Tools, Borrowing Code and libtaskotron's License

Kamil Paral kparal at
Wed May 14 14:45:34 UTC 2014

>   - Are we OK with saying "anything run by libtaskotron has to be gpl3
>     compatible"? This gets into another area that I'm personally fuzzy
>     on (the line between derivative and usage) but I don't know of any
>     gpl2-only or agpl libraries that we'd want to use with libtaskotron
>     so this may end up being a non-issue entirely

As long as the checks don't link to us, and they simply return TAP output, there is no such requirement, I believe. When it comes to linking, I'm not clear what that means ATM.

> I'd appreciate thoughts on the issues here. I'm leaning towards
> "re-license as gpl3 and take the code from ansible" but I could be
> missing some complication here.

It was a long time ago I studied licensing stuff and I don't remember much. But as a rule of thumb, I have no objection against GPL3+. And it shouldn't prevent us from using GPL2+ libraries and code, just GPL2-only, I believe. So the impact doesn't seem that bad.

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