Smaller Taskotron Tasks

Kamil Paral kparal at
Fri May 2 08:32:52 UTC 2014

> > >
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> > Thanks, I was thinking about this. It's very unfortunate that
> > Phabricator doesn't support arbitrary tags/keywords as in Bugzilla or
> > Trac. The best we can do is probably the static wiki page, as above.
> Phabricator has a feature that they call custom tags for tickets but
> they're kind of a pain to set up and IIRC, you can't query for them or
> do anything useful so I never did anything with them.
> That being said, I'm planning an update once we get this initial
> release out. From what I've read, there's a new beta feature
> (trello-ish boards) which isn't really designed for this but could help
> with planning and task lists.
> I'm planning to upgrade phabricator when we get a base stg system so we
> can look at it then.

I had an idea how to make papercuts list dynamic - to create a fake 'papercuts' account and assign tickets to this account. You can then easily query for them.

The downside is that you need to know what you're looking for, and the tickets won't be shown in 'not assigned tickets' category.

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