Phabricator on qadevel-stg updated

Kamil Paral kparal at
Tue May 20 08:09:22 UTC 2014

> Persona Auth
> ============
> I've disabled username/password registration on stg and enabled
> persona. For new users, this means you can register using
> <fasid> but you'll still need to create a local user
> account. PLEASE use your fasid as the username.
> For existing users (if you have an account on qadevel, you have one on
> stg - I copied the production database earlier today), please link your
> username/password with a persona account and try logging in with
> persona. To do this, do the following once logged in:
>  - click on the tools icon (wrench and screwdriver) in the upper right
>    hand corner
>  - Under "Authentication" on the left hand of the page, click on
>    "External Accounts"
>  - Under "External Accounts", click on persona
>  - login using <fasid>
>  - authenticate with FedOAuth
> Once this is done, logout and attempt to log in with persona.


> General Usage
> =============
> Staging (and eventually production) is running a different version of
> php and is configured a bit differently please poke at it as much as
> you have time for.
> Please let me know if you hit any problems. I'd like to update qadevel
> in the next couple of days.

When I open
I see 1 CPU core fully utilized.
When I open
everything seems OK. Great.

After randomly clicking around for a few minutes, I found only one issue:
* You can no longer Add CC without adding a comment as well. Not a deal breaker.

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