2014-05-19 @ Fedora QA Devel Meeting

Tim Flink tflink at redhat.com
Sat May 17 01:31:23 UTC 2014

# Fedora QA Devel Meeting
# Date: 2014-05-19
# Time: 16:00 UTC
# Location: #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net

Now that Taskotron 0.1 has been released, it's time to start planning
for 0.2 so let's do a meeting right after the Fedora QA meeting on

I've written up a proposed agenda below. If you want to add a topic,
please let me know or reply to this thread.


Proposed Agenda

Taskotron 0.1 Retrospective
  * What worked well?
  * What didn't work well?

Moving to a time-based release cycle
  * Start with 2 weeks?

Taskotron 0.2 Planning
  * Possible Tickets (not all):
   - https://phab.qadevel.cloud.fedoraproject.org/w/taskotron-0.2/
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