ppc rawhide report: 20141126 changes

ppc Fedora Rawhide Report rawhide at fedoraproject.org
Wed Nov 26 09:12:58 UTC 2014

Compose started at Wed Nov 26 08:10:03 UTC 2014
New package: bamf-0.5.0-4.fc22
             Application matching framework

New package: colord-gtk-0.1.25-4.fc22
             GTK support library for colord

New package: compat-SFML16-1.6-6.fc22
             Simple and Fast Multimedia Library

New package: compat-expat1-1.95.8-14.fc22
             A library for parsing XML documents

New package: concordance-1.1-3.fc22
             Software to program the Logitech Harmony remote control

New package: cproto-4.7l-3.fc22
             Generates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code

New package: crack-5.0a-21.fc22
             Password cracker

New package: crm114-0-8.14.20100106.fc22
             Controllable Regex Mutilator: multi-method content classifier and filter

New package: crystal-stacker-1.5-19.fc22
             Falling blocks, match 3 or more of the same color crystals

New package: cssed-0.4.0-21.fc22
             CSS editor and validator

New package: ctapi-common-1.1-13.fc22
             Common files and packaging infrastructure for CT-API modules

New package: ctemplate-2.3-3.fc22
             A simple but powerful template language for C++

New package: ctorrent-1.3.4-21.dnh3.3.2.fc22
             Command line BitTorrent client for unix-like environments

New package: ctpl-0.3.3-2.fc22
             Template library and engine written in C

New package: cube-4.2.3-2.fc22
             CUBE Uniform Behavioral Encoding generic presentation component

New package: cuetools-1.4.0-0.13.svn305.fc22
             Utilities to work with cue and TOC files

New package: cuneiform-1.1.0-17.fc22
             Command-line OCR system

New package: cups-pdf-2.6.1-9.fc22
             Extension for creating pdf-Files with CUPS

New package: cups-pk-helper-0.2.5-5.fc22
             A helper that makes system-config-printer use PolicyKit

New package: curlftpfs-0.9.2-17.fc22
             CurlFtpFS is a filesystem for accessing FTP hosts based on FUSE and libcurl

New package: curlpp-0.7.3-19.fc22
             A C++ wrapper for libcURL

New package: cutecom-0.22.0-8.fc22
             A graphical serial terminal, like minicom or Hyperterminal on Windows

New package: cutecw-1.0-7.fc22
             Morse Code (CW) Training Software

New package: cvc3-2.4.1-10.fc22
             Validity checker of many-sorted first-order formulas with theories

New package: cvsgraph-1.6.1-16.fc22
             CVS/RCS repository grapher

New package: cvsps-2.2-0.15.b1.fc22
             Patchset tool for CVS

New package: cwdaemon-0.9.4-20.fc22
             Morse daemon for the parallel or serial port

New package: cwiid-0.6.00-25.20100505gitfadf11e.fc22
             Wiimote interface library

New package: cylindrix-1.0-20.fc22
             A 3 degrees of freedom combat game

New package: cyphesis-0.6.2-3.fc22
             WorldForge game server

New package: czmq-1.4.1-4.fc22
             High-level C binding for 0MQ (ZeroMQ)

New package: d52-3.4.1-5.fc22
             Disassemblers for 8051, 8048, and Z80 families

New package: daa2iso-0.1.7e-8.fc22
             Program for converting DAA files to ISO

New package: daemonize-1.7.3-7.fc22
             Run a command as a Unix daemon

New package: dansguardian-
             Content filtering web proxy

New package: dap-freeform_handler-3.8.8-2.fc22
             FreeForm data handler for Hyrax

New package: dap-server-4.1.4-2.fc22
             Basic request handling for OPeNDAP servers

New package: darkhttpd-1.10-3.fc22
             A secure, lightweight, fast, single-threaded HTTP/1.1 server

New package: darkstat-3.0.718-5.fc22
             Network traffic analyzer

New package: datalog-2.4-5.fc22
             A Lightweight Deductive Database using Datalog

New package: dataquay-0.9-7.fc22
             Simple RDF for C++ and Qt applications

New package: datefudge-1.18-4.fc22
             Fake the system date

New package: dateshift-1.1-13.fc22
             A date/time test tool

New package: davfs2-1.4.7-5.fc22
             A filesystem driver for WebDAV

New package: dbench-4.0-11.fc22
             Filesystem load benchmarking tool

New package: dbus-c++-0.9.0-4.fc22
             Native C++ bindings for D-Bus

New package: dbus-java-2.7-17.fc22
             Java implementation of the DBus protocol

New package: dbus-qt3-0.9-13.fc22
             Qt3 DBus Bindings

New package: dbusmenu-qt5-0.9.3-0.3.20140604bzr.fc22
             A Qt implementation of the DBusMenu protocol (Qt5 version)

New package: dc3dd-7.1.614-8.fc22
             Patched version of GNU dd for use in computer forensics

New package: dcfldd-
             Improved dd, useful for forensics and security

New package: dclib-0.3.23-12.fc22
             Direct Connect file sharing library

New package: dcraw-9.22-2.fc22
             Tool for decoding raw image data from digital cameras

New package: dd2-0.2.2-13.fc22
             Dodgin' Diamond 2 - Shoot'em up arcade game

New package: ddate-0.2.1-4.fc22
             Convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates

New package: ddd-3.3.12-19.fc22
             GUI for several command-line debuggers

New package: ddpt-0.94-3.fc22
             Variant of the dd utility for SCSI/storage devices

New package: deco-1.6.3-4.fc22
             Extractor for various archive file formats

New package: deletemail-0.5-13.fc22
             A non-interactive tool for deleting mails

New package: deltarpm-3.6-6.fc22
             Create deltas between rpms

New package: demorse-1.2-3.fc22
             Command line tool for decoding Morse code signals

New package: detox-1.2.0-12.fc22
             Utility to replace problematic characters in file names

New package: deutex-4.4.0-15.fc22
             DOOM wad file manipulator

New package: dev86-0.16.21-5.fc22
             A real mode 80x86 assembler and linker

New package: devilspie-0.22-13.fc22
             A window-matching utility

New package: devio-1.2-10.fc22
             Read and write utility for block devices

New package: devtodo-0.1.20-14.fc22
             Manage a prioritised list of todo items organized by directory

New package: devtodo2-2.1-11.20120711git8dee6.fc22
             Manage a prioritized list of to do items organized by directory

New package: dex-0-0.7.20140609gitece2668.fc22
             Dextrous text editor

New package: dfu-programmer-0.6.2-3.fc22
             A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips

New package: dfu-util-0.7-4.fc22
             USB Device Firmware Upgrade tool

New package: dgc-0.98-11.fc22
             Digital Gate Compiler

New package: dhcp-forwarder-0.10-1907.fc22
             DHCP relay agent

New package: dhcp_probe-1.3.0-16.fc22
             Tool for discover DHCP and BootP servers

New package: dhcping-1.2-13.fc22
             DHCP daemon ping program

New package: dhex-0.68-3.fc22
             Ncurses based hexadecimal editor with a diff mode

New package: dictd-1.12.1-8.fc22
             DICT protocol (RFC 2229) server and command-line client

New package: diction-1.11-11.fc22
             Identifies diction and style errors

New package: dieharder-3.31.1-13.fc22
             Random number generator tester and timer

New package: diffpdf-2.1.3-4.fc22
             PDF files comparator

New package: digitemp-3.6.0-12.fc22
             Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire device reading console application

New package: dillo-3.0.4-3.fc22
             Very small and fast GUI web browser

New package: din-5.2.1-3.fc22
             A musical instrument using multiple Bezier curves

