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On 05/23/2014 10:31 PM, Tim Flink wrote:
> I'm trying to weigh priorities of all the different things that we 
> could be working on right now but one thing I'm still a little
> unclear on is what people would use beaker for if it was working
> and publicly available.
> If you're one of the folks who would use a publicly accessible
> beaker instance for testing fedora, I'd appreciate some details on
> what you'd plan to be doing with that instance.

I started replying before realising that since we already have
accounts, our usage isn't contingent on "publicly accessible". So the
only thing we'd be after is public *read-only* access to the results
pages (so we can link to them from Gerrit without folks getting odd
access denied errors), rather than needing general access for folks to
run jobs.

> Specifically, I'm looking for:
> What tests would you be looking to do?

Run the Beaker self-tests as CI against (F20?/CentOS 6?)
Run the Beaker self-tests against Fedora rawhide to provide advance
notice of any backwards compatibility breaks in our dependencies.

> How often would the tests be run?

For Gerrit triggered CI runs, on the order of half a dozen runs a day
(occasionally more if we're iterating heavily on a patch).
For regression testing against rawhide - TBD. Hopefully Alexander or
Kamil can chime

> Are there enough people available cycles with sufficient spare
> cycles to handle running jobs and reading results?


> Are the tests already open sourced?

Yes (

> Could you estimate when you'd need to have a working beaker install
> by in order to start running your tests for f21 (branch date of
> 2014-07-08, so sometime in July)?

As noted above, we can front run the timeline a bit, since we have
accounts already, even without FAS integration. That's probably worth
pursuing as a shakedown option before opening the instance up to
broader access.

Getting Beaker itself into Fedora is also on our todo list.


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