[Fedora-packaging] dangling symlink vs file dependencies

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Thu Jul 2 12:33:26 UTC 2015

On 02/07/15 12:43, Vít Ondruch wrote:

> I am trying to update rubygem-apipie-rails and on that occasion, I'm
> going to unbundle the jquery. I did that by specifying "Requires:
> js-jquery1" and replacing the original file by symlink. And now rpmlint
> complains:
> rubygem-apipie-rails.noarch: W: dangling-symlink
> /usr/share/gems/gems/apipie-rails-0.3.4/app/public/apipie/javascripts/bundled/jquery-1.7.2.js
> /usr/share/javascript/jquery/1/jquery.js
> The target of the symbolic link does not exist within this package or
> its file
> based dependencies.  Verify spelling of the link target and that the
> target is
> included in a package in this package's dependency chain.
> I could resolve this by "Requires: %{_jsdir}/jquery/1/jquery.js" and I'd
> love to do it, but this practice is discouraged by guidelines. Now I am
> wondering:

Is there actually a problem that needs resolving? or is it just that 
rpmlint doesn't realise that the require of js-jquery1 will bring in the 
target of the symlink?

I mean every nodejs package that has dependent modules reports these 
rpmlint warnings (because it doesn't know that the npm(xxx) require will
bring in the targets) but we just ignore them.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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