New package: dinotrace-9.4c-7.fc22
             Waveform viewer for electronics

New package: dirac-1.0.2-15.fc22
             Dirac is an open source video codec

New package: dircproxy-1.2.0-0.22.RC1.fc22
             IRC proxy server

New package: dirmngr-1.1.1-5.fc22
             Client for Managing/Downloading CRLs

New package: discount-2.1.7-4.fc22
             A command-line utility for converting Markdown files into HTML

New package: disktype-9-15.fc22
             Detect the content format of a disk or disk image

New package: dislocker-0.3.1-6.20140423git.fc22
             Utility to access BitLocker encrypted volumes

New package: djmount-0.71-10.fc22
             Mount MediaServers content as a Linux file system

New package: dmenu-4.5-7.20140425git.fc22
             Generic menu for X

New package: dmlite-plugins-adapter-0.6.2-5.fc22
             Adapter plug-in for dmlite

New package: dmlite-plugins-librarian-0.6.2-4.fc22
             Librarian plugin for dmlite

New package: dmlite-plugins-mysql-0.6.2-4.fc22
             MySQL plugin for dmlite

New package: dmlite-plugins-profiler-0.6.2-5.fc22
             Profiler plugin for dmlite

New package: dmlite-plugins-s3-0.5.1-5.fc22
             S3 plugin for dmlite

New package: dmraid-1.0.0.rc16-25.fc22
             dmraid (Device-mapper RAID tool and library)

New package: dnscap-141-8.fc22
             DNS traffic capture utility

New package: dnsmap-0.30-8.fc22
             Sub-domains bruteforcer

New package: dnssec-trigger-0.12-15.fc22
             NetworkManager plugin to update/reconfigure DNSSEC resolving

New package: dnstracer-1.9-12.fc22
             Trace a DNS record to its start of authority

New package: dolphin-connector-1.2-10.fc22
             Simple MySQL C API wrapper for C++

New package: doodle-0.7.0-8.fc22
             Doodle is a tool to quickly search the documents on a computer

New package: dosbox-0.74-13.fc22
             x86/DOS emulator with sound and graphics

New package: double-conversion-2.0.1-3.fc22
             Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles

New package: dpkg-1.16.15-2.fc22
             Package maintenance system for Debian Linux

New package: dpm-contrib-admintools-0.2.1-5.fc22
             DPM administration toolkit (contrib from GridPP)

New package: dpm-dsi-1.9.3-5.fc22
             Disk Pool Manager (DPM) plugin for the Globus GridFTP server

New package: dpsearch-4.54-0.3.20131107snap.fc22
             DataparkSearch Engine

New package: dracut-modules-olpc-0.7.6-5.fc22
             OLPC modules for dracut initramfs

New package: drawtiming-0.7.1-15.fc22
             A command line tool for generating timing diagrams

New package: drbd-8.9.0-8.fc22
             DRBD user-land tools and scripts

New package: drgeo-1.1.0-28.fc22
             Interactive educational geometry software

New package: driftnet-0.1.6-31.20040426cvs.fc22
             Network image sniffer

New package: dropbear-2014.65-2.fc22
             A lightweight SSH server and client

New package: dsi-1.0.7-8.fc22
             Invading aliens type game

New package: dsmidiwifi-1.01a-11.fc22
             DS music interface

New package: dsniff-2.4-0.19.b1.fc22
             Tools for network auditing and penetration testing

New package: dspam-3.10.2-13.fc22
             A library and Mail Delivery Agent for Bayesian SPAM filtering

New package: dssi-1.1.1-8.fc22
             Disposable Soft Synth Interface

New package: dtach-0.8-12.fc22
             A simple program that emulates the detach feature of screen

New package: dualscreen-mouse-utils-0.5-11.fc22
             Utilities for use with dual head setups using independent screens

New package: duel3-0.1-0.18.20060225.fc22
             One on one spaceship duel in a 2D arena

New package: duff-0.5.2-9.fc22
             Quickly find duplicate files

New package: dumb-0.9.3-20.fc22
             IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library

New package: dump-0.4-0.23.b44.fc22
             Programs for backing up and restoring ext2/ext3 filesystems

New package: dumpasn1-20130608-4.fc22
             ASN.1 object dump utility

New package: dumpet-2.1-10.fc22
             A tool to dump and debug bootable CD images

New package: duplicity-0.6.24-4.fc22
             Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using rsync algorithm

New package: dvb-apps-1.1.2-9.1488.f3a70b206f0f.fc22
             Utility, demo and test applications using the Linux DVB API

New package: dvblinkremote-0.2.0-0.4.beta.fc22
             Tool for interacting with a DVBLink Connect! Server

New package: dvdauthor-0.7.1-7.fc22
             Command line DVD authoring tool

New package: dvdbackup-0.4.2-3.fc22
             Command line tool for ripping video DVDs

New package: dvdisaster-0.72.5-3.fc22
             Additional error protection for CD/DVD media

New package: dvgrab-3.5-11.fc22
             Utility to capture video from a DV camera

New package: dwatch-0.1.1-16.fc22
             A program that watches over other programs

New package: dwm-6.0-11.fc22
             Dynamic window manager for X

New package: dxpc-3.9.2-6.fc22
             A Differential X Protocol Compressor

New package: dynamite-0.1.1-11.fc22
             Extract data compressed with PKWARE Data Compression Library

New package: dzen2-0.8.5-15.20100104svn.fc22
             A general purpose messaging and notification program

New package: e00compr-1.0.1-11.fc22
             Library to compress and uncompress E00 files

New package: e16-1.0.13-4.fc22
             The Enlightenment window manager, DR16

New package: e16-epplets-0.14-5.fc22
             Epplets for Enlightenment, DR16

New package: e16-keyedit-0.7-11.fc22
             GUI for editing keybindings in Enlightenment, DR16

New package: e2tools-0.0.16-23.fc22
             Manipulate files in unmounted ext2/ext3 filesystems

New package: easystroke-0.6.0-5.fc22
             Gesture-recognition application for X11

New package: eb-4.4.3-3.fc22
             Library for accessing Japanese CD-ROM electronic books

New package: eblook-1.6.1-19.fc22
             Command-line EB and EPWING dictionary search program

New package: ebnetd-1.0-22.fc22
             EBNET protocol server

New package: ebook-tools-0.2.2-3.fc22
             Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats

New package: ebumeter-0.1.0-12.fc22
             Loudness measurement according to EBU-R128

New package: ebview-
             EPWING CD-ROM dictionary viewer

New package: echolinux-0.17a-14.fc22
             Linux echoLink client

New package: echoping-6.0.2-13.fc22
             TCP "echo" performance test

New package: ecl-13.5.1-7.fc22
             Embeddable Common-Lisp

New package: ecryptfs-utils-104-2.fc22
             The eCryptfs mount helper and support libraries

New package: ed2k_hash-0.4.0-20.fc22
             Edonkey 2000 file hash calculator

New package: edg-gridftp-client-
             Command line clients to GridFTP libraries

New package: efax-0.9a-21.001114.fc22
             A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem

New package: eggdrop-1.6.21-8.fc22
             The world's most popular Open Source IRC bot

New package: elfelli-0.3.1-13.fc22
             A visualisation tool for flux lines

New package: elfinfo-1.1-13.fc22
             ELF file parser a subset of eu-readelf

New package: elftoaout-2.3-21.fc22
             A utility for converting ELF binaries to a.out binaries

New package: elph-1.0.1-13.fc22
             Tool to find motifs in a set of DNA or protein sequences

New package: emacs-mew-6.6-3.fc22
             Email client for GNU Emacs

New package: emacs-vm-8.1.2-10.fc22
             Emacs VM mail reader

New package: email2trac-2.8.4-3.fc22
             Utilities for converting emails to trac tickets

