib but rpm says that option '-' is not
>     recognized. Is there a way to use the macro with the option (other than
>     using the very ugly `eval "$(rpm --eval %%py2_build) --build-lib
>     %{build_lib}"`)? Or should I just not use the macro?
>     - `setup.py install` doesn't support `build-lib` and will always try to
>     install the lib from the default directory. This is not a big deal as I
>     can use `%{__python2} setup.py install_lib -O1 --skip-build --build-dir
>     %{build_lib} --install-dir %{buildroot}%{python2_sitearch}`afterwards to
>     complete the installation. Are you aware of a better solution?
> --build-dir=build/lib.%{_os}-%{_target_cpu}-%{python3_version} sounds
> like a good default and we are discussion on adding that by default,
> which would fix some problems with noarch builds. And at the same time
> this issue would be fixed.
That would be a good idea I think. Adding the possiblity to pass options
to the new python macros as requested in
https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/557, would be great too.
> But normally, if I need to modify PYTHONPATH, I use wildcards, doesn't
> that work here in that case also?

It does, that what the reviewer suggested after I uploaded my solution
based on grep and is the solution I used in the package which was approved.

Thanks for your input.

Julien Enselme aka Jujens

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