Newbie FC 5 test 3 PPC help and first impressions.

Brian Durant RoadTripDK at
Thu Feb 23 15:27:19 UTC 2006

David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 14:44 +0100, Brian Durant wrote:
>>There should be a way of directing Thunderbird to the profile on the 
>>hfs+ partition (HD), but I don't see those instructions on 
>>any more. They used to work with the old Moz monolithic app, but I have 
>>only seen references when googling about Firefox/Thunderbird being quite 
>>finiky when this is attempted. In principle two seperate profiles should 
>>be possible, as long as the mbox files are shared. That would avoid an 
>>overwriting of the extension preferences between OS's, just in case the 
>>same pref files aren't an exact match between platforms...
> I would always be using IMAP, personally -- you don't really have to
> _share_ anything then. Failing that, can't you fake it with symlinks?

I use IMAP for the most part as well, but I often get 50 e-mails per day 
and have 20 local mbox folders as well as my 5 accounts and e-mail 
filters, so... it would be nice to be able to run the same mail and get 
the same results, regardless of whether I am booting from OS X or FC 

I also have a fairly large number of e-mails that I have archived from 
when I have tried getting Linux to run on other systems, that I refer to 
now and again. While OS X has a lot of eye candy and does what it does 
pretty well, the *NIX underpinnings are under supported along with Fink 
and different package bits, so I am hoping at some point to be able to 
run my box only on Linux at some point.



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