New package: ember-0.7.2-2.fc22
             3D client for WorldForge

New package: emelfm2-0.9.1-3.fc22
             File manager that implements the popular two-pane design

New package: enet-1.3.12-3.fc22
             Thin, simple and robust network layer on top of UDP

New package: engauge-digitizer-5.2-5.fc22
             Convert graphs or map files into numbers

New package: engine_pkcs11-0.1.8-9.fc22
             A PKCS#11 engine for use with OpenSSL

New package: enigma-1.20-3.fc22
             Game where you control a marble with the mouse

New package: enscript-1.6.6-7.fc22
             A plain ASCII to PostScript converter

New package: entangle-0.6.0-4.fc22
             Tethered shooting & control of digital cameras

New package: enum-1.1-6.fc22
             Seq- and jot-like enumerator

New package: eot-utils-1.1-7.fc22
             Tools to convert OTF/TTF to EOT font format and show its metadata

New package: epic-2.10.5-3.fc22
             An ircII chat client

New package: epic5-1.1.8-3.fc22
             Enhanced Programmable ircII Client

New package: epix-1.2.14-6.fc22
             Utilities for mathematically accurate figures

New package: eqntott-9.0-9.fc22
             Generates truth tables from Boolean equations

New package: ergo-3.3.1-3.fc22
             A program for large-scale self-consistent field calculations

New package: eris-1.3.23-3.fc22
             Client-side session layer for Atlas-C++

New package: erlang-amf-0-0.11.20110224gitb36dfb6.fc22
             Erlang Action Message Format Library

New package: erlang-bear-0.1.3-4.fc22
             A set of statistics functions for erlang

New package: erlang-cluster_info-1.2.3-4.fc22
             Cluster info/postmortem inspector for Erlang applications

New package: erlang-egeoip-0-0.8.20111025git45c32ad.fc22
             Erlang IP Geolocation module

New package: erlang-eper-0.60-7.20120621git16bae32.fc22
             Erlang performance and debugging tools

New package: erlang-epgsql-1.4-4.fc22
             Erlang PostgreSQL Database Client

New package: erlang-eradius-0.8.7-6.fc22
             RADIUS authentication/accounting for erlang apps

New package: erlang-erlando-2.8.7-4.gite3f115b.fc22
             A set of syntax extensions for Erlang

New package: erlang-erlsom-1.2.1-15.20120904gitdef76b9.fc22
             Support for XML Schema in Erlang

New package: erlang-etap-0.3.4-12.fc22
             Erlang testing library

New package: erlang-gen_leader-1.0-7.fc22
             A leader election behavior modeled after gen_server

New package: erlang-gtknode-0.32-8.20110310git19ddfd5.fc22
             Erlang GTK2 binding

New package: erlang-jiffy-0.8.5-7.fc22
             Erlang JSON parser

New package: erlang-jsx-1.4.2-4.fc22
             A streaming, evented json parsing toolkit

New package: erlang-log4erl-0.9.0-10.fc22
             A logger for erlang in the spirit of Log4J

New package: erlang-luke-0.2.5-6.fc22
             Dataflow / MapReduce coordination framework

New package: erlang-meck-0.7.2-7.fc22
             A mocking library for Erlang

New package: erlang-mimetypes-1.0-5.fc22
             Erlang MIME types library

New package: erlang-misultin-0.9-6.fc22
             Erlang library for building fast lightweight HTTP(S) servers

New package: erlang-mochiweb-2.4.2-5.fc22
             An Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers

New package: erlang-pgsql-0-13.20101203svn.fc22
             Erlang PostgreSQL interface

New package: erlang-poolboy-0.9.1-5.fc22
             A hunky Erlang worker pool factory

New package: erlang-ranch-0.6.2-4.fc22
             Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols

New package: erlang-riak_err-1.0.1-7.fc22
             Enhanced SASL Error Logger for Riak

New package: erlang-riak_pb-1.3.3-4.fc22
             Riak Protocol Buffers Messages

New package: erlang-riak_sysmon-1.1.3-5.fc22
             Rate-limiting system_monitor event handler for Riak

New package: erlang-xmlrpc-1.13-9.fc22
             HTTP 1.1 compliant XML-RPC library for Erlang

New package: eruby-1.0.5-30.fc22
             An interpreter of embedded Ruby language

New package: escape-200912250-9.fc22
             Extensible block-pushing puzzle game

New package: esmtp-1.0-13.fc22
             User configurable send-only Mail Transfer Agent

New package: esniper-2.31.0-3.fc22
             A lightweight console application for sniping eBay auctions

New package: esorex-3.10.2-3.fc22
             Recipe Execution Tool of the European Southern Observatory

New package: esound-0.2.41-12.fc22
             Allows several audio streams to play on a single audio device

New package: espresso-3.3.0-2.fc22
             Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft matter

New package: espresso-ab-1.0-8.fc22
             A boolean minimization tool

New package: esteid-browser-plugin-1.3.4-8.fc22
             Estonian ID card digital signing browser plugin

New package: eterm-0.9.6-11.fc22
             Enlightened terminal emulator

New package: etherbat-1.0.1-16.fc22
             Ethernet topology discovery

New package: ethstatus-0.4.3-11.fc22
             Console-based ethernet statistics monitor

New package: eurephia-1.1.0-9.fc22
             An advanced and flexible OpenVPN user authentication plug-in

New package: eventlog-0.2.13-6.fc22
             Syslog-ng v2/v3 support library

New package: evtest-1.32-2.fc22
             Event device test program

New package: exif-0.6.21-7.fc22
             Utility to show EXIF information hidden in JPEG files

New package: extrema-4.4.5-13.fc22
             Extrema is a powerful visualization and data analysis tool

New package: extundelete-0.2.4-4.fc22
             An ext3 and ext4 file system undeletion utility

New package: eyesight-0.1.2-3.fc22
             Hawaii desktop image viewer

New package: ez-ipupdate-3.0.11-0.31.b8.fc22
             Client for Dynamic DNS Services

New package: ezstream-0.5.6-8.fc22
             Command line source client for Icecast media streaming servers

New package: f2c-20110801-7.fc22
             A Fortran 77 to C/C++ conversion program

New package: f2fs-tools-1.2.0-3.fc22
             Tools for Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS)

New package: f3-2-6.fc22
             Utility to test for fake flash drives and cards

New package: fakechroot-2.9-32.fc22
             Gives a fake chroot environment

New package: fann-2.2.0-7.fc22
             A fast artificial neural network library

New package: fapg-0.41-10.fc22
             Fast Audio Playlist Generator

New package: fastback-0.4-8.fc22
             File uploader, configureable file uploader

New package: fastx_toolkit-0.0.14-12.fc22
             Tools to process short-reads FASTA/FASTQ files

New package: faust-0.9.46-5.fc22
             Compiled language for real-time audio signal processing

New package: fbida-2.09-8.fc22
             FrameBuffer Imageviewer

New package: fbpanel-6.1-9.fc22
             A lightweight X11 desktop panel

New package: fbreader-0.12.10-16.fc22
             E-book reader

New package: fbset-2.1-36.fc22
             Tools for managing a frame buffer's video mode properties

New package: fbterm-1.7-5.fc22
             A frame-buffer terminal emulator

New package: fbzx-2.10.0-5.fc22
             A ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer

New package: fcitx-
             An input method framework

New package: fcitx-anthy-0.2.0-4.fc22
             Anthy Engine for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-chewing-0.2.1-3.fc22
             Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-cloudpinyin-0.3.2-3.fc22
             Cloudpinyin module for fcitx

