[Fedora-packaging] Release Tag for Pre-release *and* Snapshot

Scott Talbert swt at techie.net
Wed Sep 2 00:08:43 UTC 2015

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015, Michael Schwendt wrote:

>>>> I've got a package where upstream that has basically stopped doing
>>>> releases, so I package git snapshots.  However, the last release they did
>>>> was a pre-release (0.8.0rc1).  Any suggestions on what an appropriate
>>>> Release tag should be in this case?
>>>> Something like:
>>>> 0.%{releasenum}.rc1git%{shortcommit}%{?dist}
>>> Version: 0.8.0
>>> Release: 0.%{releasenum}.rc1%{?dist}
>>> That's the normal pre-release versioning scheme.
>>> Absolutely no need to insert the git snapshot stuff in there as well.
>>> In case you update to a future snapshot, it's possible to return to the
>>> snapshot versioning scheme. Afterall, %{releasenum} is most significant
>>> in both schemes, and if bumped correctly, anything right of it doesn't
>>> matter during RPM version comparison.
>> Sorry, I wasn't completely clear in what I'm doing.  I'm updating to
>> another git snapshot that is post 0.8.0rc1, so I *should* have the git
>> hash in the version string, right?  That's why I had come up with
>> rc1git{hash}.
> Then consider showing your current "Version" and "Release" tags to
> make the scenario clear. ;-)
> If you're already at "Version: 0.8.0" in the spec file, knowing since
> 0.8.0rc1 that the next version will be 0.8.0, and if you're packaging
> a snapshot newer than rc1, it's a pre-release snapshot.
> A snapshot made after rc1 isn't equal to rc1 anymore. Squeezing an "rc1"
> identifier into the package versioning scheme serves no purpose. It
> only makes the package EVR look more funny.

Got it.  So, bottom line: it isn't *exactly* rc1, so the pre-release git 
snapshot rule should be followed.

Thanks for the detailed response.


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