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Thu Sep 4 23:01:26 UTC 2008

Forgot to include rel-eng list on this

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On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin at tummy.com> wrote:

> I would say:
> - Lets try and revisit this in the next cycle and adjust ?

I thought the string freeze was to allow the translators time to work
and finish translations prior to release without the strings
themselves changing out from underneath them (thus leading to
mistranslated stuff)?

Looking at the schedule, we're allowing until 10-21 for the
translation deadline.  Maybe the original poster (or I) am confused?

> - In this cycle, we should allow updates into the freeze that contain
> _only_ translation fixes? This would need to be communicated to both
> translators and package maintainers tho.

I don't think so, the final 3 weeks are hectic enough as is.

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