New package: fcitx-configtool-0.4.7-4.fc22
             Gtk configuretool for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-fbterm-0.2.0-5.fc22
             Fbterm Support for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-hangul-0.3.0-3.fc22
             Hangul Engine for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-kkc-0.1.0-5.fc22
             Japanese Kana Kanji Engine for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-libpinyin-0.3.1-3.fc22
             Libpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-m17n-0.2.1-3.fc22
             M17n Engine for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-skk-0.1.0-3.fc22
             Japanese SKK (Simple Kana Kanji) Engine for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-sunpinyin-0.4.1-4.fc22
             Sunpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx

New package: fcitx-ui-light-0.1.3-7.fc22
             Light UI for fcitx

New package: fcitx-unikey-0.2.2-3.fc22
             Vietnamese Engine for Fcitx

New package: fcode-utils-1.0.2-11.fc22
             Utilities for dealing with FCode

New package: fdm-1.7-5.fc22
             A simple lightweight tool of fetching, filtering and delivering emails

New package: fdupes-1.51-8.fc22
             Finds duplicate files in a given set of directories

New package: feh-2.9.3-3.fc22
             Fast command line image viewer using Imlib2

New package: fence-virt-0.3.2-3.fc22
             A pluggable fencing framework for virtual machines

New package: fetchlog-1.4-6.fc22
             Utility to display new messages of a logfile since last run

New package: fetchmail-6.3.26-4.fc22
             A remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility

New package: fex-1.20100416.2814-7.fc22
             Field split/extraction like cut/awk

New package: ffsb-6.0-0.6.rc2.fc22
             The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark

New package: fftw2-2.1.5-28.fc22
             Fast Fourier Transform library (version 2)

New package: figlet-2.2.5-6.fc22
             A program for making large letters out of ordinary text

New package: figtoipe-20091205-9.fc22
             FIG to IPE conversion tool

New package: filebench-
             A model based file system workload generator

New package: fillets-ng-1.0.1-4.fc22
             Fish Fillets Next Generation, a puzzle game with 70 levels

New package: finger-0.17-53.fc22
             The finger client

New package: firecontrol-0.2-13.fc22
             A console oriented tool for Linux to access a FireWire bus

New package: firewalk-5.0-13.fc22
             Active reconnaissance network security tool

New package: flac123-0.0.12-4.fc22
             Command-line program for playing FLAC audio files

New package: flam3-3.0.1-10.fc22
             Programs to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames

New package: flamerobin-0.9.3-8.20130401snap.fc22
             Graphical client for Firebird

New package: flann-1.8.4-4.fc22
             Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors

New package: flasm-1.62-14.fc22
             Flash bytecode assembler disassembler

New package: flaw-1.3.2a-9.fc22
             Free top-down wizard battle game

New package: flexiport-2.0.0-7.20120701git1b6103d.fc22
             Flexible communications library

New package: flobopuyo-0.20-14.fc22
             2-player falling bubbles game

New package: flpsed-0.7.2-4.fc22
             WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor

New package: flterm-1.2-5.fc22
             Firmware download program

New package: fluid-0.3.0-2.fc22
             Library for fluid and dynamic applications development with QtQuick

New package: fluidsynth-dssi-1.0.0-11.fc22
             DSSI implementation of Fluidsynth

New package: flumotion-0.10.0-9.fc22
             Streaming Server based on GStreamer and Twisted

New package: fmit-0.99.5-3.fc22
             Free Music Instrument Tuner

New package: fmt-ptrn-1.3.22-5.fc22
             A simple template system

New package: fmtools-2.0.7-4.fc22
             Simple Video for Linux radio card programs

New package: fntsample-3.2-3.fc22
             A program for making font samples that show Unicode coverage of the font

New package: focuswriter-1.4.6-3.fc22
             A fullscreen, distraction-free writing program

New package: foghorn-0.1.6-8.fc22
             D-Bus to SNMP service.

New package: font-manager-0.5.7-10.fc22
             A font management application for the GNOME desktop environment

New package: fontaine-0-12.svn57.fc22
             Font file meta information utility

New package: fontik-0.6.1-8.20120305git5dbbc513.fc22
             A Configuration Tool for Font-wise, User-set Fontconfig Rules

New package: foobillard-3.0a-23.fc22
             OpenGL billard game

New package: foremost-1.5.7-10.fc22
             Recover files by "carving" them from a raw disk

New package: fossil-1.28-4.20140127173344.fc22
             A distributed SCM with bug tracking and wiki

New package: fotowall-0.9-9.fc22
             Photo collection creativity tool

New package: fourterm-1.0.6-5.fc22
             Lightweight split-screen terminal emulator with vim key mappings

New package: fox-1.6.50-3.fc22
             C++ based Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces

New package: foxtrotgps-1.1.1-9.fc22
             GTK+ mapping and GPS application

New package: fparser-4.5.1-10.fc22
             Function parser library for C++

New package: fped-0-0.13.r6006.fc22
             A footprint editor used by openmoko developers

New package: fping-3.10-3.fc22
             Scriptable, parallelized ping-like utility

New package: fpm2-0.79-10.fc22
             Password manager with GTK2 GUI

New package: fprintd-0.5.1-3.fc22
             D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access

New package: freeciv-2.5.0-1.fc22.beta1
             A multi-player strategy game

New package: freecolor-0.9.2-3.fc22
             Display memory information graphically

New package: freedroid-1.0.2-23.fc22
             Clone of the C64 game Paradroid

New package: freedroidrpg-0.15.1-10.fc22
             Role playing game with Freedroid theme and Tux as the hero

New package: freehdl-0.0.8-9.fc22
             GPLed free VHDL

New package: freehoo-3.5.3-18.20100314cvs.fc22
             Freehoo is a free console based messenger for Yahoo IM Service

New package: freeimage-3.10.0-21.fc22
             Multi-format image decoder library

New package: freeipmi-1.4.4-2.fc22
             IPMI remote console and system management software

New package: freenx-server-0.7.3-34.fc22
             Free Software (GPL) Implementation of the NX Server

New package: freetalk-4.0-0.2.rc4.fc22
             A console based Jabber client

New package: freetiger-5-4.fc22
             Free implementation of the tiger hash algorithm

New package: freewrl-
             X3D / VRML visualization program

New package: freeze-2.5.0-18.fc22
             freeze/melt/fcat compression utilities

New package: frei0r-plugins-1.4-3.fc22
             Frei0r - a minimalist plugin API for video effects

New package: frepple-2.1-3.fc22
             Free Production PLanning

New package: freqtweak-0.7.2-10.fc22
             Realtime audio frequency spectral manipulation

New package: frobby-0.9.0-4.fc22
             Computations With Monomial Ideals

New package: frogr-0.10-2.fc22
             Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME

New package: frotz-2.43-16.fc22
             Interpreter for Infocom and other Z-machine games

New package: fs_mark-3.3-10.fc22
             Benchmark synchronous/async file creation

New package: fsarchiver-0.6.19-3.fc22
             Safe and flexible file-system backup/deployment tool

New package: fsniper-1.3.1-15.fc22
             A tool that monitors directories for new files and invokes scripts on them

New package: fspy-0.1.1-10.fc22
             A filesystem activity monitoring utility

New package: fswebcam-20140113-3.fc22
             Tiny and flexible webcam program

New package: ftnchek-3.3.1-19.fc22
             Static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs

New package: ftop-1.0-9.fc22
             Utility that shows shows progress of open files and file systems

New package: ftp-0.17-67.fc22
             The standard UNIX FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client

New package: ftplib-3.1-13.fc22
             Library of FTP routines

New package: fuelmanager-0.4.1-4.fc22
             Manage fuel mileage

New package: funguloids-1.06-10.fc22
             Space-Flying-Mushroom-Picking-Simulator game

