ppc rawhide report: 20141124 changes

ppc Fedora Rawhide Report rawhide at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 24 09:55:18 UTC 2014

Compose started at Mon Nov 24 08:10:03 UTC 2014
New package: gnome-settings-daemon-3.13.4-1.fc22
             The daemon sharing settings from GNOME to GTK+/KDE applications

New package: gutenprint-5.2.10-4.fc22
             Printer Drivers Package

New package: libgdl-3.12.0-3.fc22
             GNOME docking library

New package: libgnomekbd-3.6.0-5.fc22
             A keyboard configuration library

New package: libgsystem-2014.2-3.fc22
             GIO-based library with Unix/Linux specific API

New package: matchbox-window-manager-1.2-16.20070628svn.fc22
             Window manager for the Matchbox Desktop

New package: milkytracker-0.90.85-9.fc22
             Module tracker software for creating music

New package: milter-greylist-4.5.11-3.fc22
             Milter for greylisting, the next step in the spam control war

New package: milter-regex-2.0-3.fc22
             Milter plug-in for regular expression filtering

New package: mimetex-1.74-5.fc22
             Easily embed LaTeX math in web pages

New package: mimetic-0.9.8-2.fc22
             A full featured C++ MIME library

New package: min-cloud-agent-2014.3.13.g2759837-3.fc22
             Minimal client implementation of EC2/OpenStack metadata API

New package: min-metadata-service-2014.3-3.fc22
             Minimal client implementation of EC2/OpenStack metadata API

New package: min12xxw-0.0.9-13.fc22
             Converts PBM stream to Minolta printer language

New package: mindless-1.0.0-13.fc22
             Find the secret code

New package: mined-2013.23-4.fc22
             Powerful Text Editor with Extensive Unicode and CJK Support

New package: mingetty-1.08-16.fc22
             A compact getty program for virtual consoles only

New package: mingw-w64-tools-3.1.999-0.6.trunk.git430863.20140530.fc22
             Supplementary tools which are part of the mingw-w64 toolchain

New package: minicom-2.7-3.fc22
             A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program

New package: minicomputer-1.41-12.fc22
             Software Synthesizer

New package: minised-1.14-6.fc22
             A smaller, cheaper, faster SED implementation

New package: miniupnpc-1.9-4.fc22
             Library and tool to control NAT in UPnP-enabled routers

New package: mirage-
             A fast and simple image viewer

New package: miredo-1.2.6-3.fc22
             Tunneling of IPv6 over UDP through NATs

New package: mirrormagic-2.0.2-16.fc22
             Puzzle game where you steer a beam of light using mirrors

New package: mkelfimage-2.7-13.fc22
             Utility to create ELF boot images from Linux kernel images

New package: mktorrent-1.0-11.fc22
             Command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files

New package: mm-1.4.2-14.fc22
             Shared memory allocation library

New package: mm3d-1.3.8a-10.fc22
             3D model editor

New package: mmapper-2.2.1-4.fc22
             Graphical MUME mapper

New package: mmdb-1.25-4.fc22
             Macromolecular coordinate library

New package: mmseq-0.9.18-13.fc22
             Haplotype and isoform specific expression estimation for RNA-seq

New package: mmv-1.01b-22.fc22
             Move/copy/append/link multiple files

New package: mod_annodex-0.2.2-22.fc22
             Apache module for server-side support of annodex media

New package: mod_auth_cas-
             Apache 2.0/2.2 compliant module that supports the CASv1 and CASv2 protocols

New package: mod_auth_kerb-5.4-30.fc22
             Kerberos authentication module for HTTP

New package: mod_auth_ntlm_winbind-0.0.0-0.18.20070129svn713.fc22
             NTLM authentication for the Apache web server using winbind daemon

New package: mod_auth_token-1.0.5-7.fc22
             Token based URI access module for Apache

New package: mod_authnz_external-3.3.1-6.fc22
             An Apache module used for authentication

New package: mod_authnz_pam-0.9.3-2.fc22
             PAM authorization checker and PAM Basic Authentication provider

New package: mod_bw-0.8-15.fc22
             Bandwidth Limiter For Apache

New package: mod_cluster-1.2.6-5.fc22
             Apache HTTP load balancer

New package: mod_dnssd-0.6-12.fc22
             An Apache HTTPD module which adds Zeroconf support

New package: mod_evasive-1.10.1-20.fc22
             Denial of Service evasion module for Apache

New package: mod_fcgid-2.3.9-4.fc22
             FastCGI interface module for Apache 2

New package: mod_flvx-0-0.10.20100525git.fc22
             FLV progressive download streaming for the Apache HTTP Server

New package: mod_geoip-1.2.7-6.fc22
             GeoIP module for the Apache HTTP Server

New package: mod_intercept_form_submit-0.9.8-2.fc22
             Apache module to intercept login form submission and run PAM authentication

New package: mod_limitipconn-0.23-15.fc22
             Simultaneous connection limiting module for Apache

New package: mod_log_post-0.1.0-11.fc22
             Module for the Apache web server to log all HTTP POST messages

New package: mod_lookup_identity-0.9.2-2.fc22
             Apache module to retrieve additional information about the authenticated user

New package: mod_revocator-1.0.3-21.fc22
             CRL retrieval module for the Apache HTTP server

New package: mod_suphp-0.6.3-16.fc22
             An apache2 module for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners

New package: mod_xsendfile-0.12-10.fc22
             Apache module to send files efficiently

New package: modplugtools-0.5.3-8.fc22
             Command line mod music players

New package: moe-1.5-4.fc22
             A powerful clean text editor

New package: mon-1.2.0-17.fc22
             General-purpose resource monitoring system

New package: mona-1.4r15-4.fc22
             A decision procedure for the WS1S and WS2S logics

New package: mongoose-3.1-5.fc22
             An easy-to-use self-sufficient web server

New package: monit-5.6-3.fc22
             Manages and monitors processes, files, directories and devices

New package: monitor-edid-3.0-10.fc22
             Tool for probing and parsing monitor EDID

New package: monkeystudio-
             Free cross-platform Qt 4 IDE

New package: mono-cecil-flowanalysis-0.1-0.22.20110512svn100264.fc22
             Flowanalysis engine for Cecil

New package: mono-reflection-0.1-0.9.20110613git304d1d.fc22
             Helper library for Mono Reflection support

New package: monosim-1.5.2-9.fc22
             Manage your SIM Card contacts

New package: monsterz-0.7.1-13.fc22
             Puzzle game, similar to Bejeweled or Zookeeper

New package: moodbar-0.1.2-13.fc22
             Identifies the "mood" of your music files

New package: moon-buggy-1.0.51-13.fc22
             Drive and jump with some kind of car across the moon

New package: mopac7-1.15-19.fc22
             Semi-empirical quantum mechanics suite

New package: moreutils-0.49-4.fc22
             Additional unix utilities

New package: morse2txt-1.0.0-13.fc22
             Morse Code Reader

New package: mosh-1.2.4-5.fc22
             Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo

New package: most-5.0.0-10.a.1.fc22
             more, less, most

New package: mot-adms-2.3.2-3.fc22
             An electrical compact device models converter

New package: mousepad-0.3.0-5.fc22
             Simple text editor for Xfce desktop environment

New package: mousetweaks-3.12.0-3.fc22
             Mouse accessibility support for the GNOME desktop

New package: mozc-1.15.1814.102-3.fc22
             A Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform

New package: mpage-2.5.6-15.fc22
             A tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page

New package: mpdas-0.3.0-9.fc22
             An MPD audioscrobbling client

New package: mpdscribble-0.22-8.fc22
             A mpd client which submits information about tracks being played to Last.fm

New package: mpfi-1.5.1-7.fc22
             An interval arithmetic library based on MPFR

New package: mpop-1.0.29-3.fc22
             POP3 client for recieving mail from POP3 mailboxes

New package: mppenc-1.16-8.fc22
             Musepack SV7 audio file encoder

New package: mrtg-2.17.4-14.fc22
             Multi Router Traffic Grapher

New package: mscgen-0.20-12.fc22
             Message Sequence Chart rendering program

New package: msktutil-0.5.1-4.fc22
             Program for interoperability with Active Directory

New package: msmtp-1.4.32-3.fc22
             SMTP client

New package: msp430-binutils-2.21.1a-8.fc22
             Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at msp430

New package: mspdebug-0.22-3.fc22
             Debugger and gdb proxy for MSP430 MCUs

New package: mstflint-3.0-0.9.g6961daa.1.fc22
             Mellanox firmware burning tool

