[Fedora-spins] Fedora 10 Beta Freeze (Spins)

Bryan Kearney bkearney at redhat.com
Mon Sep 22 12:53:54 UTC 2008

John Poelstra wrote:
> Bryan Kearney said the following on 09/17/2008 05:50 AM Pacific Time:
>> Does this help?
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Bkearney/ProposedSpinProcess
> Now you're talking my language :)
> For each step along the way how are you proposing to track the approval 
> or completion?  IOW if I were to help with (4), how would I tell if (2) 
> and (3) had adequately been completed?

Well.. if you want the spin to be in Fedora, then this assumes you do a 
feature. So.. let the feature tracking process cover it. No need to 
create a new process. It may break the definition of a feature a bit, 
since some of them are "repeats" year to year.. but it would create a 
single funnel for the board and release engineering to look at.

-- bk

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