[Fedora-packaging] Packaging sphinx docs

Robert Kuska rkuska at redhat.com
Thu Aug 27 09:43:23 UTC 2015

While figuring out how to proceed with development of
pyp2rpm I've realized that I have no idea how to properly
package docs generated by sphinx for python module having
both python2 and python3 subpackages, I've decided to go
with the following pattern:

If package foo has docs generated with sphinx:
- add BuildRequires: python-sphinx
- use sphinx (unversioned binary) to generate docs
- package docs under python-foo-docs subpackage

Apply same behavior for every module, even if module
ships both Python2 and Python3 subpackage its docs will be
generated only once and stored under python-foo-docs.
(Assuming that docs are same for both python major versions.)

What do you think? 

Robert Kuska

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