ppc rawhide report: 20141115 changes

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Sat Nov 15 08:57:54 UTC 2014

Compose started at Sat Nov 15 08:10:02 UTC 2014
New package: CardManager-3-5.fc22
             Java application to allows you to play any, especially collectible, card game

New package: EekBoek-2.02.02-5.fc22
             Bookkeeping software for small and medium-size businesses

New package: PyOpenGL-3.1.0-1.fc22
             Python 2.x bindings for OpenGL

New package: abiword-3.0.0-13.fc22
             Word processing program

New package: aether-connector-okhttp-0.12.0-4.fc22
             OkHttp Aether Connector

New package: alsa-firmware-1.0.28-1.fc22
             Firmware for several ALSA-supported sound cards

New package: antlrworks-1.5.2-1.fc22
             Grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars

New package: autowrap-0.5.0-4.20140603git1753b9.fc22
             Generates Python Extension modules from [Cython] PXD files

New package: backintime-1.0.36-1.fc22
             Simple backup tool inspired from the Flyback project and TimeVault

New package: bacula-docs-7.0.5-1.fc22
             Bacula documentation

New package: beakerlib-1.9-3.fc22
             A shell-level integration testing library

New package: bes-3.13.1-1.fc22
             Back-end server software framework for OPeNDAP

New package: bpython-0.13.1-1.fc22
             Fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter

New package: bridge-method-injector-1.13-1.fc22
             Evolve Java classes without breaking compatibility

New package: cas-client-3.3.3-1.fc22
             Jasig CAS Client for Java

New package: chemical-mime-data-0.1.94-15.fc22
             Support for chemical/* MIME types

New package: childsplay-1.6-15.fc22
             Suite of educational games for young children

New package: cloc-1.62-1.fc22
             Count lines of code

New package: clojure-1.6.0-3.fc22
             A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine

New package: cloud-utils-0.27-12.fc22
             Cloud image management utilities

New package: cmap-cns1-6-2010.10.26-3.fc22
             Adobe PDF character map data

New package: cmap-gb1-5-2010.10.30-4.fc22
             Adobe PDF character map data

New package: cmap-identity0-2010.10.26-3.fc22
             Adobe PDF character map data

New package: cmap-japan1-6-2012.08.14-4.fc22
             Adobe PDF character map data

New package: cmap-korean1-2-2012.01.31-4.fc22
             Adobe PDF character map data

New package: coin-or-Sample-1.2.9-1.fc22
             Coin-or Sample data files

New package: constant-pool-scanner-1.2-4.fc22
             Java constant pool scanner

New package: cookxml-3.0.2-9.fc22
             Dynamic XML data binding tool

New package: copr-backend-1.37-1.fc22
             Backend for Copr

New package: coro-mock-1.0-0.7.e55ca83git.fc22
             A mock library for compiling JVM coroutine-using code on JVMs without coroutines

New package: cppad-20140000.2-3.fc22
             C++ Algorithmic Differentiation (AD), cppad-devel and cppad-doc

New package: ctstream-21-1.fc22
             Get URLs of Czech Television video streams

New package: dbunit-2.5.0-2.fc22
             A JUnit extension targeted for database-driven projects

New package: diffuse-0.4.8-1.fc22
             Graphical tool for merging and comparing text files

New package: dl-0.13-3.fc22
             Download Ticket Service

New package: dnsjava-2.1.3-8.fc22
             Java DNS implementation

New package: drupal6-6.33-1.fc22
             An open-source content-management platform

New package: drupal7-boxes-1.2-1.fc22
             Provides exports for custom blocks and spaces integration

New package: drupal7-date-2.8-1.fc22
             This package contains both the Date module and a Date API module

New package: drupal7-google_analytics-2.0-1.fc22
             Adds the Google Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website

New package: eclipse-collabnet-merge-4.0.2-1.fc22
             CollabNet Merge Client for Subclipse

New package: eclipse-dtp-1.12.0-1.fc22
             Eclipse Data Tools Platform

New package: eclipse-jbosstools-4.2.0-2.fc22
             Eclipse plugins that support JBoss and related technology

New package: eclipse-nls-4.4.0.v20140623020002-1.fc22
             Babel language packs for the Eclipse platform and various plug-ins

New package: eclipse-quickrex-3.5.0-21.fc22
             QuickREx regular-expression plug-in for Eclipse

New package: eclipse-subclipse-1.10.5-1.fc22
             Subversion Eclipse plugin

New package: eclipse-testng-6.8.6-4.fc22
             TestNG plug-in for Eclipse

New package: eigen3-3.2.2-2.fc22
             A lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math

New package: ell-0-0.4.20130617svn.fc22
             Header-only C++ library to write EBNF grammars

New package: fedocal-0.5.1-4.fc22
             A web based calendar application

New package: fedora-review-0.5.2-1.fc22
             Review tool for fedora rpm packages

New package: findthatword-0.1-10.fc22
             A word search maker

New package: firehol-2.0.0-0.1.rc1.fc22
             Simple and powerful firewall and traffic shaping languages

New package: flawfinder-1.31-1.fc22
             Examines C/C++ source code for security flaws

New package: fpaste-
             A simple tool for pasting info onto sticky notes instances

New package: freight-0.3.5-4.fc22
             A modern take on the Debian archive

New package: fts-monitoring-
             FTS3 Web Application for monitoring

New package: fts-rest-3.2.26-2.fc22
             FTS3 Rest Interface

New package: ganyremote-6.3.2-1.fc22
             GTK frontend for anyRemote

New package: gausssum-3.0-1.fc22
             A GUI application for analysis of output of quantum computations

New package: gegl-0.2.0-19.fc22
             A graph based image processing framework

New package: geronimo-commonj-1.1.0-10.fc22
             CommonJ Specification

New package: ghc-7.6.3-25.fc22
             Glasgow Haskell Compiler

New package: gimp-data-extras-2.0.2-11.fc22
             Extra files for GIMP

New package: gimp-help-2.8.2-1.fc22
             Help files for GIMP

New package: git-cola-2.0.5-1.fc22
             A sleek and powerful git GUI

New package: git-ftp-0.9.0-2.fc22
             Git powered FTP client written as shell script