New package: msynctool-0.22-9.fc22
             Calendar (and other PIM data) synchronization program

New package: mt-daapd-
             An iTunes-compatible media server

New package: mtd-utils-1.5.1-3.fc22
             Utilities for dealing with MTD (flash) devices

New package: mtools-4.0.18-7.fc22
             Programs for accessing MS-DOS disks without mounting the disks

New package: mtpaint-3.40-16.fc22
             Painting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork

New package: multitail-6.2.1-3.fc22
             View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows

New package: musca-0.9.24-9.fc22
             A simple dynamic window manager fox X

New package: mygui-3.2.0-11.fc22
             Fast, simple and flexible GUI library for Ogre

New package: n2n-2.1.0-7.fc22
             A layer-two peer-to-peer virtual private network

New package: naev-0.5.3-9.fc22
             2d action, RPG space game

New package: nagios-plugins-bonding-1.4-4.fc22
             Nagios plugin to monitor Linux bonding interfaces

New package: nagios-plugins-check-updates-1.6.7-2.fc22
             A Nagios plugin to check if Red Hat or Fedora system is up-to-date

New package: naim-
             An ncurses-based console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client

New package: nbd-3.8-3.fc22
             Network Block Device user-space tools (TCP version)

New package: ncrack-0.4-0.7.ALPHA.fc22
             High-speed network auth cracking tool

New package: nekobee-dssi-0.1.7-12.fc22
             Acid sounds synthesizer

New package: nekovm-2.0.0-4.fc22
             Neko embedded scripting language and virtual machine

New package: nemiver-0.9.5-5.fc22
             A GNOME C/C++ Debugger

New package: nes_ntsc-0.2.2-10.fc22
             Provides a NES NTSC video filtering library

New package: nesc-1.3.5-2.fc22
             Compiler used by TinyOS

New package: nessus-libraries-2.2.11-10.fc22
             Support libraries for nessus

New package: net6-1.3.14-7.fc22
             A TCP protocol abstraction for library C++

New package: netactview-0.6.3-2.fc22
             Graphical network connections viewer for Linux

New package: netbeans-platform-7.0.1-11.fc22
             NetBeans Platform

New package: netdump-server-0.7.16-37.fc22
             Server for network kernel message logging and crash dumps

New package: netgen-1.3.7-27.fc22
             LVS netlist comparison tool for VLSI

New package: nethack-3.4.3-32.fc22
             A rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game

New package: nethogs-0.8.0-8.fc22
             A tool resembling top for network traffic

New package: netlabel_tools-0.20-4.fc22
             Tools to manage the Linux NetLabel subsystem

New package: netmask-2.3.12-8.fc22
             Utility for determining network masks

New package: netmonitor-0.5-15.fc22
             The free linux network bandwidth monitor

New package: netpanzer-0.8.4-10.fc22
             An Online Multiplayer Tactical Warfare Game

New package: netplug-
             Daemon that responds to network cables being plugged in and out

New package: netsed-1.2-4.fc22
             A tool to modify network packets

New package: netsniff-ng-0.5.8-5.fc22
             Packet sniffing beast

New package: netstat-nat-1.4.10-8.fc22
             A tool that displays NAT connections

New package: nettee-
             Network "tee" program

New package: netty-4.0.19-2.fc22
             An asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for Java

New package: newlisp-10.6.0-3.fc22
             Lisp-like general purpose scripting

New package: newsbeuter-2.8-3.fc22
             Configurable text-based feed reader

New package: newscache-1.2-0.21.rc6.fc22
             Free cache server for USENET News

New package: newsx-1.6-21.fc22
             NNTP news exchange utility

New package: nfacct-1.0.1-3.fc22
             Command line tool to create/retrieve/delete accounting objects

New package: nfdump-1.6.12-3.fc22
             NetFlow collecting and processing tools

New package: nfs4-acl-tools-0.3.3-14.fc22
             The nfs4 ACL tools

New package: nfswatch-4.99.11-8.fc22
             An NFS traffic monitoring tool

New package: ngrep-1.45-17.git20131221.16ba99a.fc22
             Network layer grep tool

New package: nickle-2.77-7.fc22
             A programming language-based prototyping environment

New package: nicstat-1.95-2.fc22
             CLI utility that prints out network statistics for all network interface

New package: nifticlib-2.0.0-10.fc22
             A set of i/o libraries for reading and writing files in the nifti-1 data format

New package: nightview-0.3.3-16.fc22
             A general astronomical software package to control of a CCD camera

New package: nimbus-0.1.4-10.fc22
             Desktop theme originally from Sun

New package: ninja-build-1.5.1-2.fc22
             A small build system with a focus on speed

New package: ninvaders-0.1.1-11.fc22
             Space Invaders clone written in ncurses for cli gaming

New package: nitrogen-1.5.2-14.fc22
             Background browser and setter for X windows

New package: njam-1.25-22.fc22
             Maze-game, eat all the cookies while avoiding the badguys

New package: nled-2.52-13.fc22
             Nifty Little EDitor

New package: nload-0.7.4-4.fc22
             A tool can monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time

New package: nmh-1.6-2.fc22
             A capable mail handling system with a command line interface

New package: nmon-14i-8.fc22
             Nigel's performance Monitor for Linux

New package: nntpgrab-0.7.2-9.fc22
             Download files from the usenet

New package: node-0.3.2-16.fc22
             Simple node front end, modelled after the node shells of TheNet and G8BPQ nodes

New package: nogravity-2.00-22.fc22
             Space shooter in 3D

New package: noip-2.1.9-15.fc22
             A dynamic DNS update client

New package: nomarch-1.4-13.fc22
             GPLed Arc de-archiver

New package: non-daw-1.2.0-3.1.git13c3ca8.fc22
             A digital audio workstation for JACK

New package: non-ntk-1.3.0-0.7.20130730gitd006352.fc22
             A fork of FLTK for the non audio suite

New package: non-session-manager-1.0.0-0.7.gitae6b78cf.fc22
             A session manager for JACK

New package: nosync-1.0-2.fc22
             Preload library for disabling file's content synchronization

New package: notification-daemon-engine-nodoka-0.1.0-20.fc22
             The Nodoka theme engine for the notification daemon

New package: notify-python-0.1.1-27.fc22
             Python bindings for libnotify

New package: notmuch-0.18.1-4.fc22
             System for indexing, searching, and tagging email

New package: novacom-client-1.1.0-0.9.rc1.git.ff7641193a.fc22
             Client for utility to connect to WebOS devices

New package: novacom-server-1.1.0-0.12.rc1.fc22
             Service for utility that connects to WebOS devices

New package: npush-0.7-12.fc22
             A logic game similar to Sokoban

New package: nqc-3.1.7-14.fc22
             Not Quite C compiler

New package: nrg2iso-0.4-13.fc22
             Convert Nero Burning Rom image files into ISO

New package: nrpe-2.15-4.fc22
             Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios

New package: nsca-2.9.1-11.fc22
             Nagios Service Check Acceptor

New package: nsd-3.2.18-2.fc22
             Fast and lean authoritative DNS Name Server

New package: nsnake-2.0.5-2.fc22
             The classic snake game with textual interface

New package: nss-altfiles-2.18.1-5.fc22
             NSS module to look up users in /usr/lib/passwd too

New package: nss-gui-0.3.10-12.fc22
             GUI to manage contents of an NSS database

New package: nss-mdns-0.10-15.fc22
             glibc plugin for .local name resolution

New package: nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.14-4.fc22
             An nsswitch module which uses directory servers

New package: nss_updatedb-10-9.fc22
             Maintains a local cache of network directory user and group information

New package: ntop-5.0.1-4.fc22
             A network traffic probe similar to the UNIX top command

New package: nullmodem-0.0.6-11.fc22
             A utility to loopback pseudo-terminals

New package: numlockx-1.2-7.fc22
             Turns on NumLock after starting X

New package: numptyphysics-0.4-0.6.20120726gita22cde2.fc22
             A crayon-drawing based physics puzzle game

New package: nuttcp-6.1.2-12.fc22
             Tool for testing TCP connections

New package: nvidia-texture-tools-2.0.8-9.fc22
             Collection of image processing and texture manipulation tools

New package: nxtrc-2.3-10.fc22
             Program to interact with LEGO NXT via BlueTooth

New package: nxtvepg-2.8.1-14.fc22
             A nexTView EPG decoder and browser

New package: nyquist-3.08-4.fc22
             Sound synthesis and composition language with a Lisp syntax

New package: o3read-0.0.4-11.fc22
             Standalone converter for OpenOffice.org documents

