Fedora 16 on Power - install problems very early in the process

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Mon Dec 26 21:55:50 UTC 2011

>> > I have still some problems with my imac g5 display in X though after
>> > installation.
>> good suggestion, tried that and 25 secs into the install the system switches from output of
>> messages to the console to a black screen with a blue section on the right. Then it just sits
>> there.
>> So I figure my system hardware is borked, perhaps.
> Try the Fedora 16 beta. That was what I used to install my Imac. I later
> upgraded to the Fedora 16 release. The beta kernel worked with the
> nomodeset kernel command line option, the release kernel does not work
> with it. On the beta kernel I have not been able to get X running, it
> kind of works on the release kernel, X works when started with startx.
> When I boot into graphical mode, it shows the background on the 640*480
> mode and a full screen. The display settings show 2 screens, one unknown
> screen. Graphical login is kind of borked: blue with red...
> I wish i had some more time to p[lay around a write a decent BZ...
> Louis

  I'll give that a try. Or I guess I could go down a rev to Fedora 9 or 12 or whatever.


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