New package: gmock-1.7.0-1.fc22
             Google C++ Mocking Framework

New package: gnue-common-0.6.9-15.fc22
             GNU Enterprise Common Base

New package: golang-github-goraft-raft-0-0.5.git73f9c44.fc22
             A Go implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol

New package: golang-github-gorilla-context-0-0.27.git14f550f.fc22
             A golang registry for global request variables

New package: golang-github-gorilla-mux-0-0.15.git136d54f.fc22
             A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang

New package: golang-github-kr-pty-0-0.21.git67e2db2.fc22
             PTY interface for Go

New package: golang-github-tchap-go-patricia-1.0.1-4.fc22
             A generic patricia trie implemented in Go

New package: golang-googlecode-sqlite-0-0.11.hg74691fb6f837.fc22
             Trivial sqlite3 binding for Go

New package: gourmet-0.17.4-2.fc22
             Recipe Manager for the GNOME desktop environment

New package: greenisland-0.3.0-1.fc22
             Compositor and shell for the Hawaii desktop environment

New package: hamster-time-tracker-1.04-3.fc22
             The Linux time tracker

New package: hawaii-icon-theme-0.3.0-1.fc22
             Icon themes for Hawaii desktop environment

New package: hg-git-0.6.1-1.fc22
             Mercurial Plugin for Communicating with Git Servers

New package: ibus-cangjie-2.2-4.fc22
             IBus engine to input Cangjie and Quick

New package: imagej-1.48-5.e.fc22
             Image Processing and Analysis in Java

New package: imapsync-1.592-1.fc22
             Tool to migrate email between IMAP servers

New package: imgbased-0.1-0.8.git20140721.71b82f3.fc22
             Tools to work with an image based rootfs

New package: inkscape-sozi-13.11-2.fc22
             Inkscape extension for creating animated presentations

New package: inkscape-table-1.0-1.fc22
             Table support for inkscape

New package: jabberpy-0.5-0.28.fc22
             Python xmlstream and jabber IM protocol libs

New package: jargs-1.0-15.fc22
             Java command line option parsing suite

New package: jboss-jaxb-2.2-api-1.0.4-9.fc22
             Java Architecture for XML Binding 2.2

New package: jboss-rmi-1.0-api-1.0.4-11.fc22
             Java Remote Method Invocation 1.0 API

New package: jboss-saaj-1.3-api-1.0.2-9.fc22
             SOAP with Attachments API for Java 1.3

New package: jboss-specs-parent-1.0.0-0.11.Beta2.fc22
             JBoss Specification API Parent POM

New package: jboss-web-8.0.0-0.4.Alpha1.fc22
             JBoss Web

New package: jetty-test-policy-1.2-12.fc22
             Jetty test policy files

New package: jetty-version-maven-plugin-1.0.7-12.fc22
             Jetty version management Maven plugin

New package: jetty8-8.1.14-8.fc22
             Java Webserver and Servlet Container

New package: jflex-1.6.0-1.fc22
             Fast Scanner Generator

New package: jpanoramamaker-5.6-3.fc22
             Tool for stitching photos to panorama in linear curved space

New package: kbd-2.0.2-3.fc22
             Tools for configuring the console (keyboard, virtual terminals, etc.)

New package: kupfer-208-8.fc22
             Summon an application or document quickly

New package: librepo-1.7.6-1.fc22
             Repodata downloading library

New package: lnst-5-1.fc22
             Common code for lnst-ctl and lnst-slave

New package: mash-0.6.12-1.fc22
             Koji buildsystem to yum repository converter

New package: maven-invoker-plugin-1.8-12.fc22
             Maven Invoker Plugin

New package: maven-jarsigner-plugin-1.3.2-3.fc22
             Signs or verifies a project artifact and attachments using jarsigner

New package: maven-osgi-0.2.0-9.fc22
             Library for Maven-OSGi integration

New package: maven-project-info-reports-plugin-2.7-6.fc22
             Maven Project Info Reports Plugin

New package: maven-script-interpreter-1.1-5.fc22
             Maven Script Interpreter

New package: maven-shared-jar-1.1-8.fc22
             Maven JAR Utilities

New package: mcollective-2.5.3-2.fc22
             A framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems

New package: mingw-eigen3-3.2.2-1.fc22
             MinGW lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math

New package: mingw-leptonica-1.71-1.fc22
             MinGW Windows Leptonica library

New package: mingw-libtheora-1.1.1-1.fc22
             Theora Video Compression Codec

New package: mingw-llvm-3.0-9.fc22
             MinGW LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)

New package: mingw-postgresql-9.3.5-1.fc22
             MinGW Windows PostgreSQL library

New package: mingw-tesseract-3.03-0.1.rc1.fc22
             MinGW Windows tesseract-ocr library

New package: mingw-tk-8.6.1-1.fc22
             MinGW Windows graphical toolkit for the Tcl scripting language

New package: mozilla-adblockplus-2.6.4-3.fc22
             Adblocking extension for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey

New package: msgpack-0.5.9-1.fc22
             Binary-based efficient object serialization library

New package: multiverse-0.7.0-2.fc22
             A software transactional memory implementation for the JVM

New package: mx4j-3.0.1-20.fc22
             Open source implementation of JMX Java API

New package: mydns-
             A Database based DNS server

New package: mypaint-1.1.0-3.fc22
             A fast and easy graphics application for digital painters

New package: nagios-plugins-openmanage-3.7.12-1.fc22
             Nagios plugin to monitor hardware health on Dell servers

New package: nano-2.3.6-1.fc22
             A small text editor

New package: nekohtml-1.9.21-3.fc22
             HTML scanner and tag balancer

New package: nicotine+-1.2.16-10.fc22
             A client for the SoulSeek file sharing network

New package: nodejs-agent-base-1.0.1-1.fc22
             Turn a function into an `http.Agent` instance