New package: obby-0.4.8-8.fc22
             A library which provides synced document buffers

New package: obexd-0.46-8.fc22
             D-Bus service for Obex Client access

New package: ochusha-
             A GTK+ 2ch.net BBS Browser

New package: ocl-icd-2.0.4-3.git20131001.4ee231e.fc22
             OpenCL ICD Bindings

New package: ocp-0.1.20-9.fc22.2
             Open Cubic Player for MOD/S3M/XM/IT/SID/MIDI music files

New package: ocsinventory-ipdiscover-2.0.5-6.fc22
             Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation client

New package: ocspd-1.9.0-5.fc22
             OpenCA OCSP Daemon

New package: octave-audio-1.1.4-12.fc22
             Audio for Octave

New package: octave-communications-1.2.0-2.fc22
             Communications for Octave

New package: octave-gsl-1.0.8-9.fc22
             Octave bindings to the GNU Scientific Library

New package: octave-miscellaneous-1.2.1-2.fc22
             Miscellaneous functions for Octave

New package: octave-odepkg-0.8.4-3.fc22
             A package for solving ordinary differential equations and more

New package: octave-optim-1.4.0-2.fc22
             A non-linear optimization tool kit for Octave

New package: octave-parallel-2.2.0-3.fc22
             Parallel execution package for cluster computers for Octave

New package: octave-quaternion-2.2.2-2.fc22
             Quaternion package for Octave

New package: octave-signal-1.3.0-3.fc22
             Signal processing tools for Octave

New package: octave-specfun-1.1.0-9.fc22
             Special functions for Octave, including ellipitic functions

New package: octave-struct-1.0.10-7.fc22
             Structure handling for Octave

New package: octave-symbolic-1.1.0-9.fc22
             Symbolic computations for Octave

New package: oddjob-0.33-3.fc22
             A D-Bus service which runs odd jobs on behalf of client applications

New package: odt2txt-0.4-10.fc22
             Converts an OpenDocument to plain text

New package: office-runner-1.0.2-3.fc22
             Office game for laptop owners

New package: ogdi-3.2.0-0.23.beta2.fc22
             Open Geographic Datastore Interface

New package: oggvideotools-0.8-16.fc22
             Toolbox for manipulating Ogg video files

New package: ogmtools-1.5-14.fc22
             Tools for Ogg media streams

New package: ogre-1.9.0-5.fc22
             Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

New package: oidentd-2.0.8-15.fc22
             Implementation of the RFC1413 identification server

New package: olpc-contents-2.6-9.fc22
             OLPC contents manifest tools

New package: olpc-os-builder-7.0.1-3.fc22
             A development tool to build and customize OLPC OS images

New package: omniORB-4.2.0-3.fc22
             A robust high performance CORBA ORB for C++ and Python

New package: omniORBpy-4.2.0-3.fc22
             CORBA ORB for Python

New package: omping-0.0.4-7.fc22
             Utility to test IP multicast functionality

New package: oneko-1.2-17.fc22
             Cat chases the cursor

New package: onesixtyone-0.3.2-12.fc22
             An efficient SNMP scanner

New package: oniguruma-5.9.5-3.fc22
             Regular expressions library

New package: oorexx-4.1.0-9.fc22
             Open Object Rexx

New package: opari2-1.1.2-5.fc22
             An OpenMP runtime performance measurement instrumenter

New package: open-cobol-1.1-3.fc22
             OpenCOBOL - COBOL compiler

New package: open-mtools-1.0-3.fc22
             Tools for testing IP multicast

New package: openav-luppp-1.0-5.fc22
             Live performance mixing tool

New package: openbox-3.5.2-6.fc22
             A highly configurable and standards-compliant X11 window manager

New package: opencfu-3.8.11-3.fc22
             An application to count bacterial colonies and other circular objects

New package: openchange-2.1-3.fc22
             Provides access to Microsoft Exchange servers using native protocols

New package: opencl-utils-0-14.svn16.fc22
             Useful OpenCL tools and utilities

New package: openct-0.6.20-9.fc22
             Middleware framework for smart card terminals

New package: opendkim-2.9.2-3.fc22
             A DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) milter to sign and/or verify mail

New package: openeuclide-0.5-12.fc22
             A geometry software that is intended for educational or modeling purposes

New package: openfst-1.4.1-4.fc22
             Weighted finite-state transducer library

New package: opengrm-ngram-1.2.1-3.fc22
             Library for making and modifying n-gram language models

New package: openhpi-subagent-2.3.4-24.fc22
             NetSNMP subagent for OpenHPI

New package: openlierox-0.59-0.20.beta10.fc22
             Addictive realtime multiplayer 2D shoot-em-up

New package: openmsx-0.10.1-4.fc22
             An emulator for the MSX home computer system

New package: openpgm-5.2.122-4.fc22
             An implementation of the PGM reliable multicast protocol

New package: openpts-0.2.6-11.fc22
             TCG Platform Trust Service (PTS)

New package: openrdate-1.2-6.fc22
             Good-old rdate date and time-setting software

New package: opensaml-2.4.3-9.fc22
             Security Assertion Markup Language

New package: openspecfun-0.4-2.fc22
             Library providing a collection of special mathematical functions

New package: opentracker-0-0.9.20101114cvs.fc22
             BitTorrent Tracker

New package: openvpn-auth-ldap-2.0.3-16.fc22
             OpenVPN plugin for LDAP authentication

New package: ophcrack-3.6.0-4.fc22
             Free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables

New package: optipng-0.7.5-3.fc22
             PNG optimizer and converter

New package: opus-tools-0.1.7-3.fc22
             A set of tools for the opus audio codec

New package: opusfile-0.6-2.fc22
             A high-level API for decoding and seeking within .opus files

New package: orafce-3.0.6-3.fc22
             Implementation of some Oracle functions into PostgreSQL

New package: orage-4.10.0-3.fc22
             Time-managing application for Xfce4

New package: orange-0.4-10.fc22
             Squeeze out installable Microsoft cabinet files

New package: orsa-0.7.0-29.fc22
             Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis

New package: osm-gps-map-1.0.1-8.fc22
             Gtk+ widget for displaying OpenStreetMap tiles

New package: osmo-0.2.12-0.8.svn924.fc22
             Personal organizer

New package: osslsigncode-1.5.2-4.fc22
             Tool for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB files

New package: otf2-1.4-3.fc22
             Open Trace Format 2 library

New package: otf2bdf-3.1-8.fc22
             Generate BDF bitmap fonts from OpenType outline fonts

New package: ots-0.5.0-10.fc22
             A text summarizer

New package: ovaldi-5.9.1-11.fc22
             Reference implementation of the OVAL interpreter

New package: overgod-1.0-21.fc22
             Another arcade-style shoot-em-up

New package: oyranos-0.9.5-4.fc22
             A Colour Management System (CMS) on operating system level

New package: pachi-1.0-17.fc22
             Pachi El Marciano - Platform Game

New package: packETH-1.7.2-4.fc22
             A GUI packet generator tool

New package: packmol-13.243-3.fc22
             Packing optimization for molecular dynamics simulations

New package: pacman-4.1.2-3.20130626git28cb22e.fc22
             Package manager for the Arch distribution

New package: pacrunner-0.7-4.fc22
             Proxy configuration dæmon

New package: pads-1.2-16.fc22
             Passive Asset Detection System

New package: pal-0.4.3-11.fc22
             Command line calendar that displays holidays and events

New package: palp-2.1-5.fc22
             A Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes

New package: pam_abl-0.6.0-4.fc22
             A Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) for auto blacklisting

New package: pam_afs_session-2.5-8.fc22
             AFS PAG and AFS tokens on login

New package: pam_ccreds-10-11.fc22
             Pam module to cache login credentials

New package: pam_krb5-2.4.9-3.fc22
             A Pluggable Authentication Module for Kerberos 5

New package: pam_mount-2.14-3.fc22
             A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session

New package: pam_mysql-0.7-0.19.rc1.fc22
             PAM module for auth UNIX users using MySQL data base

New package: pam_pkcs11-0.6.8-3.fc22
             PKCS #11/NSS PAM login module

New package: pam_radius-1.3.17-9.fc22
             PAM Module for RADIUS Authentication

New package: pam_script-1.1.7-2.fc22
             PAM module for executing scripts

New package: pam_shield-0.9.5-16.fc22
             Pam Shield - A pam module to counter brute force attacks

New package: pam_ssh-1.98-4.fc22
             PAM module for use with SSH keys and ssh-agent

New package: pam_url-0.3.3-3.fc22
             PAM module to authenticate with HTTP servers