New package: funionfs-0.4.3-14.fc22
             Union filesystem in userspace

New package: fuse-convmvfs-0.2.6-9.fc22
             FUSE-Filesystem to convert filesystem encodings

New package: fuse-emulator-1.1.1-4.fc22
             The Free UNIX Spectrum Emulator

New package: fuse-emulator-utils-1.1.1-5.fc22
             Additional utils for the Fuse spectrum emulator

New package: fuse-encfs-1.7.4-16.fc22
             Encrypted pass-thru filesystem in userspace

New package: fuse-python-0.2.1-10.fc22
             Python bindings for FUSE - filesystem in userspace

New package: fuse-sshfs-2.4-7.fc22
             FUSE-Filesystem to access remote filesystems via SSH

New package: fuse-zip-0.4.0-3.fc22
             Filesystem to navigate, extract, create and modify ZIP archives

New package: fusecompress-2.6-24.20110801git913897f4.fc22
             FUSE based compressed filesystem implementation

New package: fuseiso-20070708-16.fc22
             FUSE support for ISO filesystem images

New package: fvkbd-0.2.2-10.fc22
             Free Virtual Keyboard

New package: fwknop-2.5.1-3.fc22
             A Single Packet Authorization (SPA) implementation

New package: fxload-2008_10_13-2.fc22
             A helper program to download firmware into FX and FX2 EZ-USB devices

New package: g2clib-1.4.0-8.fc22
             GRIB2 encoder/decoder and search/indexing routines in C

New package: g3data-1.5.3-12.fc22
             Program for extracting the data from scanned graphs

New package: gabedit-2.4.8-3.fc22
             GUI for computational chemistry

New package: galculator-2.1.2-4.fc22
             GTK 3 based scientific calculator

New package: game-music-emu-0.6.0-5.fc22
             Video game music file emulation/playback library

New package: gammu-1.33.0-4.fc22
             Command Line utility to work with mobile phones

New package: gap-Browse-1.8.5-3.fc22
             GAP browser for 2-dimensional arrays of data

New package: gap-io-4.3.1-2.fc22
             Unix I/O functionality for GAP

New package: garcon-0.2.1-5.fc22
             Implementation of the freedesktop.org menu specification

New package: garden-1.0.8-12.fc22
             An innovative old-school 2D vertical shoot-em-up

New package: garmindev-0.3.4-9.fc22
             Drivers for communication with Garmin GPS devices

New package: gauche-
             Scheme script interpreter with multibyte character handling

New package: gauche-gl-0.5.1-9.fc22
             OpenGL binding for Gauche

New package: gauche-gtk-0.6-0.11.20120403gitf7d3f802f3750.fc22
             Gauche extension module to use GTK

New package: gavl-1.4.0-6.fc22
             A library for handling uncompressed audio and video data

New package: gbdfed-1.6-3.fc22
             Bitmap Font Editor

New package: gcab-0.4-6.fc22
             Cabinet file library and tool

New package: gcal-3.6.3-3.fc22
             GNU Gregorian calendar program

New package: gcolor2-0.4-9.fc22
             A simple color selector for GTK+2

New package: gconf-editor-3.0.1-8.fc22
             Editor/admin tool for GConf

New package: gconfmm26-2.28.3-8.fc22
             C++ wrapper for GConf2

New package: gcx-0.9.11-17.fc22
             Data-reduction tool for CCD photometry

New package: gdigi-0.4.0-20140207gitcada964d.fc22
             Utility to control DigiTech effect pedals

New package: gdlmm-3.7.3-4.fc22
             C++ bindings for the gdl library

New package: gdpc-2.2.5-12.fc22
             A program for visualising molecular dynamics simulations data

New package: gds2pov-0.20080229-10.fc22
             GDS2 layout file to POV-Ray conversion

New package: geany-plugins-1.24-3.fc22
             Plugins for Geany

New package: gecko-sharp2-0.13-26.fc22
             Gecko bindings for Mono

New package: geda-gaf-1.8.2-3.fc22
             Design Automation toolkit for electronic design

New package: gedit-3.13.5-1.fc22
             Text editor for the GNOME desktop

New package: geekcode-1.7.3-14.fc22
             Geek Code generator

New package: geeqie-1.1-22.fc22
             Image browser and viewer

New package: gela-asis-0.3.2-4.fc22
             Implementation of ASIS

New package: gemdropx-0.9-14.fc22
             Falling blocks puzzlegame

New package: genchemlab-1.0-19.fc22
             A general chemistry lab experiment simulator

New package: general-purpose-preprocessor-2.24-5.fc22
             Customizable language-agnostic preprocessor

New package: generatorrunner-0.6.16-7.fc22
             Plugin-based application to run apiextractor-based generators

New package: gengetopt-2.22.6-3.fc22
             Tool to write command line option parsing code for C programs

New package: genromfs-0.5.2-12.fc22
             Utility for creating romfs file systems

New package: gentoo-0.19.13-6.fc22
             Graphical file management program in GTK+ for Linux

New package: genus2reduction-0.3-14.fc22
             Computes Reductions of Genus 2 Proper Smooth Curves

New package: geomorph-0.60.1-4.fc22
             A height field editor for Linux

New package: geomview-1.9.5-2.fc22
             Interactive 3D viewing program

New package: gerbv-2.6.0-6.fc22
             Gerber file viewer from the gEDA toolkit

New package: getdata-0.8.5-3.fc22
             Library for reading and writing dirfile data

New package: gf2x-1.1-5.fc22
             Polynomial multiplication over the binary field

New package: gfalFS-1.5.0-3.fc22
             Filesystem client based on GFAL 2.0

New package: gfan-0.5-10.fc22
             Software for Computing Gröbner Fans and Tropical Varieties

New package: gfbgraph-0.2.2-4.fc22
             GLib/GObject wrapper for the Facebook Graph API

New package: gflags-2.1.1-6.fc22
             Library for commandline flag processing

New package: gforth-0.7.2-2.fc22
             Fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth language

New package: gftp-2.0.19-12.fc22
             A multi-threaded FTP client for the X Window System

New package: ggobi-2.1.7-13.fc22
             Open source visualization for exploring high-dimensional data

New package: ggz-base-libs-0.99.5-17.fc22
             Base libraries for GGZ gaming zone

New package: ggz-gtk-client-0.99.5-12.fc22
             Gtk+ client libraries for GGZ gaming zone

New package: ghasher-1.2.1-18.fc22
             GUI hasher for GTK+ 2

New package: ghc-Boolean-0.2-4.fc22
             Generalized booleans

New package: ghc-Diff-0.3.0-3.fc22
             O(ND) diff algorithm in Haskell

New package: ghc-MemoTrie-0.6.1-5.fc22
             Trie-based memo functions

New package: ghc-MonadCatchIO-mtl-
             Monad-transformer for Control.Exception

New package: ghc-MonadCatchIO-transformers-
             Exception handling with IO monad transformers

New package: ghc-MonadRandom-0.1.12-3.fc22
             Random-number generation monad

New package: ghc-NumInstances-1.3-4.fc22
             Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples

New package: ghc-SHA-1.6.1-5.fc22
             SHA message digest functions

New package: ghc-SafeSemaphore-0.9.0-4.fc22
             Much safer replacement for QSemN, QSem, and SampleVar

New package: ghc-Stream-
             A library for manipulating infinite lists

New package: ghc-ansi-terminal-0.6-5.fc22
             Simple ANSI terminal support

New package: ghc-ansi-wl-pprint-
             The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output

New package: ghc-attempt-0.4.0-6.fc22
             Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures

New package: ghc-base-unicode-symbols-
             Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators

New package: ghc-base16-bytestring-
             Fast hex encoding and decoding for ByteStrings