New package: nodejs-alter-0.2.0-1.fc22
             Alters a string

New package: nodejs-ast-traverse-0.1.1-1.fc22
             Simple but flexible AST traversal

New package: nodejs-ast-types-0.4.5-1.fc22
             Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

New package: nodejs-base64-js-0.0.7-2.fc22
             Base64 encoding/decoding in pure JS

New package: nodejs-bluebird-2.3.0-1.fc22
             Full featured Promises/A+ implementation

New package: nodejs-breakable-1.0.0-1.fc22
             Break out of functions

New package: nodejs-caniuse-db-1.0.20140717-1.fc22
             Raw browser/feature support data from caniuse.com

New package: nodejs-clean-css-2.2.8-1.fc22
             A well-tested CSS minifier

New package: nodejs-cls-0.1.5-1.fc22
             Class factory

New package: nodejs-co-3.0.6-1.fc22
             Generator async flow control goodness

New package: nodejs-connect-livereload-0.4.0-2.fc22
             Connect middleware for adding the livereload script to the response

New package: nodejs-core-util-is-1.0.1-1.fc22
             The util.is functions introduced in Node v0.12

New package: nodejs-csslint-0.10.0-1.fc22

New package: nodejs-data-uri-to-buffer-0.0.3-1.fc22
             Generate a Buffer instance from a Data URI string

New package: nodejs-debuglog-1.0.1-1.fc22
             Backport of util.debuglog from node v0.11

New package: nodejs-defs-1.0.0-1.fc22
             Static scope analysis and transpilation

New package: nodejs-degenerator-0.0.3-1.fc22
             Turns sync functions into async generator functions

New package: nodejs-extend-1.3.0-1.fc22
             Port of jQuery.extend for node.js and the browser

New package: nodejs-file-uri-to-path-0.0.2-1.fc22
             Convert a file: URI to a file path

New package: nodejs-ftp-0.3.7-1.fc22
             An FTP client module for node.js

New package: nodejs-get-uri-0.1.3-1.fc22
             Returns a stream.Readable from a URI string

New package: nodejs-gonzales-pe-3.0.0-0.2.9.fc22
             Gonzales Preprocessor Edition (fast CSS parser)

New package: nodejs-grunt-contrib-copy-0.5.0-2.fc22
             Copy files and folders

New package: nodejs-grunt-contrib-csslint-0.2.0-2.fc22
             Lint CSS files

New package: nodejs-http-proxy-agent-0.2.6-1.fc22
             An HTTP(s) proxy http.Agent implementation for HTTP

New package: nodejs-https-proxy-agent-0.3.5-1.fc22
             An HTTP(s) proxy http.Agent implementation for HTTPS

New package: nodejs-lodash-node-2.4.1-3.fc22
             A collection of Lo-Dash methods as Node.js modules

New package: nodejs-netmask-1.0.4-1.fc22
             Parse and lookup IP network blocks

New package: nodejs-open-0.0.5-2.fc22
             Open a file or url in the user's preferred application

New package: nodejs-pac-proxy-agent-0.1.2-1.fc22
             A PAC file proxy `http.Agent` implementation for HTTP

New package: nodejs-pac-resolver-1.2.2-1.fc22
             Generates an asynchronous resolver function from a PAC file

New package: nodejs-parserlib-0.2.5-1.fc22
             CSS3 SAX-inspired parser

New package: nodejs-portscanner-1.0.0-2.fc22
             Asynchronous port scanner for Node.js

New package: nodejs-private-0.1.5-1.fc22
             Utility for associating truly private state with any JavaScript object

New package: nodejs-rainbowsocks-0.1.2-1.fc22
             SOCKS4a proxy client

New package: nodejs-readable-stream-1.1.9-1.fc22
             Streams2, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js v0.10.x

New package: nodejs-recast-0.6.3-1.fc22
             JavaScript syntax tree transformer

New package: nodejs-regenerator-0.4.9-2.fc22
             Source transformer enabling ECMAScript 6 generators

New package: nodejs-set-immediate-0.1.1-1.fc22
             A shim for the setImmediate API

New package: nodejs-simple-fmt-0.1.0-1.fc22
             Maximally minimal string formatting library

New package: nodejs-simple-is-0.2.0-1.fc22
             Maximally minimal type-testing library

New package: nodejs-socks-proxy-agent-0.1.2-1.fc22
             A SOCKS (v4a) proxy http.Agent implementation

New package: nodejs-sprintf-0.1.4-1.fc22
             JavaScript sprintf implementation

New package: nodejs-stable-0.1.5-1.fc22
             A stable array sort for JavaScript

New package: nodejs-stream-to-array-2.0.0-1.fc22
             Concatenate a readable stream's data into a single array

New package: nodejs-stringmap-0.2.2-1.fc22
             Fast and robust stringmap

New package: nodejs-stringset-0.2.1-1.fc22
             Fast and robust stringset

New package: nodejs-thunkify-2.1.2-1.fc22
             Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, and more into thunks

New package: nodejs-tryor-0.1.2-1.fc22
             Return fn() or default value (in case of exception)

New package: nodejs-vow-0.4.5-1.fc22
             Promises/A+ proposal compatible promises library

New package: nodejs-vow-fs-0.3.2-2.fc22
             File I/O by Vow

New package: nodejs-vow-queue-0.3.1-2.fc22
             Vow-based task queue

New package: nodejs-xregexp-2.0.0-1.fc22
             Extended JavaScript regular expressions

New package: nodejs-yargs-1.2.6-1.fc22
             Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash

New package: nordugrid-arc-doc-1.5.0-1.fc22
             Advanced Resource Connector Documentation

New package: openstack-tempest-20140805-1.fc22
             OpenStack Integration Test Suite (Tempest)

New package: os-maven-plugin-1.2.3-1.fc22
             Maven plugin for generating platform-dependent properties

New package: ovirt-engine-sdk-python-
             oVirt Engine Software Development Kit (Python)

New package: packagedb-cli-2.5-1.fc22
             A CLI for pkgdb

New package: pcaro-hermit-fonts-1.21-4.fc22
             Hermit monospace fonts

New package: perl-App-s2p-1.002-1.fc22
             Convert sed script to Perl program