New package: pam_yubico-2.14-3.fc22
             A Pluggable Authentication Module for yubikeys

New package: paman-0.9.4-13.fc22
             Management tool for PulseAudio

New package: pamtester-0.1.2-6.fc22
             Utility to test Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)

New package: pan-0.139-8.fc22
             A GNOME/GTK+ newsreader for X

New package: panoglview-0.2.2-15.fc22
             Immersive viewer for spherical panoramas

New package: paperkey-1.1-10.fc22
             An OpenPGP key archiver

New package: paprefs-0.9.10-8.fc22
             Management tool for PulseAudio

New package: par-1.52-13.fc22
             Paragraph reformatter, vaguely like fmt, but more elaborate

New package: parcellite-1.1.7-4.fc22
             A lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager

New package: paris-traceroute-0.92-6.fc22
             A network diagnosis and measurement tool

New package: parprouted-0.70-12.fc22
             Proxy ARP IP bridging daemon

New package: partimage-0.6.9-9.fc22
             Partition imaging utility, much like Ghost

New package: passwdqc-1.3.0-3.fc22
             A password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement toolset

New package: paulstretch-2.2.2-8.fc22
             An audio sample stretching utility

New package: pavumeter-0.9.3-13.fc22
             Volume meter for PulseAudio

New package: pbzip2-1.1.6-6.fc22
             Parallel implementation of bzip2

New package: pcapfix-1.0.1-3.fc22
             A tool for repairing corrupted pcap files

New package: pcapy-0.10.8-5.fc22
             A Python interface to libpcap

New package: pcllib-1.12-3.fc22
             Portable Coroutine Library (PCL)

New package: pcmanx-gtk2-1.2-4.fc22
             Telnet client designed for BBS browsing

New package: pcmciautils-018-8.fc22
             PCMCIA utilities and initialization programs

New package: pcs-0.9.115-4.fc22
             Pacemaker Configuration System

New package: pcsc-tools-1.4.17-10.fc22
             Tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC

New package: pdf2svg-0.2.2-3.fc22
             Small tool to convert PDF files into SVG

New package: pdfedit-0.4.5-15.fc22
             A complete pdf document editing solution

New package: pdfresurrect-0.12-5.fc22
             PDF Analysis and Scrubbing Utility

New package: pdsh-2.31-3.fc22
             Parallel remote shell program

New package: peg-solitaire-2.0-6.fc22
             Board game played with pegs

New package: pekwm-0.1.17-4.fc22
             A small and flexible window manager

New package: pen-0.25.1-2.fc22
             Load balancer for "simple" tcp based protocols such as http or smtp

New package: penguin-command-1.6.11-14.fc22
             Open source arcade game

New package: pengupop-2.2.2-13.fc22
             Networked Game in the vein of Move/Puzzle Bobble

New package: perftest-2.2-2.fc22
             IB Performance Tests

New package: pgRouting-2.0.0-4.fc22
             Provides routing functionality to PostGIS/PostgreSQL

New package: pg_journal-0.2.0-6.fc22
             Module for sending log messages directly to the systemd journal

New package: pg_top-3.7.0-3.fc22
             'top' for PostgreSQL process

New package: pgadmin3-1.18.1-3.fc22
             Graphical client for PostgreSQL

New package: pgbouncer-1.5.4-4.fc22
             Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL

New package: pgpdump-0.29-2.fc22
             PGP packet visualizer

New package: pgsphere-1.1.1-9.fc22
             Spherical data types, functions, and operators for PostgreSQL

New package: phasex-0.12.0-2.12.m1.fc22
             PHASEX -- Phase Harmonic Advanced Synthesis EXperiment

New package: phat-0.4.1-13.fc22
             A collection of GTK+ widgets useful for audio applications

New package: photoprint-0.4.2-0.14.pre2.fc22
             Utility for printing digital photographs

New package: php-facedetect-1.0.1-13.fc22
             PHP extension to access the OpenCV library

New package: php-idn-1.2c-12.fc22
             PHP API for GNU LibIDN

New package: php-libvirt-0.4.8-4.fc22
             PHP language binding for Libvirt

New package: php-magickwand-
             PHP API for ImageMagick

New package: php-pecl-amqp-1.4.0-5.fc22
             Communicate with any AMQP compliant server

New package: php-pecl-cairo-0.3.2-7.fc22
             PECL package for drawing using cairo via PHP scripts

New package: php-pecl-fann-1.0.7-2.fc22
             Wrapper for FANN Library

New package: php-pecl-geoip-1.0.8-9.fc22
             Extension to map IP addresses to geographic places

New package: php-pecl-gmagick-1.1.7-0.2.RC2.fc22
             Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library

New package: php-pecl-imagick-3.1.2-2.fc22
             Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library

New package: php-pecl-judy-1.0.2-6.fc22
             PHP Judy implements sparse dynamic arrays

New package: php-pecl-krb5-1.0.0-6.fc22
             Kerberos authentification extension

New package: php-pecl-lzf-1.6.2-8.fc22
             Extension to handle LZF de/compression

New package: php-pecl-mailparse-2.1.6-10.fc22
             PHP PECL package for parsing and working with email messages

New package: php-pecl-memcache-3.0.8-6.fc22
             Extension to work with the Memcached caching daemon

New package: php-pecl-memcached-2.2.0-5.fc22
             Extension to work with the Memcached caching daemon

New package: php-pecl-memprof-1.0.0-7.fc22
             Memory usage profiler

New package: php-pecl-msgpack-0.5.5-9.fc22
             API for communicating with MessagePack serialization

New package: php-pecl-mysqlnd-ms-1.6.0-2.svn333506.fc22
             A replication and load balancing plugin for mysqlnd

New package: php-pecl-mysqlnd-qc-1.2.0-8.fc22
             A query cache plugin for mysqlnd

New package: php-pecl-ncurses-1.0.2-10.fc22
             Terminal screen handling and optimization package

New package: php-pecl-propro-1.0.0-5.fc22
             Property proxy

New package: php-pecl-radius-1.2.7-7.fc22
             Radius client library

New package: php-pecl-raphf-1.0.4-5.fc22
             Resource and persistent handles factory

New package: php-pecl-redis-2.2.5-5.fc22
             Extension for communicating with the Redis key-value store

New package: php-pecl-rrd-1.1.3-5.fc22
             PHP Bindings for rrdtool

New package: php-pecl-runkit-1.0.4-0.7.git5e179e9.fc22
             Mangle with user defined functions and classes

New package: php-pecl-selinux-0.3.1-15.fc22
             SELinux binding for PHP scripting language

New package: php-pecl-solr-1.1.1-2.fc22
             Object oriented API to Apache Solr

New package: php-pecl-solr2-2.0.0-2.fc22
             Object oriented API to Apache Solr

New package: php-pecl-ssdeep-1.0.4-2.fc22
             Wrapper for libfuzzy library

New package: php-pecl-ssh2-0.12-5.fc22
             Bindings for the libssh2 library

New package: php-pecl-uuid-1.0.3-11.fc22
             Universally Unique Identifier extension for PHP

New package: php-pecl-yaml-1.1.1-4.fc22
             Support for YAML 1.1 serialization using the LibYAML library

New package: php-pecl-zip-1.12.4-5.fc22
             A ZIP archive management extension

New package: php-shout-0.9.2-18.fc22
             PHP module for communicating with Icecast servers

New package: phrel-1.0.2-5.fc22
             Per Host RatE Limiter

New package: pianobooster-0.6.4b-10.fc22
             A MIDI file player that teaches you how to play the piano

New package: picocom-1.7-4.fc22
             Minimal serial communications program

New package: picojson-1.1.1-2.05f8f10.fc22
             A header-file-only, JSON parser / serializer in C++

New package: piglit-1-0.20.20140414GIT8775223.fc22
             Collection of automated tests for OpenGL implementations

New package: pigz-2.3.1-3.fc22
             Parallel implementation of gzip

New package: pikdev-0.9.2-19.fc22
             IDE for development of PICmicro based application (under Linux/KDE)

New package: pikloops-0.2.5-15.fc22
             Code generator for PIC delays

New package: pinball-0.3.1-25.fc22
             Emilia arcade game

New package: pinfo-0.6.10-10.fc22
             An info file viewer

New package: pingus-0.7.6-12.fc22
             Guide the penguins safely home before they drop of the cliff

New package: pipebench-0.40-11.fc22
             Measures the speed of STDIN/STDOUT communication

New package: pipenightdreams-0.10.0-18.fc22
             Connect the waterpipes to create a proper pipeline

