Perl 5.20 postponed to Fedora 22

Petr Pisar ppisar at
Thu Mar 27 08:17:37 UTC 2014


I was thinking about upgrading perl 5.20 in Fedora for a long time and I think
the best how to do it is to wait for Fedora 22.

Fedora 21 development freeze and git branching is beginning of July

Perl 5.20 is frozen now and the release is planned for the end of May

This gives us about a month for doing the upgrade.

New perl brings a lot of changes, especially implicit handling of locales
which will raise all the decimal signs and strerror() encoding issues dormant
over the whole CPAN. There are also various copy-on-write optimizations which
could break some XS modules.

New Fedora has special schedule to deal with the Next schism. I still
believe Fedora workging groups will come with something which could affect
Perl as Perl is needed for base stuff (RPM, git) as well as for developer
desktop (various non-core modules).

Also the timing is more tight than previous years. (We used to finish perl
upgrade in August.)

Although my mass-rebuilding script has gained new features like really faster
dependency solver (resolving 2000 packages is matter of minutes instead of
hours now), I think Perl should keep Fedora 21 cool and give Fedora a rest
time to accommodate to its own reorganization.

I plan to upgrade perl and do the mass rebuild after branching Fedora 21, so
perl 5.20 would be a system wide change for Fedora 22.

-- Petr
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