New package: php-Metadata-1.5.1-1.fc22
             A library for class/method/property metadata management in PHP

New package: php-deepend-Mockery-0.9.1-2.fc22
             Mockery is a simple but flexible PHP mock object framework

New package: php-doctrine-dbal-2.4.2-6.fc22
             Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL)

New package: php-gitter-0.3.0-1.fc22
             Object oriented interaction with Git repositories

New package: php-gliph-0.1.8-1.fc22
             A graph library for PHP

New package: php-horde-Horde-Compress-Fast-1.0.3-1.fc22
             Fast Compression Library

New package: php-horde-Horde-Date-2.0.12-1.fc22
             Horde Date package

New package: php-horde-Horde-Editor-2.0.4-3.fc22
             Horde Editor API

New package: php-horde-Horde-HashTable-1.2.0-1.fc22
             Horde Hash Table Interface

New package: php-horde-Horde-JavascriptMinify-1.1.0-1.fc22
             Javascript Minification

New package: php-horde-Horde-Mail-2.4.0-1.fc22
             Horde Mail Library

New package: php-horde-Horde-OpenXchange-1.0.0-1.fc22
             Open-Xchange Connector

New package: php-horde-Horde-Service-Gravatar-1.0.0-1.fc22
             API accessor for gravatar.com

New package: php-horde-Horde-Smtp-1.6.0-1.fc22
             Horde SMTP Client

New package: php-horde-Horde-SyncMl-2.0.4-1.fc22
             Horde_SyncMl provides an API for processing SyncML requests

New package: php-horde-Horde-Util-2.5.1-1.fc22
             Horde Utility Libraries

New package: php-htmLawed-1.1.18-1.fc22
             PHP code to purify and filter HTML

New package: php-htmlpurifier-htmlpurifier-4.6.0-1.fc22
             Standards-compliant HTML filter library

New package: php-manual-en-20140725-1.fc22
             Documentation for the PHP programming language

New package: php-ocramius-lazy-map-1.0.0-1.fc22
             Lazy instantiation logic for a map of objects

New package: php-pear-CAS-1.3.3-1.fc22
             Central Authentication Service client library in php

New package: php-pear-Log-1.12.8-1.fc22
             Abstracted logging facility for PHP

New package: php-phpunit-PHP-Invoker-1.1.3-6.fc22
             Utility class for invoking callables with a timeout

New package: php-phpunit-PHP-Timer-1.0.5-5.fc22
             PHP Utility class for timing

New package: php-phpunit-PHPUnit-SkeletonGenerator-2.0.1-1.fc22
             Tool that can generate skeleton test classes

New package: php-sabre-http-2.0.4-1.fc22
             Library for dealing with http requests and responses

New package: php-sabre-vobject-3.2.4-1.fc22
             Library to parse and manipulate iCalendar and vCard objects

New package: plexus-ant-factory-1.0-0.15.a2.2.fc22
             Plexus Ant component factory

New package: postgresql-jdbc-9.3.1102-1.fc22
             JDBC driver for PostgreSQL

New package: pycmd-1.1-1.fc22
             Tools for managing/searching Python related files

New package: python-SecretStorage-2.1.1-1.fc22
             Python 2.x module for secure storing of passwords and secrets

New package: python-XStatic-jQuery-
             jQuery 1.10.2 (XStatic packaging standard)

New package: python-arrow-0.4.2-5.fc22
             Better dates and times for Python

New package: python-backlash-0.0.6-1.fc22
             Standalone WebOb port of the Werkzeug Debugger

New package: python-bcdoc-0.12.2-3.fc22
             Tools to help document botocore-based projects

New package: python-bitmath-1.0.8-3.fc22
             Aids representing and manipulating sizes in various prefix notations

New package: python-botocore-0.58.0-2.fc22
             The low-level, core functionality of boto 3

New package: python-catkin_lint-1.3.7-1.fc22
             Check catkin packages for common errors

New package: python-cclib-1.2-2.fc22
             A library for processing results of computational chemistry packages

New package: python-chai-0.4.8-2.fc22
             Easy to use mocking/stub framework

New package: python-couchdb-0.9-2.fc22
             A Python library for working with CouchDB

New package: python-daemon-1.6-7.fc22
             Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process

New package: python-dbusmock-0.11.1-1.fc22
             Mock D-Bus objects

New package: python-django-evolution-0.7.3-1.fc22
             Schema evolution for Django

New package: python-django-sahara-2014.2-0.2.b2.fc22
             Sahara project dashboard

New package: python-django-stopforumspam-1.4.2-2.fc22
             Django middleware for blocking IPs listed in stopforumspam.com

New package: python-docs-2.7.8-1.fc22
             Documentation for the Python programming language

New package: python-dumptruck-0.1.6-3.fc22
             Relaxing interface to SQLite

New package: python-emcee-2.1.0-1.fc22
             The Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC

New package: python-enum34-1.0-3.fc22
             Backport of Python 3.4 Enum

New package: python-fiat-1.4.0-1.fc22
             Generation of arbitrary order instances of the Lagrange elements

New package: python-flask-babel-0.9-1.fc22
             Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications

New package: python-flask-wtf-0.10.0-2.fc22
             Simple integration of Flask and WTForms

New package: python-gearbox-0.0.6-1.fc22
             Command line toolkit born as a PasteScript replacement for TurboGears2

New package: python-gunicorn-19.1.1-2.fc22
             Python WSGI application server

New package: python-httpretty-0.8.3-1.fc22
             HTTP request mock tool for Python

New package: python-inflect-0.2.4-4.fc22
             Correctly generate plurals, singular nouns, ordinals and indefinite articles

New package: python-instant-1.4.0-1.fc22
             Python module for instant inlining of C and C++ code

New package: python-jinja2_pluralize-0.2.1-1.fc22
             Jinja2 pluralize filters

New package: python-jmespath-0.4.1-2.fc22
             JSON Matching Expressions

New package: python-keyring-4.0-1.fc22
             Python 2 library to store and access passwords safely

