perl 5.14 ExtUtils::MakeMaker overriding CCFLAGS

Iain Arnell iarnell at
Sat Jun 18 01:04:00 UTC 2011

Heads up. Several packages are failing the mass rebuild on i686 only
due to an issue with ExtUtils::MakeMaker and CCFLAGS. The problem
appears as "Not a CODE reference at /usr/lib/perl5/" in
build logs. And the ultimate cause is that these packages are passing
CCFLAGS to WriteMakefile in Makefile.PL which ends up replacing the
default CCFLAGS rather than adding to them. Debian is facing the same
problem[1]. So far, I've just been patching the affected rpms'
Makefile.PL to explicitly include $Config{ccflags} when passing
CCFLAGS to WriteMakefile (i.e. CCFLAGS => "$Config{ccflags}

So far, I've noticed (and fixed) perl-Cflow, perl-GD, and perl-Net-Pcap.



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