Getting Ready for an Initial Taskotron Release

Tim Flink tflink at
Mon May 12 14:12:48 UTC 2014

We're _finally_ getting close to an initial release of Taskotron.
It's not quite all of phase 1 and there are certainly things that still
need to be finished but from an initial functionality standpoint, we're
getting close and I think that we'll be able to release before Friday.

Misc. release tasks (tarballs, doc building, branching etc.) are being
tracked in:

I've included a list of tickets that are either required or "nice to
have" for an initial release at the end of this email. Feel free to
take one of them if you're looking for something to work on.

At this point, I don't see this initial release including depcheck.
Depcheck is taking a bit longer than I was hoping and while we are
continuing to work on that, I don't want to delay everything else while
it's being done. Outside of depcheck, I'm confident that we'll be able
to release before Friday.

If there's anything that you feel I've missed, please reply to the


Assigned Tickets Required for Release

Fix %check in libtaskotron
  - kparal is working on this

Pull directive documentation into main libtaskotron documentation
  - roshi is working on this, has initial code available

write 'how to write tasks for taskotron' documentation
  - tflink is working on this

Make fedmsg-hub service work for libtaskotron
  - mkrizek is working on this

Unassigned Tickets Required for Release

Document the libtaskotron library

Create Landing Page for Taskotron

"Nice to have" but not required tickets

Convert docstrings to Sphinx

Improve error messages for missing arguments to runner

Log message duplication

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