New package: python-manuel-1.8.0-1.fc22
             Build tested documentation

New package: python-nmap-0.3.4-1.fc22
             A python library which helps in using nmap port scanner

New package: python-nose-testconfig-0.9-3.fc22
             Test configuration plugin for nosetests

New package: python-pam-0.1.4-2.fc22
             Pure Python interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules system on Linux

New package: python-parse_type-0.3.4-2.fc22
             Simplifies to build parse types based on the parse module

New package: python-prettytable-0.7.2-4.fc22
             Python library to display tabular data in tables

New package: python-pthreading-0.1.3-3.fc22
             Re-implement threading.Lock, RLock and Condition with libpthread

New package: python-pycurl-7.19.5-2.fc22
             A Python interface to libcurl

New package: python-pyphen-0.9.1-1.fc22
             Pure Python module to hyphenate text

New package: python-pyprintr-1.0-2.fc22
             Module that allows to emulate the print_r() PHP function

New package: python-pyrax-1.9.0-3.fc22
             Python language bindings for OpenStack Clouds

New package: python-pyzolib-0.3.3-1.fc22
             Utilities for the Pyzo environment

New package: python-random2-1.0.1-1.fc22
             Python 2 compatible random module

New package: python-rsa-3.1.1-6.fc22
             Pure-Python RSA implementation

New package: python-simplevisor-1.0-1.fc22
             Python simple daemons supervisor

New package: python-texttable-0.8.1-4.fc22
             Python module to generate a formatted text table, using ASCII characters

New package: python-tox-1.7.1-3.fc22
             Virtualenv-based automation of test activities

New package: python-transaction-1.4.3-1.fc22
             Transaction management for Python

New package: python-trollius-1.0.1-1.fc22
             A port of the Tulip asyncio module to Python 2

New package: python-ufl-1.4.0-2.fc22
             A compiler for finite element variational forms

New package: python-virtualenvwrapper-4.3.1-1.fc22
             Enhancements to virtualenv

New package: python-voluptuous-0.8.5-2.fc22
             A Python data validation library

New package: python-waitress-0.8.9-4.fc22
             Waitress WSGI server

New package: python-wsgilog-0.3-1.fc22
             WSGI logging and event reporting middleware

New package: python-wstool-0.1.4-1.fc22
             Tool for managing a workspace of multiple heterogeneous SCM repositories

New package: python-zope-component-4.2.1-1.fc22
             Zope Component Architecture

New package: python-zope-exceptions-4.0.7-1.fc22
             Zope Exceptions

New package: python3-iep-3.5-1.fc22
             The interactive editor for Python

New package: radicale-0.9-2.fc22
             A simple CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server

New package: rapidjson-0.12-0.1.git20140801.67143c2.fc22
             Fast JSON parser and generator for C++

New package: rdma-2.0-15.fc22
             Infiniband/iWARP Kernel Module Initializer

New package: rebase-helper-0.3.1-1.fc22
             The tool which helps you with rebase package

New package: repo_manager-0.1.0-3.fc22
             Manage your RPM repositories easily

New package: retrace-server-1.12-2.fc22
             Application for remote coredump analysis

New package: rhn-client-tools-2.2.7-1.fc22
             Support programs and libraries for Red Hat Satellite or Spacewalk

New package: rhn-custom-info-5.4.26-1.fc22
             Set and list custom values for RHN-enabled machines

New package: rhncfg-5.10.70-1.fc22
             Spacewalk Configuration Client Libraries

New package: rhnlib-2.5.72-1.fc22
             Python libraries for the Spacewalk project

New package: rubygem-ansi-1.4.3-2.fc22
             ANSI at your fingertips!

New package: rubygem-authlogic-3.4.2-1.fc22
             A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution

New package: rubygem-bourne-1.5.0-5.fc22
             Adds test spies to mocha

New package: rubygem-capybara-2.4.1-1.fc22
             Simplify the process of integration testing Rack applications

New package: rubygem-chronic-0.10.2-1.fc22
             A natural language date parser

New package: rubygem-cocoon-1.2.6-3.fc22
             Easier nested forms with standard forms, formtastic and simple-form

New package: rubygem-colored-1.2-9.fc22
             Extends ruby string class in order to colorize terminal output

New package: rubygem-cookiejar-0.3.2-5.fc22
             Parsing and returning cookies in Ruby

New package: rubygem-coveralls-0.7.0-4.fc22
             A Ruby implementation of the Coveralls API

New package: rubygem-crack-0.4.2-1.fc22
             Really simple JSON and XML parsing, ripped from Merb and Rails

New package: rubygem-em-socksify-0.3.0-8.fc22
             Transparent proxy support for any EventMachine protocol

New package: rubygem-facade-1.0.5-3.fc22
             A module that helps implement the facade pattern

New package: rubygem-fakeweb-1.3.0-13.fc22
             A tool for faking responses to HTTP requests

New package: rubygem-fog-1.23.0-1.fc22
             Brings clouds to you

New package: rubygem-httparty-0.13.1-1.fc22
             Makes HTTP fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy

New package: rubygem-innertube-1.1.0-4.fc22
             A thread-safe resource pool

New package: rubygem-json_pure-1.8.1-1.fc22
             JSON Implementation for Ruby

New package: rubygem-literati-0.0.4-3.fc22
             Render literate Haskell with Ruby

New package: rubygem-main-6.0.0-1.fc22
             A class factory and dsl for generating command line programs real quick

New package: rubygem-memcache-client-1.8.5-10.fc22
             A Ruby library for accessing memcached

New package: rubygem-mini_portile-0.6.1-1.fc22
             Simplistic port-like solution for developers

New package: rubygem-mongoid-4.0.0-2.fc22
             Elegant Persistance in Ruby for MongoDB

New package: rubygem-mono_logger-1.1.0-3.fc22
             A lock-free logger compatible with Ruby 2.0

New package: rubygem-morph-cli-0.2.1-2.fc22
             Runs Morph scrapers from the command line

