Fedora PPC things...

Christian Walther cwalther at gmx.ch
Thu Jan 27 08:59:47 UTC 2005

Oops, sorry, that should have gone to the list, not to you personally. 
Why can't the list server add a reply-to header?

Colin Charles wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 00:11 -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:
>> Graphical boot support?  I haven't gotten this to work yet, but 
>> haven't
>> spend a lot of cycles.
> Yes, rhgb working on ppc will be nice

Works for me. Isn't it supposed to?

>> UI to configure mouse button emulation
> Err, the /etc/sysctl.conf entries you mean? I think we need to fix
> anaconda to make the default the f10/f11 keys to work well

But make using fn-ctrl and fn-option, like the default is right now, an 
option too! I like it much better than F10/F11. With the right hand on 
the trackpad, it's way more convenient to reach the bottom left corner 
of the keyboard with the left hand than the top right.

>> Some work or status report on Mac-on-Linux.  Very handy for media
>> formats ppc-linux doesn't yet handle, w/out having to reboot the 
>> entire
>> system.
> Well, there's qemu ;-)
> But yes, MOL in Extras/ppc might be nice (don't think we need it in
> Core, but hey, its okay with me)

I didn't try MOL yet (doesn't it work?), but I agree that it is an 
essential application and it would be nice to have packages for it. 
AFAIK, Qemu doesn't boot any Mac OS yet? (PearPC neither, on big endian 
hardware?) And it would be a bit slow, anyway, emulating its own PPC 
instead of virtualizing the host processor.


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