New package: pipepanic-0.1.3-16.fc22
             A pipe connecting game

New package: pkcs11-dump-0.3.4-8.fc22
             Small utility for querying PKCS#11 modules

New package: pkcs11-helper-1.11-3.fc22
             A library for using PKCS#11 providers

New package: pki-tps-10.2.0-0.4.fc22
             Certificate System - Token Processing System

New package: planner2html-1.0.1-8.fc22
             Convert planner files to html

New package: plee-the-bear-0.6.0-16.fc22
             2D platform game

New package: plotdrop-0.5.3-13.fc22
             A minimal GNOME front-end to Gnuplot

New package: plotmm-0.1.2-20.fc22
             GTKmm plot widget for scientific applications

New package: plotutils-2.6-12.fc22
             GNU vector and raster graphics utilities and libraries

New package: plug-1.1-10.fc22
             Linux software for Fender Mustang amplifiers

New package: pluma-1.9.0-2.fc22
             Text editor for the MATE desktop

New package: plymouth-0.8.9-7.2013.08.14.fc22
             Graphical Boot Animation and Logger

New package: pm-utils-1.4.1-30.fc22
             Power management utilities and scripts

New package: pmars-0.9.2-12.fc22
             Portable corewar system with ICWS'94 extensions

New package: pmount-0.9.23-7.fc22
             Enable normal user mount

New package: pnglite-0.1.17-1.fc22.10
             A lightweight C library for loading PNG images

New package: pngnq-1.1-10.fc22
             Pngnq is a tool for quantizing PNG images in RGBA format

New package: pnm2ppa-1.04-29.fc22
             Drivers for printing to HP PPA printers

New package: pnmixer-0.5.1-9.fc22
             Lightweight mixer applet

New package: pnp4nagios-0.6.22-3.fc22
             Nagios performance data analysis tool

New package: poco-1.4.2p1-2.fc22.8
             C++ class libraries for network-centric applications

New package: poedit-1.5.4-11.fc22
             GUI editor for GNU gettext .po files

New package: poezio-0.8.1-2.fc22
             IRC-like jabber (XMPP) console client

New package: pokerth-1.1.1-6.fc22
             A Texas-Holdem poker game

New package: polipo-1.1.1-2.fc22
             Lightweight caching web proxy

New package: polkit-gnome-0.105-7.fc22
             PolicyKit integration for the GNOME desktop

New package: poly2tri-0.0-8.20130501hg26242d0aa7b8.fc22
             A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library

New package: portmidi-217-12.fc22
             Real-time Midi I/O Library

New package: postal-0.70-14.fc22
             Tools for benchmarking mail servers

New package: poster-20060221-15.fc22
             Scales PostScript images to span multiple pages

New package: posterazor-1.5-15.fc22
             Make your own poster

New package: postgresql-plruby-0.5.4-4.fc22
             PostgreSQL Ruby Procedural Language

New package: povray-3.7-0.5.20131116git39ce8a2.fc22
             The Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer

New package: powerman-2.3.5-9.fc22
             PowerMan - Power to the Cluster

New package: powermanga-0.90-15.fc22
             Arcade 2D shoot-them-up game

New package: powertop-2.6.1-3.fc22
             Power consumption monitor

New package: powwow-1.2.17-4.fc22
             A console MUD client

New package: pptp-1.8.0-4.fc22
             Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Client

New package: pptpd-1.4.0-6.fc22
             PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server

New package: prboom-2.5.0-12.fc22
             Open source port of the DOOM game engine

New package: prboom-plus-
             Free enhanced DOOM engine

New package: preload-0.6.4-11.fc22
             Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon

New package: premake-4.3-10.fc22
             Cross-platform build configuration tool

New package: primer3-2.3.6-3.fc22
             PCR primer design tool

New package: prison-1.0-9.fc22
             A Qt-based barcode abstraction library

New package: privoxy-3.0.21-8.fc22
             Privacy enhancing proxy

New package: procServ-2.6.0-7.fc22
             Process server with telnet console and log access

New package: procinfo-18-35.fc22
             A tool for gathering and displaying system information

New package: procinfo-ng-2.0.304-10.fc22
             Console-based system monitoring utility

New package: proftpd-1.3.5-3.fc22.1
             Flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP server

New package: prosody-0.9.4-4.fc22
             Flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP

New package: proxychains-3.1-16.fc22
             Provides proxy support to any application

New package: proxytunnel-1.9.0-11.fc22
             Tool to tunnel a connection through an standard HTTP(S) proxy

New package: prozilla-2.0.4-18.fc22
             Advanced Linux download manager

New package: prwd-1.8-3.fc22
             A tool to print a reduced working directory

New package: psacct-6.6.1-9.fc22
             Utilities for monitoring process activities

New package: psad-2.2.1-5.fc22
             Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) watches for suspect traffic

New package: pscan-1.3-11.fc22
             Limited problem scanner for C source files

New package: psi-0.15-5.fc22
             Jabber client based on Qt

New package: psimedia-1.0.3-14.fc22
             Audio and video RTP services for Psi-like IM clients

New package: pstoedit-3.62-5.fc22
             Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats

New package: pthsem-2.0.7-10.fc22
             The GNU Portable Threads library extended with semaphore support

New package: ptouch-driver-1.3-13.fc22
             CUPS driver for Brother P-touch label printers

New package: ptpd-2.3.0-4.fc22
             PTPd implements the Precision Time protocol (PTP) as defined by the IEEE 1588

New package: ptrash-1.0-10.fc22
             Move file(s) to ~/.trash directory

New package: puzzle-master-2.0.0-6.fc22
             Fun and addictive jigsaw puzzle game

New package: puzzles-9023-11.fc22
             A collection of one-player puzzle games

New package: pwauth-2.3.10-8.fc22
             External plugin for mod_authnz_external authenticator

New package: pwgen-2.06-12.fc22
             Automatic password generation

New package: pwsafe-0.2.0-18.fc22
             A unix commandline program that manages encrypted password databases

New package: pxz-4.999.9-8.beta.20120930git.fc22
             Parallel LZMA compressor using XZ

New package: py-bcrypt-0.4-4.fc22
             Python bindings for OpenBSD's Blowfish password hashing code

New package: py-radix-0.5-14.fc22
             Radix tree data structure for Python

New package: pyaudio-0.2.3-10.fc22
             Python bindings for PortAudio

New package: pybluez-0.18-9.fc22
             Python API for the BlueZ bluetooth stack

New package: pybox2d-2.0.2b2-12.fc22
             A 2D rigid body simulation library for Python

New package: pyephem-
             The astronomy library for Python

New package: pyexiv2-0.3.2-13.fc22
             Python binding to exiv2

New package: pyfits-3.3-4.fc22
             Python interface to FITS

New package: pyflowtools-
             An interface to OSU FlowTools

New package: pyfribidi-0.11.0-7.fc22
             A Python binding for GNU FriBidi

New package: pygame-1.9.1-16.fc22
             Python modules for writing games

New package: pygoocanvas-0.14.1-11.fc22
             GooCanvas python bindings

New package: pygsl-0.9.5-12.fc22
             GNU Scientific Library Interface for python

New package: pygtkglext-1.1.0-17.fc22
             Python bindings for GtkGLExt

New package: pygtksourceview-2.10.1-10.fc22
             Python bindings for gtksourceview

New package: pyhunspell-0.1-13.fc22
             Python bindings for hunspell

New package: pyifp-0.2.2-10.fc22
             Python Bindings for libifp

New package: pylibacl-0.5.1-7.fc22
             POSIX.1e ACLs library wrapper for python

New package: pyliblo-0.9.1-9.fc22
             Python bindings for the liblo OSC library

New package: pylibpcap-0.6.4-7.fc22
             A Python module for libpcap

New package: pynac-0.3.2-4.fc22
             Manipulation of symbolic expressions

New package: pyodbc-3.0.7-1.fc22
             Python DB API 2.0 Module for ODBC

New package: pyorbit-2.24.0-16.fc22
             Python bindings for ORBit2

New package: pypar-2.1.5_108-6.fc22
             Parallel programming with Python

New package: pypop-0.7.0-13.fc22
             Python for Population Genomics

New package: pypoppler-0.12.1-27.fc22
             Python bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library

New package: pyproj-1.9.2-11.20120712svn300.fc22
             Cython wrapper to provide python interfaces to Proj

New package: pyscard-1.6.16-3.fc22
             A framework for building smart card aware applications in Python

New package: pysendfile-2.0.0-8.fc22
             Python interface to the sendfile(2) system call