New package: rubygem-net-sftp-2.1.2-1.fc22
             A pure Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol

New package: rubygem-open4-1.3.4-1.fc22
             Manage child processes and their IO handles easily

New package: rubygem-openstack-1.1.2-1.fc22
             Ruby Openstack Compute and Object-Store bindings

New package: rubygem-paranoia-2.0.2-3.fc22
             Cleaner re-implementation of acts_as_paranoid (ActiveRecord soft-delete plugin)

New package: rubygem-prawn-1.2.1-1.fc22
             A fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby

New package: rubygem-progressbar-0.21.0-1.fc22
             Ruby text progress bar generator library

New package: rubygem-pundit-0.2.3-2.fc22
             Object oriented authorization for Rails

New package: rubygem-rabl-0.11.0-1.fc22
             General Ruby templating with JSON, BSON, XML and MessagePack support

New package: rubygem-rack-accept-0.4.5-1.fc22
             HTTP Accept* for Ruby/Rack

New package: rubygem-rbvmomi-1.8.1-1.fc22
             Ruby interface to the VMware vSphere API

New package: rubygem-request_store-1.0.8-1.fc22
             RequestStore gives you per-request global storage

New package: rubygem-require_all-1.3.2-4.fc22
             A wonderfully simple way to load your code

New package: rubygem-ruby-ole-
             Ruby OLE library

New package: rubygem-ruby2ruby-2.1.1-1.fc22
             Generate pure ruby from RubyParser compatible Sexps

New package: rubygem-ruby_parser-3.6.1-1.fc22
             A ruby parser written in pure ruby

New package: rubygem-sdoc-0.4.1-1.fc22
             RDoc generator to build searchable HTML documentation for Ruby code

New package: rubygem-sequel-4.13.0-2.fc22
             The Database Toolkit for Ruby

New package: rubygem-settingslogic-2.0.9-3.fc22
             Simple settings solution for Ruby

New package: rubygem-shotgun-0.9-8.fc22
             Automatic reloading version of the rackup command

New package: rubygem-spring-1.1.3-1.fc22
             Rails application preloader

New package: rubygem-sprockets-2.12.1-3.fc22
             Rack-based asset packaging system

New package: rubygem-syntax-1.2.0-1.fc22
             Ruby library for performing simple syntax highlighting

New package: rubygem-taskjuggler-3.5.0-1.fc22
             A Project Management Software

New package: rubygem-text-format-1.0.0-13.fc22
             Text::Format formats fixed-width text nicely

New package: rubygem-timecop-0.7.1-1.fc22
             Provides a unified method to mock Time.now, Date.today in a single call

New package: rubygem-ttfunk-1.2.0-1.fc22
             Font Metrics Parser for Prawn

New package: rubygem-wikicloth-0.8.0-3.fc22
             Mediawiki parser

New package: rubygem-xpath-2.0.0-1.fc22
             Generate XPath expressions from Ruby

New package: sagator-1.3.0-1.fc22
             Antivirus/anti-spam gateway for smtp server

New package: sec-2.7.6-0.fc22
             Simple Event Correlator script to filter log file entries

New package: security-menus-1.3.0-1.fc22
             Menu Structure for the Fedora Security Lab

New package: sequence-library-1.0.2-7.fc22
             Textual diff and merge library

New package: shinken-2.0.3-8.fc22
             Python Monitoring tool

New package: slf4j-jboss-logmanager-1.0.0-9.fc22
             SLF4J backend for JBoss LogManager

New package: sonar-plugins-parent-16-1.fc22
             Sonar Plugins Parent POM

New package: spacecmd-2.2.11-1.fc22
             Command-line interface to Spacewalk and Satellite servers

New package: spacewalk-config-2.2.2-1.fc22
             Spacewalk Configuration

New package: spacewalk-koan-2.2.4-1.fc22
             Support package for spacewalk koan interaction

New package: spacewalk-pylint-2.2.10-1.fc22
             Pylint configuration for spacewalk python packages

New package: springframework-security-3.1.7-1.fc22
             Modular Java/J2EE application security framework

New package: spyder-2.2.4-3.fc22
             Scientific Python Development Environment

New package: starcal-2.3.4-1.fc22
             A full-featured international calendar written in Python

New package: streamtuner-2.1.3-1.fc22
             An internet radio browser

New package: sugar-chat-81-1.fc22
             Chat client for Sugar

New package: sugar-countries-33-6.fc22
             A game to play with identifying countries

New package: sugar-fractionbounce-22-1.fc22
             A game which teaches fractions and estimations

New package: sugar-help-17.2-1.fc22
             Help and Dokumentation for Sugar

New package: sugar-memorize-48-1.fc22
             Memorize for Sugar

New package: sugar-speak-48-1.fc22
             Speak for Sugar

New package: sugar-turtleart-207-1.fc22
             Turtle Art activity for sugar

New package: sugar-words-21-1.fc22
             A multi lingual dictionary with speech synthesis

New package: sugar-write-95-1.fc22
             Word processor for Sugar

New package: svgsalamander-0.1.29-1.fc22
             An SVG engine for Java

New package: swt-chart-0.9.0-3.fc22
             SWTChart Feature

New package: t-digest-3.0-1.fc22
             A new data structure for on-line accumulation of statistics

New package: terminus-fonts-4.39-1.fc22
             Clean fixed width font

New package: tmuxinator-0.6.8-1.fc22
             Create and manage complex tmux sessions easily

New package: trace-summary-0.83-1.fc22
             A script generating break-downs of network traffic

New package: urlwatch-1.16-2.fc22
             A tool for monitoring webpages for updates

New package: varnish-4.0.1-1.fc22
             High-performance HTTP accelerator

New package: vit-1.2-1.fc22
             A minimalist Taskwarrior full-screen terminal interface with Vim key bindings

New package: wildfly-8.1.0-3.fc22
             WildFly Application Server

New package: wqy-microhei-fonts-0.2.0-0.15.beta.fc22
             Compact Chinese fonts derived from Droid

New package: xmlrpc-3.1.3-11.fc22
             Java XML-RPC implementation

New package: yum-rhn-plugin-2.2.7-1.fc22
             Spacewalk support for yum

New package: zanata-client-3.3.2-3.fc22
             Zanata client module

New package: zanata-common-3.3.0-4.fc22
             Zanata common modules

Removed package:  rubygem-linecache19-0.5.13-6.fc20
Removed package:  rubygem-ruby-debug-base19-0.11.26-6.fc20
Removed package:  rubygem-ruby-debug19-0.11.6-6.fc20

Updated Packages:

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Stephen Gallagher <sgallagh at redhat.com> 0.6.3-1
- New upstream release 0.6.3
- http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/releasenotes/rbtools/0.6.3/
- Include upstream patch adding 'rbt patch -C' to automatically commit a patch
  to a local git repository.

