New Key Discussion for FESCO Meeting

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Wed Aug 27 10:19:44 UTC 2008

Warren Togami wrote:
> (Copying to FESCO list for discussion.  I propose that FESCO looks over 
> the recommended steps below.  If anything looks disagreeable please let 
> rel-eng know.  Otherwise I propose that FESCO vote to allow rel-eng the 
> autonomy to implement a plan similar to below so we don't have to wait 
> another week for another FESCO vote to decide how we will handle the 
> rekeying.)

I'm sending to rel-eng and CC'ing FESCo list.

> 6) In a few weeks after all F8+ packages are resigned with the new key,
> revoke the old key.  The only way we can revoke the old key is to rpm -e
> it.  Unfortunately, skvidal did some research into ways we could
> possibly achieve this and our options are not good.  rpm -e is
> impossible during rpm %post because it locks the transaction.  We really
> do need a way to automate revocation of the old key.  It seems we have a
> few weeks to figure out a way to do it.
Did anyone look into geppetto's idea to have the new fedora-release 
Obsolete the old key?


> 8) We should really consider a "master key" mechanism for future Fedora
> releases that would allow us to automate revocation of an old key and
> automate migration to a new key in a way that does not require manual
> intervention of the user.  The master key would sign any new key
> generated.  The master key would be kept somewhere away from any
> networked computer.
Does this work better than having two keys in fedora-release?  one of 
which is the key that is used and the other which is a backup?  (ie, the 
public key is disseminated with fedora-release but the private key is 
kept off of a networked computer.  If we need to resign all packages, we 
sign the packages with this backup key.  And issue a new fedora-release 
signed with this key and containing this key and a freshly generated 
backup key)


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