Package kit traceback with new keys

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Sat Sep 6 09:59:05 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-09-05 at 21:49 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Hey, so we just tested our transition fedora-release package and trying
> to get new updates with a new key installed, and we're running into a
> traceback.
> PackageKit-0.2.4-6.fc9.x86_64 is the package version
> is the fedora-release package to install to get info about the new repo and new keys
> is the output of what happens when warren
> tries to install updates from the new location.

I've just tried this with a F9 install CD:

1. boot CD
2. yum update PackageKit
3. install fedora-release-9-3.transitiontest1.noarch.rpm
4. go to gpk-update-viewer
5. get key dialog with correct information
6. click okay
7. goto 5

Not cool. Looking at the output from /usr/sbin/packagekitd --verbose I
can see it's trying to execute, which doesn't
exist. I'm slightly confused why, as it existed in 0.1.x. I've released
0.2.5 upstream this morning, as it incorporated all 7 patches from the
PackageKit-0.2.4-7 release, plus a few other trivial bugs from upstream.
This is building as:

8. install Packagekit-0.2.5-1 and gnome-packagekit-0.2.5-1
9. click okay
10. key is imported
11. update continues

I really can't reproduce that backtrace -- but I think I can work out
what's happening. The 0.1.x versions of PackageKit didn't treat the
finderprint return value as a function, but the 0.2.x version did (and
the 0.2.x and 0.3.x code works). This leads me to come to the conclusion
that you might have been running the old version of PackageKit (0.1.x or
0.2.4-3?), not the new version.

Could you please retry your tests with the 0.2.5-1 versions please?


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