Size change: 883 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> - 2014.2.1-6
- A proper fix for rhbz#1158343

Size change: 142 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Tomas Radej <tradej at redhat.com> - 0.9.3-1
- Updated to newer upstream version

Size change: 13983 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Ben Nemec <bnemec at redhat.com> 0.1.34-10
- Remove duplicate binary-deps from dracut-ramdisk

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Ben Nemec <bnemec at redhat.com> 0.1.34-9
- Fix perms on binary-deps patch

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Ben Nemec <bnemec at redhat.com> 0.1.34-8
- Use binary-deps.d for dracut ramdisks

Size change: 2245 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Ralph Bean <rbean at redhat.com> - 0.3.3-2
- Try again at fixing rhel conditionals.

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Ralph Bean <rbean at redhat.com> - 0.3.3-1
- Latest upstream with various bugfixes.

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Ralph Bean <rbean at redhat.com> - 0.3.1-3
- Fix rhel conditionals.

Size change: -4676 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Mattias Ellert <mattias.ellert at fysast.uu.se> - 4.4-1
- GT6 update
- Drop patch globus-gram-audit-macro.patch (fixed upstream)

Size change: -668 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Mattias Ellert <mattias.ellert at fysast.uu.se> - 2.5-1
- GT6 update

Size change: 1253 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Mattias Ellert <mattias.ellert at fysast.uu.se> - 4.17-1
- GT6 update

Size change: 2762 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jamie Nguyen <jamielinux at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.12-8
- obsolete hacky graphite-web-selinux subpackage
- remove EPEL 5 related packaging things

* Wed Oct 01 2014 Jamie Nguyen <jamielinux at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.12-7
- update URL
- use commit hash for Source URL
- package should own /etc/graphite-web
- do not ghost .pyc and .pyo files
- remove thirdparty libs and .swf files in %prep
- split fhs+thirdparty patch into two discrete patches
- be more explicit in %files
- include python egg
- include build-index.sh script (renamed to /usr/bin/graphite-build-index)
- make manage.py available at /usr/bin/graphite-manage
- patch for Django 1.5
- disable internal log rotation and use system logrotate
- apache needs httpd_sys_rw_content_t permissions instead of httpd_sys_content_t
- improve vhost configuration (including a fix for #1141701)

Size change: 7315 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Ben Nemec <bnemec at redhat.com> 1.0.26-1
- Choose the correct json file depending on your OS
- Add rhel-7-undercloud-packages.json
- Be smarter about default NODE_DIST
- Add epel and rdo-release to DIB_COMMON_ELEMENTS
- add cherry pick for dib to install lsb package
- Removed cherry pick for heat templates
- Overcloud update using Tuskar
- Adds capability to set undercloud nameserver
- instack-apply-config updates

Size change: 1693 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Michal Srb <msrb at redhat.com> - 1.10-2

Size change: 912 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Gianluca Sforna <giallu at gmail.com> - 1.2.17-4
- fix CVE-2014-7146, CVE-2014-8598 (#1162046)
- fix CVE-2014-8554 (#1159295)

Size change: 4299 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 David King <amigadave at amigadave.com> - 3.8.3-34
- Apply several patches from the Debian package

Size change: 1556 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jon Ciesla <limburgher at gmail.com> - 2.8.1-1
- Latest upstream release.

Size change: 891981 bytes

* Sun Jul 27 2014 Steve Dickson <steved at redhat.com> 1.3.0-5.0
- Updated to latest upstream RC release: nfs-utils-1-3-1-rc2
- Use _statdpath to define where statd's state lives

Size change: 4693 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Tom Hughes <tom at compton.nu> - 0.7.3-1
- Update to 0.7.3 upstream release

Size change: 1222 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Dmitry Tantsur <dtantsur at redhat.com> - 0.2.4-1
- Upstream bugfix release 0.2.4
  Only cosmetic code update, reflects move to StackForge and Launchpad.
- Take description from upstream README.

Size change: 1454 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org> - 2.129-1
- Update to 2.129
  - from_string_hash can now accept v-strings as hash values

Size change: 429 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Šabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 0.60-1
- 0.60 bump
- Many tests moved to xt

Size change: 586 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Šabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 0.12-1
- 0.12 bump

Size change: 1494 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Šabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 0.42-1
- 0.42 bump

Size change: 733 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Šabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 1.02-1
- 1.02 bump

Size change: 5021 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Šabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 0.16010-6
- 0.16010 bump

Size change: -8574 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org> - 1.12-1
- Update to 1.12
  - Moved to GitHub at https://github.com/lstein/Devel-Cycle
- Classify buildreqs by usage
- Make %files list more explicit

Size change: 901 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik at redhat.com> - 1.27-1
- 1.27 bump

Size change: 434 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 0.82-1
- 0.82 bump

Size change: 10 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik at redhat.com> - 0.300-1
- 0.30 bump

Size change: -18469 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 David Dick <ddick at cpan.org> - 0.39-2
- Patch for EPEL6 distribution

Size change: 59322 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Emmanuel Seyman <emmanuel at seyman.fr> - 0.07-1
- Update to 0.07
- Tighten file listing
- Add %license tag
- Work around rpmlint error

Size change: 21155 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 0.037-1
- 0.037 bump

Size change: 1058 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Paul Howarth <paul at city-fan.org> - 0.061-1
- Update to 0.061
  - Fixed append_utf8 and append_raw with 'truncate' option

Size change: 232 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 0.004-1
- 0.004 bump

Size change: 2950 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 1.110-1
- 1.110 bump

Size change: 12235 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik at redhat.com> - 1.2.0-1
- 1.2.0 bump

Size change: 1528 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 1.113-1
- 1.113 bump

Size change: 3506 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Ralf Corsépius <corsepiu at fedoraproject.org> - 0.17-1
- Upstream update.

