Who's going to flock?

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Fri May 24 18:11:06 UTC 2013

(For those who are subscribed to this list as well, forgive me for CC'ing --
I hadn't recalled seeing you post here, so I wasn't sure if you were on the
list too).

Hey, who's going to flock[1]_?  I'm thinking of adding a hackfest for discussing
a new version of the Python Guidelines if we have the right people.  I've
got the following list of things that could be discussed if the right people
are there:

* New methods of building packages (wheels) [ncoghlan, toshio, bkabrda]
  - What are the steps to building with wheels
  - What new packages are needed
  - To macroize or not to macroize
* python3
  - Long standing bug about the use of py3dir  [thm, dmalcolm, toshio]
  - Naming of python modules           [tomspur, mrunge?, toshio]
  - More fluid definition of "python" (ie, it could be python3)     [tomspur]
  - Switching to it as "default" (what that means and what we can/should do
    to move it forward)
    + python-modernize, six, other packages that will help 
    + What packages block doing that
    + Perhaps this could be similar to the Ubuntu definition: the livecd
      and programs on it should use the python3 runtime.
* alternate interpreters (pypy seems to be the most compatible and therefore
  the one we might be most interested in but jython is also in fedora)
  [tomspur, toshio, bkabrda, pypy: (dmalcolm, mstuchli), jython: (akurtakov, tradej)]
  - Do we want to share modules between interpreters?  The cpython2 and pypy
    interpreters support nearly the same things.  The ruby interpreter
    precedent is to share the modules. But we do have compiled bytecode in
    python whereas ruby does not.  So we'd share .py files but still need
    separate .pyc files.

On the pre-registration list I currently see: mrunge, ncoghlan, toshio.
This seems tantalyzingly close to enough people to work on at least one of
the areas above.  Anyone else coming?

Anyone else have things they want discussed (and will you be there to kick
off the conversation?)

.. [1]_: http://flocktofedora.org/

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