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Fri May 23 12:44:20 UTC 2014


 From my point of view: the priority can be set to low. 

The initial idea from me, vhumpa and vbenes was to run tests on Fedora 
/ upstream (mostly GNOME). It seems that gnome-continuous thing is 
becoming more active then regular beaker runs. Also, for fedora we have 
other sources to run tests - like rpm-ostree etc.

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 2:31 PM, Tim Flink <tflink at> wrote:
> What tests would you be looking to do?
Desktop tests, mostly. IIRC vbenes and vhumpa have some tests for cli 
applications, but they need some cleanup.

> How often would the tests be run?
TBD: each snapshot / time-based periods - I think we're okay with any 
of those.

> Are the tests already open sourced?
Partially - gnome already has <component>-test package with 
installedtests - this would be a starting point for us.

> Could you estimate when you'd need to have a working beaker install by
> in order to start running your tests for f21 (branch date of 
> 2014-07-08,
> so sometime in July)?
I guess a week before, as I'm already familiar with beaker, we have 
most of the infrastructural stuff ready, so it shouldn't take long to 
get this started.

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