New package: ghc-base64-bytestring-
             Fast base64 encoding and decoding for ByteStrings

New package: ghc-blaze-builder-
             Efficient buffered output

New package: ghc-blaze-builder-enumerator-
             Enumeratees for conversion of builders to bytestrings

New package: ghc-blaze-markup-
             A blazingly fast markup combinator library for Haskell

New package: ghc-bloomfilter-
             Pure and impure Bloom Filter implementations

New package: ghc-byteable-0.1.1-4.fc22
             Type class for sequence of bytes

New package: ghc-byteorder-1.0.4-4.fc22
             Exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system

New package: ghc-bytestring-nums-0.3.6-5.fc22
             Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings

New package: ghc-bytestring-trie-0.2.3-15.fc22
             An efficient finite map from (byte)strings to values

New package: ghc-cabal-file-th-0.2.3-7.fc22
             Template Haskell expressions for reading cabal files

New package: ghc-cautious-file-1.0.2-5.fc22
             Write files cautiously

New package: ghc-chalmers-lava2000-1.3-7.fc22
             Hardware description library

New package: ghc-cmdargs-0.10.3-5.fc22
             Command line argument processing

New package: ghc-colour-2.3.3-9.fc22
             A model for human color perception

New package: ghc-concrete-typerep-
             Binary and Hashable instances for TypeRep

New package: ghc-contravariant-0.5.2-2.fc22
             Contravariant functors

New package: ghc-crypto-api-0.11-6.fc22
             A generic interface for cryptographic operations

New package: ghc-crypto-cipher-types-0.0.9-3.fc22
             Generic cryptography cipher types

New package: ghc-csv-0.1.2-21.fc22
             CSV loader and dumper

New package: ghc-data-accessor-
             Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records

New package: ghc-data-default-0.5.1-5.fc22
             A class for types with a default value

New package: ghc-data-default-class-0.0.1-3.fc22
             Class for types with a default value

New package: ghc-data-inttrie-0.1.0-5.fc22
             A lazy infinite trie of integers

New package: ghc-data-memocombinators-0.4.4-8.fc22
             Combinators for building memo tables

New package: ghc-data-reify-0.6-9.fc22
             Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph

New package: ghc-dataenc-
             Data encoding library

New package: ghc-date-cache-0.3.0-6.fc22
             Date cacher

New package: ghc-digest-
             Cryptographic hashes for bytestrings

New package: ghc-dlist-0.5-13.fc22
             Haskell differences lists

New package: ghc-dotgen-0.4.1-9.fc22
             Simple interface to build .dot graph files

New package: ghc-edit-distance-
             Levenshtein and restricted Damerau-Levenshtein edit distances

New package: ghc-editline-
             Haskell editline library

New package: ghc-entropy-
             A platform independent entropy source

New package: ghc-enumerator-0.4.19-9.fc22
             Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators

New package: ghc-executable-path-0.0.3-7.fc22
             Haskell library to find full path of an executable

New package: ghc-failure-
             A simple type class for success/failure computations

New package: ghc-fast-logger-0.3.3-3.fc22
             A fast logging system

New package: ghc-glib-
             Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs

New package: ghc-hashed-storage-0.5.10-8.fc22
             Hashed file storage support code

New package: ghc-haskeline-
             Haskell command-line interface for user input

New package: ghc-haskell-lexer-1.0-4.fc22
             A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer

New package: ghc-hinotify-0.3.5-6.fc22
             Haskell binding to INotify

New package: ghc-hs-bibutils-5.0-5.fc22
             Haskell bindings to bibutils

New package: ghc-hslogger-1.2.1-5.fc22
             Versatile logging framework

New package: ghc-hslua-0.3.10-4.fc22
             Lua language interpreter embedded in Haskell

New package: ghc-html-
             HTML combinator library

New package: ghc-http-types-0.8.0-5.fc22
             Generic HTTP types for Haskell

New package: ghc-json-0.7-6.fc22
             Support for serialising Haskell to and from JSON

New package: ghc-language-c-0.4.2-15.fc22
             Haskell library for C code analysis and generation

New package: ghc-language-java-0.2.4-5.fc22
             Java source manipulation

New package: ghc-language-javascript-0.5.13-3.fc22
             Parser for JavaScript

New package: ghc-lazysmallcheck-0.6-9.fc22
             A library for demand-driven testing of Haskell programs

New package: ghc-libffi-0.1-5.fc22
             A binding to libffi

New package: ghc-libmpd-
             Haskell MPD client library

New package: ghc-logict-
             A backtracking logic-programming monad

New package: ghc-lrucache-
             A simple, pure LRU cache

New package: ghc-maccatcher-2.1.5-4.fc22
             Obtain the host MAC address on *NIX and Windows

New package: ghc-mmap-0.5.8-6.fc22
             Memory mapped files library

New package: ghc-mmorph-1.0.0-4.fc22
             Monad morphisms

New package: ghc-monad-control-
             Lift control operations through monad transformers

New package: ghc-mtlparse-0.1.2-11.fc22
             Parse library using mtl package

New package: ghc-nats-0.1.2-3.fc22
             Haskell 98 natural numbers

New package: ghc-netlist-0.3.1-13.fc22
             A generic netlist for HDLs

New package: ghc-netlist-to-vhdl-0.3.1-10.fc22
             Convert a Netlist AST to VHDL

New package: ghc-numbers-3000.2.0.0-3.fc22
             Instances of numerical classes for numbers

New package: ghc-oeis-0.3.1-8.fc22
             Interface to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

New package: ghc-path-pieces-0.1.2-4.fc22
             Components of paths

New package: ghc-pcap-
             A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture

New package: ghc-pcre-light-0.4-15.fc22
             Perl5 compatible regular expression library

New package: ghc-pipes-4.0.0-4.fc22
             Compositional pipelines

New package: ghc-primes-
             Efficient, purely functional generation of prime numbers

New package: ghc-ranges-0.2.4-10.fc22
             Ranges and various functions on them

New package: ghc-readline-
             An interface to the GNU readline library

New package: ghc-regex-base-0.93.2-30.fc22
             Haskell regex base library

New package: ghc-regex-compat-0.95.1-36.fc22
             Haskell regexp library

New package: ghc-regex-pcre-0.94.4-9.fc22
             Haskell PCRE binding

New package: ghc-regex-posix-0.95.2-31.fc22
             Haskell posix regex library

New package: ghc-regex-tdfa-1.1.8-13.fc22
             Haskell tagged DFA regular expression library

New package: ghc-regexpr-0.5.4-13.fc22
             Regular expression like Perl/Ruby in Haskell

New package: ghc-rfc5051-
             Simple unicode collation as per RFC5051

New package: ghc-rosezipper-0.2-9.fc22
             Generic zipper implementation for Data.Tree

New package: ghc-safe-0.3.3-10.fc22
             Library for safe (pattern match free) functions

New package: ghc-scientific-
             Arbitrary-precision floating-point numbers represented using scientific notation

New package: ghc-securemem-0.1.3-4.fc22
             Auto-scrubbing bytestring memory chunks

New package: ghc-semigroups-0.8.5-5.fc22
             Implementation of semigroups

New package: ghc-sendfile-0.7.9-5.fc22
             A portable sendfile library

New package: ghc-setenv-0.1.0-5.fc22
             Cross-platform library for setting environment variables

New package: ghc-show-0.6-5.fc22
             'Show' instances for Lambdabot

New package: ghc-simple-sendfile-0.2.11-6.fc22
             Cross-platform sendfile system call

New package: ghc-sized-types-
             Sized types in Haskell

New package: ghc-smallcheck-1.0.4-4.fc22
             A property-based testing library

New package: ghc-split-0.2.2-4.fc22
             Combinator library for splitting lists