New package: pystatgrab-0.5-15.fc22
             Python bindings for libstatgrab

New package: pysubnettree-0.23-4.fc22
             A Python Module for CIDR Lookups

New package: pythia8-8.1.86-2.fc22
             Pythia Event Generator for High Energy Physics

New package: python-4Suite-XML-1.0.2-20.fc22
             A collection of XML-related technologies for Python

New package: python-Bottleneck-0.6.0-4.fc22
             Collection of fast NumPy array functions written in Cython

New package: python-CDDB-1.4-14.fc22
             CDDB and FreeDB audio CD track info access in Python

New package: python-GeoIP-1.2.8-5.fc22
             Python bindings for the GeoIP geographical lookup libraries

New package: python-Levenshtein-0.10.1-20.fc22
             Python extension computing string distances and similarities

New package: python-PSI-0.3-0.10.b2.fc22
             Shows real time system information in python

New package: python-Traits-4.5.0-3.fc22
             Explicitly typed attributes for Python

New package: python-adns-1.2.1-14.fc22
             Python interface for the GNU adns library

New package: python-alsa-1.0.26-5.fc22
             Python binding for the ALSA library

New package: python-alsaaudio-0.7-7.fc22
             Python Alsa Bindings

New package: python-apsw-
             Another Python SQLite Wrapper

New package: python-async-0.6.1-9.fc22
             A framework to process interdependent tasks in a pool of workers

New package: python-backports-lzma-0.0.2-7.fc22
             Backport of Python 3.3's lzma module

New package: python-basemap-1.0.7-4.fc22
             Plots data on map projections (with continental and political boundaries)

New package: python-bibtex-1.2.7-3.fc22
             Python extension to parse BibTeX files

New package: python-billiard-
             Multiprocessing Pool Extensions

New package: python-bintrees-2.0.1-3.fc22
             Package provides Binary-, RedBlack- and AVL-Trees in Python and Cython

New package: python-biopython-1.64-2.fc22
             Python tools for computational molecular biology

New package: python-bitarray-0.3.5-10.fc22
             Efficient Array of Booleans --C Extensions

New package: python-blist-1.3.6-4.fc22
             A faster list implementation for Python

New package: python-caja-1.4.0-8.fc22
             Python bindings for Caja

New package: python-cdb-0.34-8.fc22
             Constant database library adapted as a python extension module

New package: python-chm-0.8.4-17.fc22
             Python package for CHM files handling

New package: python-cpopen-1.3-5.fc22
             Creates a sub-process in simpler safer manner

New package: python-ctags-1.0.5-11.fc22
             A wrapper to read tags library

New package: python-daap-0.7.1-14.fc22
             DAAP client implemented in Python

New package: python-dmidecode-3.10.13-12.fc22
             Python module to access DMI data

New package: python-dulwich-0.9.7-2.fc22
             A python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols

New package: python-durus-3.9-9.fc22
             A Python Object Database

New package: python-editdist-0.3-9.fc22
             CPython module to quickly calculate Levenshtein's edit distance

New package: python-egenix-mx-base-3.2.5-6.fc22
             A collection of Python software tools

New package: python-elfdata-0.5-6.fc22
             Python wrapper to get ELF data

New package: python-espeak-0.5-9.fc22
             Python 2 bindings for espeak

New package: python-ethtool-0.11-3.fc22
             Ethernet settings python bindings

New package: python-gd-0.56-10.fc22
             Python GD module

New package: python-gevent-1.0.1-2.fc22
             A coroutine-based Python networking library

New package: python-gitdb-0.5.4-8.fc22
             A pure-Python git object database

New package: python-gnutls-1.2.4-6.fc22
             Python wrapper for the GNUTLS library

New package: python-gtkextra-1.1.0-24.fc22
             Python bindings for gtkextra

New package: python-gudev-147.2-7.fc22
             Python (PyGObject) bindings to the GUDev library

New package: python-guppy-0.1.9-11.fc22
             A Python Programming Environment

New package: python-http-parser-0.8.3-3.fc22
             HTTP request/response parser for Python

New package: python-igraph-0.6.5-3.fc22
             Python bindings for igraph

New package: python-imdb-4.9-4.fc22
             Retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database

New package: python-iptables-0.1.0-10.fc22
             Python library for manipulating iptables

New package: python-isprelink-0.1.2-16.fc22
             Python module to determine if a file has been prelinked

New package: python-kaa-base-0.6.0-11.fc22
             The Kaa Media - base package for python

New package: python-kaa-imlib2-0.2.3-17.fc22
             The Kaa Media - imlib2 binding for python

New package: python-kaa-metadata-0.7.7-10.fc22
             The Kaa Media - metadata binding for python

New package: python-kerberos-1.1-16.fc22
             A high-level wrapper for Kerberos (GSSAPI) operations

New package: python-kinterbasdb-3.3.0-10.fc22
             A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to Firebird

New package: python-kiwi-1.9.38-4.fc22
             Framework for Python GUI applications

New package: python-krbV-1.0.90-9.fc22
             Python extension module for Kerberos 5

New package: python-libarchive-
             Fully functional Python wrapper for libarchive

New package: python-libasyncns-0.7.1-11.fc22
             Python binding for libasyncns

New package: python-lirc-0.0.5-18.fc22
             Linux Infrared Remote Control python module

New package: python-llfuse-0.40-4.fc22
             Python Bindings for the low-level FUSE API

New package: python-lzo-1.08-15.fc22
             LZO bindings for Python

New package: python-m2ext-0.1-6.fc22
             M2Crypto Extensions

New package: python-mecab-0.996-1.fc22.3
             Python binding for MeCab

New package: python-meld3-0.6.7-10.fc22
             HTML/XML templating system for Python

New package: python-meliae-0.4.0-7.fc22
             Python memory usage statistics

New package: python-mwlib-0.15.11-4.fc22
             MediaWiki parser and utility library

New package: python-netifaces-0.5-8.fc22
             Python library to retrieve information about network interfaces

New package: python-numeric-24.2-23.fc22
             Numerical Extension to Python

New package: python-numexpr-2.3-4.fc22
             Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy

New package: python-ogg-1.3-21
             Python wrapper for the Ogg libraries

New package: python-openhpi-1.2-0.11.20120322svn7120.fc22
             Python interface for OpenHPI

New package: python-pbs-4.3.3-8.fc22
             PBS/Torque python module

New package: python-pivy-0.5.0-8.hg609.fc22
             Python binding for Coin

New package: python-protocols-1.0-0.20.a0dev_r2302.fc22
             Open Protocols and Component Adaptation for Python

New package: python-psycopg2-2.5.3-2.fc22
             A PostgreSQL database adapter for Python

New package: python-ptrace-0.6.6-6.fc22
             Debugger using ptrace written in Python

New package: python-pyblock-0.53-8.fc22
             Python modules for dealing with block devices

New package: python-pybloomfiltermmap-0.3.14-4.fc22
             A Bloom filter (bloomfilter) for Python built on mmap

New package: python-pylibmc-1.2.3-5.fc22
             Memcached client for Python

New package: python-pymtp-0.0.6-3.fc22
             A Pythonic wrapper around libmtp

New package: python-pysctp-0.6-4.fc22
             Python sctp socket api extensions bindings

New package: python-rencode-1.0.2-6.20121209svn33.fc22
             Web safe object pickling/unpickling

New package: python-reportlab-3.1.8-4.fc22
             Python 2.x library for generating PDFs and graphics

New package: python-ruledispatch-0.5a1-0.27.svnr2618.fc22
             A generic function package for Python

New package: python-setproctitle-1.1.6-6.fc22
             Python module to customize a process title

New package: python-sexy-0.1.9-20.fc22
             Python bindings to libsexy

New package: python-sgutils-0.2.1-6.fc22
             Python support for sg3_utils

New package: python-shout-0.2.1-12.fc22
             Python bindings for libshout 2

New package: python-signalfd-0.1-8.fc22
             Python bindings to the Linux signalfd library/system call

New package: python-simpleparse-2.1.1-9.fc22
             A simple and fast parser generator

New package: python-smbc-1.0.13-11.fc22
             Python bindings for libsmbclient API from Samba

New package: python-smbpasswd-1.0.1-26.fc22
             Python SMB Password Hash Generator Module

New package: python-storm-0.20-4.fc22
             An object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python

New package: python-subprocess32-3.2.6-2.fc22
             Backport of subprocess module from Python 3.2 to Python 2.*

New package: python-subvertpy-0.9.1-5.fc22
             Python bindings for Subversion