Size change: -725 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 0.17-1
- 0.17 bump

Size change: 293 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 1.669006-1
- 1.669006 bump

Size change: -30 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Petr Pisar <ppisar at redhat.com> - 0.12-1
- 0.12 bump

Size change: 12444 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik at redhat.com> - 1.10-1
- 1.10 bump
- Modernize spec file

Size change: 2271 bytes

* Tue Nov 11 2014 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik at redhat.com> - 0.72-1
- 0.72 bump

Size change: -213 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Shawn Iwinski <shawn.iwinski at gmail.com> - 0.8.0-4
- No raptor or redland for el7

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Shawn Iwinski <shawn.iwinski at gmail.com> - 0.8.0-3
- Added php-composer(easyrdf/easyrdf) virtual provide
- Added option to build without tests ("--without tests")
- Reduce PHP min version from 5.3.3 to 5.2.8 (per composer.json)
- %license usage

Size change: 4635 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Shawn Iwinski <shawn.iwinski at gmail.com> - 1.3.0-1
- Updated to 1.3.0 (BZ #1096125)

Size change: 2193 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Remi Collet <remi at fedoraproject.org> - 3.6.0-1
- Update to 3.6.0
- add dependency on justinrainbow/json-schema
- raise dependency on bartlett/php-reflect 2.6

Size change: 5899 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Remi Collet <remi at fedoraproject.org> - 2.6.0-1
- Update to 2.6.0
- add dependency on justinrainbow/json-schema

Size change: 7343 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jamie Nguyen <jamielinux at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.12-6
- conditionally define macros for EPEL 6 and below

* Wed Oct 01 2014 Jamie Nguyen <jamielinux at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.12-5
- update URL
- improve description
- use commit hash for Source URL
- use loop to rename files
- include README.md and examples/
- amend patch for filesystem default paths
- fix path to storage-schemas.conf
- add man pages from Debian
- disable internal log rotation and include logrotate configuration
  for Fedora >= 21 and EPEL >= 7
- be more explicit in %files
- include python egg
- migrate to systemd on Fedora >= 21 and EPEL >= 7

Size change: 10108 bytes

* Thu Oct 16 2014 Matej Cepl <mcepl at redhat.com> - 0.6.1-1
- New upstream release (fixes among others #1153501)

Size change: 250693 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 0.8.0-1
- Update to 0.8.0

Size change: 4898 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 0.9.7-1
- Update to 0.9.7.

Size change: -5568 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 0.4.0-1
- Updated to version 0.4

Size change: 10348 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 1.4.2-1
- Update to 1.4.2

Size change: 17704 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 1.7-1
- Update to version 1.7

Size change: 5511 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 3.3.0-1
- Update to 3.3.0

Size change: 9831 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 1.8.0-1
- upgrade to 1.8.0 (rhbz#1105861)

Size change: 714 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 1.2.7-1
- Updated to 1.2.7

Size change: -373 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 0.8.0-2
- Bump to avoid collision with previously blocked 0.8.0-1

Size change: 166 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 2.0.16-1
- Updated to 2.0.16.

Size change: 5961 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Jamie Nguyen <jamielinux at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.12-4
- conditionally define macros for EPEL 6 and below

* Wed Oct 01 2014 Jamie Nguyen <jamielinux at fedoraproject.org> - 0.9.12-3
- update URL
- improve description
- specify commit hash in Source URL
- include man pages from Debian
- include missing LICENSE file
- include python egg
- use loop to rename files
- be more explicit in %files

Size change: 8176 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 1.3-2
- Introduced python3- subpackage.

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Slavek Kabrda <bkabrda at redhat.com> - 1.3-1
- Updated to version 1.3

Size change: -469 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Mamoru TASAKA <mtasaka at fedoraproject.org> - 1.1.6-1
- 1.1.6

Size change: 4260 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Mamoru TASAKA <mtasaka at fedoraproject.org> - 0.1.4-5
- F-21 shoulda is now 3.5.0, fix test case

Size change: 4120 bytes

* Fri Nov 14 2014 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-93
- Allow bumblebee to use nsswitch. BZ(1155339)
- Allow openvpn to stream connect to networkmanager. BZ(1164182)
- Allow smbd to create HOMEDIRS is pam_oddjob_mkhomedir in MLS.
- Allow cpuplug rw virtual memory sysctl. BZ (1077831)
- Docker needs to write to sysfs, needs back port to F20,F21, RHEL7

* Mon Nov 10 2014 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-92
- Add kdump_rw_inherited_kdumpctl_tmp_pipes()
- Added fixes related to linuxptp. BZ (1149693)
- Label keystone cgi files as keystone_cgi_script_exec_t. BZ(1138424
- Dontaudit policykit_auth_t to access to user home dirs. BZ (1157256)
- Fix seutil_dontaudit_access_check_load_policy()
- Add dontaudit interfaces for audit_access in seutil
- Label /etc/strongimcv as ipsec_conf_file_t.

Size change: 511 bytes

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Andy Grover <agrover at redhat.com> - 2.1.fb37-2
- Convert to using Python 3 interpreter and libs

Size change: 183 bytes

Added Packages: 379
Removed Packages: 3
Modified Packages: 63
Size of added packages: 879459151 (839 M)
Size change of modified packages: 1376484 (1.3 M)
Size of removed packages: 26334592 (25 M)
Size change: 854501043 (815 M)
Compose finished at Sat Nov 15 08:55:42 UTC 2014

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