New package: ghc-streaming-commons-0.1.2-4.fc22
             Common lower-level functions for streaming data libraries

New package: ghc-strict-0.3.2-11.fc22
             Strict data types and String IO

New package: ghc-stringsearch-
             Fast searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings

New package: ghc-system-filepath-0.4.7-4.fc22
             File and directory path manipulations

New package: ghc-tagged-0.6-4.fc22
             Newtype wrappers for phantom types

New package: ghc-tagsoup-0.13.1-3.fc22
             Parsing and extracting from HTML/XML documents

New package: ghc-tar-
             Reading, writing and manipulating tar archive files

New package: ghc-temporary-
             Portable temporary file and directory support

New package: ghc-terminfo-
             Haskell bindings to the terminfo library

New package: ghc-threads-
             Fork threads and wait for their result

New package: ghc-transformers-base-0.4.1-11.fc22
             Lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack

New package: ghc-transformers-compat-
             Compatibility shim exposing the new types from newer transformers

New package: ghc-union-find-0.2-4.fc22
             Efficient union and equivalence testing of sets

New package: ghc-unix-compat-
             Portable POSIX-compatibility layer

New package: ghc-unix-time-0.2.2-3.fc22
             Unix time parser/formatter and utilities

New package: ghc-utf8-light-0.4.2-3.fc22
             Lightweight UTF8 handling

New package: ghc-vault-
             Persistent stores for values of arbitrary types

New package: ghc-void-0.5.11-5.fc22
             Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type

New package: ghc-wl-pprint-1.1-3.fc22
             The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer

New package: ghc-word8-0.0.4-3.fc22
             8-bit character library

New package: ghc-xdg-basedir-0.2.2-7.fc22
             Haskell implementation of XDG base directory spec

New package: ghc-xml-1.3.13-4.fc22
             A simple XML library

New package: ghc-zip-archive-
             Library for creating and modifying zip archives

New package: ghc-zlib-
             Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats

New package: ghc-zlib-bindings-
             Low-level bindings to the zlib package

New package: ghc-zlib-enum-0.2.3-7.fc22
             Enumerator interface for zlib compression

New package: ghex-3.10.1-3.fc22
             Binary editor for GNOME

New package: ghmm-0.7-12.svn2286.fc22
             A library with data structures and algorithms for Hidden Markov Models

New package: giada-0.7.0-5.fc22
             An audio looping machine

New package: giblib-1.2.4-22.fc22
             Simple library and a wrapper for imlib2

New package: gigolo-0.4.2-3.fc22
             GIO/GVFS management application

New package: giis-4.6.2-8.fc22
             Solution to undelete files "gET iT i sAY"

New package: gimagereader-2.93-5.fc22
             OCR application

New package: gimmix-
             Graphical music player daemon (MPD) client

New package: gimp-dbp-1.1.9-5.fc22
             Graphical batch processing for Gimp, no scripting knowledge required

New package: gimp-dds-plugin-3.0.1-3.fc22
             A plugin for GIMP allows you to load/save in the DDS format

New package: gimp-fourier-plugin-0.4.1-10.fc22
             A simple plug-in to do fourier transform on your image

New package: gimp-gap-2.7.0-10.GITe75bd46.fc22
             The GIMP Animation Package

New package: gimp-lqr-plugin-0.7.2-2.fc22
             Content-aware resizing plug-in for the GIMP

New package: gimp-normalmap-1.2.3-9.fc22
             Plugin that enabled the creation of normal maps

New package: gimp-resynthesizer-0.16-11.fc22
             Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis

New package: gimp-separate+-0.5.8-12.fc22
             Rudimentary CMYK support for The GIMP

New package: gimp-wavelet-denoise-plugin-0.3.1-6.fc22
             Gimp wavelet denoise plugin

New package: ginac-1.6.2-10.20140630gitedfa67d.fc22
             C++ library for symbolic calculations

New package: gipfel-0.4.0-4.fc22
             A tool to find the names of mountains or POI on a picture

New package: gjs-1.41.4-1.fc22
             Javascript Bindings for GNOME

New package: gkrellm-freq-2.3-2.fc22
             CPU frequency display plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-moon-0.6-16
             Moon clock plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-sun-1.0.0-17.fc22
             Sun clock plugin for GKrellM

New package: gkrellm-top-2.2.13-8.fc22
             GKrellM plugin which shows 3 most CPU intensive processes

New package: gkrellm-wifi-0.9.12-19.fc22
             Wireless monitor plugin for the GNU Krell Monitors

New package: gksu-polkit-0.0.3-11.gitf8ce834c.fc22
             Command line utility to run programs as root

New package: gl-117-1.3.2-17.fc22
             Action flight simulator

New package: glaxium-0.5-19.fc22
             An OpenGL space shooter

New package: gle-4.2.4c-14.fc22
             Graphics Layout Engine

New package: glglobe-0.2-19.fc22
             OpenGl Globe - Earth simulation for linux

New package: glib-1.2.10-43.fc22
             A library of handy utility functions

New package: glimmer-3.02b-4.fc22
             System for finding genes in microbial DNA

New package: glite-lb-client-java-2.0.7-2.fc22
             JAVA implementation of the L&B service client

New package: glite-lbjp-common-db-3.2.11-2.fc22
             Database engine abstraction wrapper used in L&B and JP services

New package: glite-lbjp-common-gss-3.2.16-2.fc22
             Wrapper of Globus GSS/SSL implementation used by gLite LB and JP

New package: glite-lbjp-common-jp-interface-2.3.11-2.fc22
             Public API to JP service internal interface

New package: glite-lbjp-common-log-1.3.11-2.fc22
             Definitions of glite common logging formats for LB and JP

New package: glite-lbjp-common-maildir-2.3.11-2.fc22
             Single-purpose implementation of maildir-like queue

New package: glite-lbjp-common-server-bones-2.3.11-2.fc22
             Skeleton of multi-process network server

New package: glite-lbjp-common-trio-2.3.13-2.fc22
             Standalone extended implementation of printf and scanf

New package: glm-
             C++ mathematics library for graphics programming

New package: glob2-
             An innovative RTS game

New package: global-6.2.12-4.fc22
             Source code tag system

New package: glog-0.3.3-8.fc22
             A C++ application logging library

New package: glueminisat-2.2.7-3.fc22
             Boolean SAT solver that implements literal blocks distance (LBD)

New package: glui-2.36-6.fc22
             A GLUT-Based User Interface Library

New package: glyph-keeper-0.32-17.fc22
             Library for text rendering

New package: gmediaserver-0.13.0-17.fc22
             UPnP compatible media server for the GNU system

New package: gmpy-1.17-3.fc22
             A Python interface to the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library

New package: gmrun-0.9.2-32.fc22
             Lightweight "Run program" dialog box with search history and tab completion

New package: gmyth-0.7.1-24.fc22
             MythTV remote access libraries

New package: gnaural-1.0.20110606-3.fc22
             A multi-platform programmable binaural-beat generator

New package: gnet2-2.0.8-11.fc22
             A simple network library built upon glib

New package: gnomad2-2.9.6-10.fc22
             A GNOME 2.0 client for the Creative Jukeboxes and Dell DJs

New package: gnome-code-assistance-0.3.1-8.fc22
             Common code assistance services for code editors

New package: gnome-desktop-testing-2014.1-3.fc22
             GNOME test runner for installed tests

New package: gnome-directory-thumbnailer-0.1.3-3.fc22
             Thumbnailer for directories

New package: gnome-epub-thumbnailer-1.4-4.fc22
             Thumbnailers for EPub and MOBI books

New package: gnome-kra-ora-thumbnailer-1.3-4.fc22
             Thumbnailer for Krita and MyPaint images

