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Mon Nov 3 21:37:42 UTC 2008

#963: 3 FEL apps segmentation fault
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 Hello there,

 I have the following 3 packages that needs to be tagged for F10, so that
 they can feature on the FEL livecd.
 Their current tagged n-v-r crashes with a segmentation fault on launch.

 *  The koji build nvr (name-version-release)


 * A description of what you want to change

 I want the above packages tagged for F10 so that they can be on the FEL
 livecd. Their previous n-v-r crashes with a segmentation fault.

 * Rationale for why the change is important enough to be allowed in after
 the final freeze.

 The FEL Livedvd is a marketing media for Fedora. It is a shame to ship
 applications that crashes on launch. It is also a shame for me to
 recommend small companies and universities to move to Fedora with broken

 * Impact of *not* accepting the development at this point of the schedule.

 Affecting (in a negative manner) the marketing material of the FEL

 Sorry about this late call.
 I recently moved to another city (third time this year) here in Belgium
 and today I got my own internet connection.

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