AOS Feature

Bryan Kearney bkearney at
Wed Sep 10 12:44:57 UTC 2008

I wanted to begin the discussion of the Appliance Operating System (AOS) 
  Feature for F10[1]. This is a followup to an earlier email from 
Jeroen. In full disclosure, there are 2 open issues right now. These are:

1) Trademark Approval for the Spin: The first submission has SELinux 
disabled. The second submission, which is awaiting feedback from the 
board, has SELinux enabled in permissive mode.

2) Distribution of a non-ISO Spin [2]

It is the second one which I would like to begin discussion around so 
that if there is any information we can bring it up to the FESCO meeting 
today (10 September) at 18:00 UTC.

Our hope was that we would be able to use the new appliance-tools which 
are being built as part of F10 ti build an image file from the AOS 
kickstart file[3] and host it on The thinking is 
that this is similar to the existing ISO process with the exceptions that:

1) A different tool was being used (appliance-creator instead of 
livecd-creator ). He hoped this would have minor impacts since the 
former is derived from the latter.

2) The output format would be either a raw disk or a tar ball. Since the 
spins site already hosts tar balls we assumed this would not be a large 

This is my first time with a Fedora feature and a Spin, so I dont know 
the correct process here.. other then to try and kick off the discussion.


-- bk


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