New package: python-sybase-0.39-15.fc22
             Python interface to Sybase

New package: python-sysv_ipc-0.4.2-11.fc22
             System V IPC for Python - Semaphores, Shared Memory and Message Queues

New package: python-tables-3.0.0-7.fc22
             Hierarchical datasets in Python

New package: python-tag-2013.1-8.fc22
             Python bindings for TagLib to read and write music files tags

New package: python-tornado-3.2.1-3.fc22
             Scalable, non-blocking web server and tools

New package: python-ufc-2.1.0-8.fc22
             A unified framework for finite element assembly

New package: python-uinput-0.10.1-5.fc22
             Pythonic API to the Linux uinput kernel module

New package: python-ujson-1.23-4.fc22
             An ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder written in pure C

New package: python-urwid-1.2.1-2.fc22
             Console user interface library

New package: python-utmp-0.7-12.fc22
             Python modules for umtp records

New package: python-virtkey-0.50-16.fc22
             Python extension for emulating keypresses and getting current keyboard layout

New package: python-visual-5.74-9.fc22
             3D Programming

New package: python-vorbis-1.5-0.15.a
             Python wrapper for the Ogg Vorbis audio libraries

New package: python-xklavier-0.2-14.fc22
             Python bindings for libxklavier

New package: python-yenc-0.4.0-4.fc22
             yEnc Module for Python

New package: python-zodbpickle-0.5.2-2.fc22
             Fork of Python 2 pickle module for ZODB

New package: python-zope-interface4-4.0.4-4.fc22
             Forward compatible package for Zope 3 Interface Infrastructure

New package: python3-bsddb3-6.0.1-4.fc22
             Python 3 bindings for BerkleyDB

New package: python3-cangjie-1.2-4.fc22
             Python bindings to libcangjie

New package: python3-postgresql-1.1.0-4.fc22
             Connect to PostgreSQL with Python 3

New package: pyxmlsec-0.3.1-3.fc22
             Python bindings for the XML Security Library

New package: pyzy-0.1.0-9.fc22
             The Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library

New package: qaccessibilityclient-0.1.1-3.fc22
             Accessibility client library for Qt

New package: qalculate-gtk-0.9.7-11.fc22
             A multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux

New package: qascade-0.1-19.fc22
             Classic puzzle game

New package: qastools-0.17.2-3.fc22
             Collection of desktop applications for ALSA

New package: qbrew-0.4.1-13.fc22
             A Brewing Recipe Calculator

New package: qca-cyrus-sasl-2.0.0-0.8.beta3.fc22
             Cyrus-SASL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture

New package: qca-gnupg-2.0.0-0.13.beta3.fc22
             GnuPG plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture v2

New package: qca-ossl-2.0.0-0.20.beta3.fc22
             OpenSSL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture v2

New package: qca-pkcs11-2.0.0-0.7.fc22.beta2
             Smartcard integration for QCA

New package: qcodeedit-2.2.3-13.fc22
             Qt-Framework for code editing

New package: qcomicbook-0.9.0-5.fc22
             A viewer for comic book archives

New package: qcommandline-0.3.0-9.fc22
             Command line parser for Qt programs

New package: qconf-1.4-10.fc22
             Tool for generating configure script for qmake-based projects

New package: qdevelop-0.29-3.fc22
             Development environment dedicated to Qt4

New package: qepcad-B-1.69-7.fc22
             Quantifier elimination tool

New package: qextserialport-1.2-0.6.beta2.fc22
             Qt interface class for old fashioned serial ports

New package: qfaxreader-0.3.2-3.fc22
             A multipage monochrome/color TIFF/FAX viewer

New package: qgit-2.5-4.fc22
             GUI browser for git repositories

New package: qiv-2.2.4-8.fc22
             Quick Image Viewer

New package: qjackctl-0.3.10-4.fc22
             Qt based JACK control application

New package: qlipper-2.0.1-5.fc22
             Lightweight clipboard history

New package: qmmp-0.8.1-1.fc22
             Qt-based multimedia player

New package: qmmp-plugin-pack-0.8.1-2.fc22
             A set of extra plugins for Qmmp

New package: qmpdclient-1.2.2-7.fc22
             Qt4 based MPD client

New package: qmtest-2.4.1-11.fc22.1
             QMTest is an automated software test execution tool

New package: qodem-0.3.2-9.fc22
             Terminal emulator and communications package

New package: qperf-0.4.9-4.fc22
             Measure socket and RDMA performance

New package: qpid-qmf-0.28-25.fc22
             The QPID Management Framework

New package: qroneko-0.5.4-10.fc22
             A qt front end to crontab

New package: qrq-0.3.1-7.fc22
             Morse telegraphy trainer

New package: qsf-1.2.7-12.fc22
             Quick Spam Filter

New package: qstars-0.4-15.fc22
             A screensaver simulating planets and asteroids in space

New package: qsynth-0.3.7-4.fc22
             Qt based Fluidsynth GUI front end

New package: qt-assistant-adp-4.6.3-8.fc22
             Compatibility version of Qt Assistant

New package: qt-at-spi-0.3.1-7.fc22
             Qt plugin that bridges Qt's accessibility API to AT-SPI2

New package: qt-gstreamer-1.2.0-2.fc22
             C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt-style API

New package: qt-qsa-1.1.5-15.fc22
             QT Script for Applications

New package: qt4pas-2.5-5.fc22
             Free Pascal Qt4 Binding

New package: qtbrowserplugin-2.4-4.fc22
             Qt Solutions Component: Browser Plugin

New package: qtgpsc-0.3.1-10.fc22
             A client for the gpsd GPS server

New package: qtiocompressor-2.3.1-8.fc22
             QIODevice that compresses data streams

New package: qtkeychain-0.3.90-4.20140405git.fc22
             A password store library

New package: qtoctave-0.10.1-17.fc22
             Frontend for Octave

New package: qtparted-0.6.0-5.fc22
             Graphical partition editor written in C++ using the Qt toolkit

New package: qtscriptgenerator-0.2.0-8.fc22
             A tool to generate Qt bindings for Qt Script

New package: qtweetlib-0.5-8.fc22
             Qt-based Twitter library

New package: quagga-
             Routing daemon

New package: quake3-1.36-20.svn2102.fc22
             Quake 3 Arena engine (ioquake3 version)

New package: quesa-1.8-10.fc22
             Quesa QuickDraw 3D implementation

New package: quesoglc-0.7.2-11.fc22
             The OpenGL Character Renderer

New package: quicksynergy-0.8.1-12.fc22
             Share keyboard and mouse between computers

New package: quitcount-3.1.3-2.fc22
             A tool for people who quit smoking

New package: quotatool-1.6.2-4.fc22
             Command-line utility for filesystem quotas

New package: quvi-0.9.5-3.fc22
             Command line tool for parsing video download links

New package: qwt5-5.2.2-26.fc22
             Qt Widgets for Technical Applications

New package: qwtplot3d-0.2.7-17.fc22
             Qt/OpenGL-based C++ library providing a bunch of 3D-widgets

New package: qxkb-0.4.6-5.fc22
             Qt keyboard layout switcher

New package: qxmpp-0.7.5-5.fc22
             Qt XMPP Library

New package: rabbitvcs-0.16-3.fc22
             Graphical user interface to version control systems

New package: racoon2-20100526a-30.fc22
             An implementation of key management system for IPsec

New package: raddump-0.3.1-13.fc22
             RADIUS packets interpreter

New package: radeontool-1.6.3-6.fc22
             Backlight and video output configuration tool for radeon cards

New package: radial-1.0-10.fc22
             A simple program for calculating radial velocities of stars in a binary system

New package: radium-compressor-0.5.1-7.fc22
             An audio compressor for JACK

New package: radius-engine-1.1-6.fc22
             A Lua based real-time 2D graphics game engine

New package: radiusclient-ng-0.5.6-12.fc22
             RADIUS protocol client library

New package: rafkill-1.2.3-15.fc22
             Top-down shooter with powerups

New package: ragel-6.8-3.fc22
             Finite state machine compiler

New package: raidem-0.3.1-26.fc22
             2d top-down shoot'em up

New package: rakarrack-0.6.2-0.5.20140723git7dba0c4.fc22
             Audio effects processing rack for guitar

New package: ramond-0.5-3.fc22
             Router advertisement monitoring daemon

New package: rapidsvn-0.12.1-5.fc22
             Graphical interface for the Subversion revision control system

New package: raptor-1.4.21-20.fc22
             Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland

