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Fri Sep 19 21:50:54 UTC 2008

#821: f10-beta tag request: phonon-4.2.0-5.fc10
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 This changes Phonon to specifically require the xine backend instead of
 any backend because it's the default backend in upstream KDE 4.1 and the
 one we have been testing since 4.0. The intention was always for the xine
 backend to be the default, but yum was picking the gstreamer one as the
 default (because it's built from the Phonon SRPM whereas the xine backend
 is built from kdebase-runtime). The Phonon GStreamer backend currently has
 trouble with PulseAudio, so in the interest of having sound "just work" in
 the beta, it would be great to have this tagged for the beta. The
 dependency change is the only change.

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