New package: gnome-libs-1.4.2-29.fc22
             The main GNOME1 libraries

New package: gnome-menus-3.13.3-2.fc22
             A menu system for the GNOME project

New package: gnome-mud-0.11.2-15.fc22
             A MUD client for GNOME

New package: gnome-nds-thumbnailer-3.0.0-4.fc22
             Thumbnailer for Nintendo DS ROM files

New package: gnome-nettool-3.8.1-5.fc22
             Network information tool for GNOME

New package: gnome-pie-0.5.5-6.20130330git0a5aa2.fc22
             A visual application launcher for Gnome

New package: gnome-screensaver-3.6.1-9.fc22
             GNOME Screensaver

New package: gnome-search-tool-3.6.0-5.fc22
             Utility for finding files for GNOME

New package: gnome-system-log-3.9.90-3.fc22
             A log file viewer for GNOME

New package: gnome-web-photo-0.10.5-7.fc22
             HTML pages thumbnailer

New package: gnubg-1.02.000-5.fc22
             A backgammon game and analyser

New package: gnubik-2.4.1-5.fc22
             3D interactive graphics puzzle

New package: gnucap-0.35-14.fc22
             The Gnu Circuit Analysis Package

New package: gnugo-3.8-10.fc22
             Text based go program

New package: gnujump-1.0.8-5.fc22
             A jumping game which is a clone of xjump

New package: gnurobots-1.2.0-15.fc22
             A robot programming game

New package: gnusim8085-1.3.7-9.fc22
             Graphical simulator for 8085 assembly language

New package: goaccess-0.8.2-2.fc22
             Real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer

New package: gobi_loader-0.7-10.fc22
             Firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi WWAN devices

New package: gocl-0.2.0-5.fc22
             GLib/GObject based library for OpenCL

New package: gocr-0.50-3.fc22
             GNU Optical Character Recognition program

New package: goocanvasmm-0.15.4-12.fc22
             C++ interface for goocanvas

New package: google-authenticator-1.0-0.gita096a62.fc22.4
             One-time passcode support using open standards

New package: gparted-0.19.1-3.fc22
             Gnome Partition Editor

New package: gphpedit-0.9.98-0.7.RC1.fc22
             A PHP source editor for GNOME 2

New package: gpick-0.2.5-6.fc22
             Advanced color picker

New package: gpicview-0.2.1-14.fc22
             Simple and fast Image Viewer for X

New package: gplcver-2.12a-10.fc22
             An interpreted Verilog HDL simulator

New package: gpp-0.7.0-12.fc22
             GNOME Photo Printer

New package: gpredict-1.3-10.fc22
             Real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program

New package: gpsbabel-1.5.0-3.fc22
             A tool to convert between various formats used by GPS devices

New package: gpscorrelate-1.6.1-14.fc22
             A GPS photo correlation / geotagging tool

New package: gputils-1.3.0-1.fc22
             Development utilities for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) microcontrollers

New package: gqradio-1.9.2-14.fc22
             Skinned radio tuner

New package: grantlee-0.4.0-7.fc22
             Qt string template engine based on the Django template system

New package: graphem-0.3.2-8.fc22
             Mouse Gesture based Authentication Program and Screen Locker

New package: greadelf-1.0-13.fc22
             Wrapper tool for eu-readelf

New package: greyhounds-0.8-0.18.prealpha.fc22
             Greyhounds is a greyhounds racing and breeding game

New package: grfcodec-6.0.4-4.fc22
             A suite of programs to modify Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files

New package: grhino-0.16.0-17.fc22
             Reversi game for GNOME, supporting the Go/Game Text Protocol

New package: gridftp-ifce-2.3.1-3.fc22
             GridFTP library for FTS and lcgutil

New package: gridloc-0.6-15.fc22
             A ncurses console application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators

New package: grig-0.8.0-9.fc22
             A Ham Radio Control graphical user interface

New package: grip-3.2.0-47.fc22
             Front-end for CD rippers and Ogg Vorbis encoders

New package: grisbi-0.8.9-8.fc22
             Personal finances manager

New package: grub-customizer-4.0.6-3.fc22
             Graphical GRUB2 settings manager

New package: gsf-sharp-0.8.1-22.fc22
             Mono bindings for libgsf

New package: gshutdown-0.2-17.fc22
             GShutDown is an advanced shut down utility for GNOME

New package: gsim85-0.3-13.fc22
             An 8085 microprocessor simulator

New package: gsmartcontrol-0.8.7-6.fc22
             Graphical user interface for smartctl

New package: gspiceui-0.9.98-13.fc22
             A frontend to Spice circuit similators

New package: gst-entrans-1.0.2-3.fc22
             Plug-ins and tools for transcoding and recording with GStreamer

New package: gst123-0.3.3-4.fc22
             Command line multimedia player based on gstreamer

New package: gstream-1.6-12.fc22
             Simplified stream output/input for Allegro

New package: gstreamer-plugins-espeak-0.4.0-5.fc22
             A simple gstreamer plugin to use espeak

New package: gstreamer-plugins-fc-0.2-10.fc22
             Future Composer input plugin for GStreamer 0.10.x

New package: gstreamer-python-0.10.22-7.fc22
             Python bindings for GStreamer

New package: gtick-0.5.1-5.fc22
             Metronome application

New package: gtk-unico-engine-1.0.3-0.5.20140109bzr152.fc22
             Unico Gtk+ theming engine

New package: gtk2-engines-2.20.2-9.fc22
             Theme engines for GTK+ 2.0

New package: gtkmathview-0.8.0-16.fc22
             A MathML rendering library

New package: gtkparasite-0-0.13.20090120git928494e5.fc22
             A GUI debugging tool for GTK+ applications

New package: gtkterm-0.99.7-0.6.rc1.git26021e33.fc22
             Serial port terminal

New package: gtrayicon-1.1-10.fc22
             Generic tray icon for GNOME

New package: gtypist-2.9.4-3.fc22
             GNU typing tutor

New package: guile-cairo-1.4.0-15.fc22
             The Cairo graphics library for Guile Scheme

New package: gummi-0.6.5-7.fc22
             A simple LaTeX editor

New package: gvrpcd-1.3-13.fc22
             A program for announcing VLANs using GVRP

New package: gwget-1.0.4-13.fc22
             Graphical download manager that uses wget

New package: haddock-2.13.2-5.fc22
             A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries

New package: libgexiv2-0.10.1-4.fc22
             Gexiv2 is a GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library

New package: libpeas-1.10.1-1.fc22
             Plug-ins implementation convenience library

New package: polarssl-1.3.8-1.fc22
             Light-weight cryptographic and SSL/TLS library

New package: tesseract-3.03-0.1.rc1.fc22
             Raw OCR Engine

New package: ufraw-0.19.2-15.20140414cvs.fc22
             Raw image data retrieval tool for digital cameras

Updated Packages:


Size change: -5084 bytes

* Wed Jul 30 2014 Martin Stransky <stransky at redhat.com> - 31.0-2
- Added patch for mozbz#858919

Size change: 2109 bytes

* Sat Aug 16 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 2.3.5-21
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 169 bytes

* Sat Aug 16 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 3.2.12-4
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 168 bytes

* Sat Aug 16 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1:1.0.10-4
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 1266 bytes

* Sat Aug 16 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1:1.2.10-80
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_22_Mass_Rebuild

Size change: 143 bytes


Size change: -167 bytes


Size change: -175 bytes


Size change: -163 bytes


Size change: -1205 bytes

Added Packages: 678
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 10
Size of added packages: 956276826 (912 M)
Size change of modified packages: -2939 (-2.9 k)
Size of removed packages: 0 (0 )
Size change: 956273887 (912 M)
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