New package: rarpd-ss981107-44.fc22
             The RARP daemon

New package: rasterview-1.3-9.fc22
             CUPS raster file viewer

New package: ratpoints-2.1.3-10.fc22
             Find rational points on hyperelliptic curves

New package: ratpoison-1.4.6-5.fc22
             Minimalistic window manager

New package: ratproxy-1.58-9.fc22
             A passive web application security assessment tool

New package: rats-2.4-2.fc22
             Rough Auditing Tool for Security

New package: rawstudio-2.0-16.fc22
             Read, manipulate and convert digital camera raw images

New package: rawtherapee-4.1-2.fc22
             Raw image processing software

New package: rblcheck-1.5-24.fc22
             Command-line interface to RBL-style listings

New package: rbldnsd-0.997a-5.fc22
             Small, fast daemon to serve DNSBLs

New package: rcrpanel-3.5-10.fc22
             Lay out front panel for electronics project

New package: rdiff-backup-1.2.8-13.fc22
             Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup

New package: rdist-6.1.5-59.fc22
             Maintains identical copies of files on multiple machines

New package: re2c-0.13.5-9.fc22
             Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions

New package: readosm-1.0.0b-5.fc22
             Library to extract data from Open Streetmap input files

New package: recordmydesktop-
             Desktop session recorder with audio and video

New package: redeclipse-1.4-8.fc22
             A Free, Casual Arena Shooter

New package: redir-2.2.1-13.fc22
             Redirect TCP connections

New package: redshift-1.9.1-4.fc22
             Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day

New package: regexxer-0.9-15.fc22
             A nifty GUI search/replace tool

New package: regionset-0.2-4.fc22
             Reads/sets the region code of DVD drives

New package: reiserfs-utils-3.6.21-11.fc22
             Tools for creating, repairing, and debugging ReiserFS filesystems

New package: rekall-2.4.6-29.fc22
             A KDE database front-end application

New package: remind-03.01.13-7.fc22
             A sophisticated calendar and alarm program

New package: ren-1.0-21.fc22.2.1
             Rename multiple files

New package: renameutils-0.12.0-4.fc22
             A set of programs to make renaming and copying of files easier

New package: rendercheck-1.4-
             Tool to verify correct operation of the XRENDER extension

New package: resapplet-0.1.4-11.fc22
             Resolution Switching Applet

New package: resiprocate-1.9.7-11.fc22
             SIP and TURN stacks, with SIP proxy and TURN server implementations

New package: rfdump-1.6-17.fc22
             An RFID tags detector

New package: rfkill-0.5-4.fc22
             A tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices

New package: rhdb-utils-9.3.0-2.fc22
             Miscellaneous utilities for PostgreSQL - Red Hat Edition

New package: rhnsd-5.0.14-3.fc22
             Spacewalk query daemon

New package: rinetd-0.62-18.fc22
             TCP redirection server

New package: ripmime-
             Extract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages

New package: ripright-0.9-5.fc22
             A minimal CD ripper

New package: ristretto-0.6.3-6.fc22
             Image-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment

New package: rmanage-0.1.8-9.fc22
             Remotely monitoring machines on network

New package: rmap-1.2-19.fc22
             Rmap is a package that is able to generate images of the earth from a distance

New package: rmol-1.00.0-10.fc22
             C++ library of Revenue Management and Optimisation classes and functions

New package: rnv-1.7.11-7.fc22
             Implementation of Relax NG Compact Syntax validator in ANSI C

New package: robodoc-4.99.41-8.fc22
             Extract documentation from source code

New package: roboptim-core-0.5-13.fc22
             The RobOptim core C++ library

New package: roboptim-trajectory-0.5-12.fc22
             The RobOptim trajectory C++ library

New package: robotfindskitten-1.7320508.406-10.fc22
             A game/zen simulation. You are robot. Your job is to find kitten.

New package: rocksndiamonds-
             Underground digging game

New package: rogue-5.4.5-16.fc22
             The original graphical adventure game

New package: root-tail-1.2-13.fc22
             Displays a given file anywhere on your X11 root window

New package: rootsh-1.5.3-10.fc22
             Shell wrapper for auditing

New package: rott-1.1.2-2.fc22
             Rise of the Triad

New package: rpc2-2.10-11.fc22
             C library for remote procedure calls over UDP

New package: rpld-1.8-0.20.beta1.fc22
             RPL/RIPL remote boot daemon

New package: rpmreaper-0.2.0-4.fc22
             A tool for removing packages from system

New package: rsh-0.17-77.fc22
             Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp)

New package: rss-glx-0.9.1.p-22.fc22
             Really Slick Screensavers

New package: rstp-04012009git-13.fc22
             Rapid Spanning Tree User Space Daemon

New package: rsvndump-0.6-6.fc22
             Remote Subversion repository dumping tool

New package: rtaudio-4.0.11-7.fc22
             Real-time Audio I/O Library

New package: rtorrent-0.9.4-3.fc22
             BitTorrent client based on libtorrent

New package: rubberband-1.8.1-5.fc22
             Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library

New package: ruby-RRDtool-0.6.0-18.fc22
             RRDTool for Ruby

New package: ruby-augeas-0.5.0-5.fc22
             Ruby bindings for Augeas

New package: ruby-gnome2-0.90.4-3.fc22.2
             Ruby binding of libgnome/libgnomeui-2.x

New package: ruby-mecab-0.996-4.fc22.2
             Ruby binding for MeCab

New package: ruby-ncurses-1.3.1-13.fc22
             A module for ruby applications for using ncurses interfaces

New package: ruby-shadow-1.4.1-25.fc22
             Ruby bindings for shadow password access

New package: rubygem-RedCloth-4.2.9-9.fc22
             Textile parser for Ruby

New package: rubygem-atomic-1.1.9-5.fc22
             An atomic reference implementation for JRuby, Rubinius, and MRI

New package: rubygem-bcrypt-3.1.7-7.fc22
             Wrapper around bcrypt() password hashing algorithm

New package: rubygem-bson_ext-1.10.2-2.fc22
             C extensions for Ruby BSON

New package: rubygem-cairo-1.12.9-4.fc22
             Ruby bindings for cairo

New package: rubygem-curb-0.8.6-2.fc22
             Ruby libcurl bindings

New package: rubygem-escape_utils-1.0.1-5.fc22
             Faster string escaping routines for your web apps

New package: rubygem-eventmachine-1.0.3-5.fc22
             Ruby/EventMachine library

New package: rubygem-fast_xs-0.8.0-6.fc22
             Provides C extensions for escaping text

New package: rubygem-hpricot-0.8.6-8.fc22
             A Fast, Enjoyable HTML Parser for Ruby

New package: rubygem-json-1.7.7-104.fc22
             A JSON implementation in Ruby

New package: rubygem-krb5-auth-0.7-13.fc22
             Kerberos binding for Ruby

New package: rubygem-levenshtein-0.2.2-6.fc22
             Calculates the Levenshtein distance between two byte strings

New package: rubygem-mysql2-0.3.16-3.fc22
             A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql

Updated Packages:

* Tue Jul 22 2014 Kalev Lember <kalevlember at gmail.com> - 0.9.4-2
- Rebuilt for gobject-introspection 1.41.4

Size change: -424 bytes


Size change: -133 bytes


Size change: -142 bytes


Size change: 896 bytes


Size change: -19872 bytes


Size change: -7028789 bytes


Size change: -6306 bytes


Size change: -1286 bytes


Size change: -586 bytes


Size change: -1452 bytes


Size change: -63 bytes


Size change: -718 bytes


Size change: -3429 bytes

* Sat Jul 19 2014 Kalev Lember <kalevlember at gmail.com> 0.1.2-2
- Fix a PK crash with locally mounted iso media (#1114207)

Size change: 1348 bytes


Size change: -19394 bytes


Size change: -3031 bytes

* Sun Aug 17 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 0.26-7
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: -944 bytes


Size change: -177 bytes


Size change: 20534 bytes


Size change: -10917 bytes


Size change: 955 bytes


Size change: -257 bytes


Size change: -177 bytes

* Sun Aug 17 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1.0.1-9
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 170 bytes

* Sun Aug 17 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 2.4-11
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 222 bytes

* Sun Aug 17 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 2.6.1-12
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 227 bytes


Size change: 53229 bytes


Size change: -8029 bytes


Size change: -280 bytes


Size change: -1182 bytes

Added Packages: 744
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 30
Size of added packages: 2028390321 (1.9 G)
Size change of modified packages: -7030007 (-6.7 M)
Size of removed packages: 0 (0 )
Size change: 2021360314 (1.9 G)
Compose finished at Mon Nov 24 09:50:37 UTC 2014

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