[Fedora Release Engineering] #824: f10 beta live cd size issues

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Tue Sep 23 14:47:40 UTC 2008

#824: f10 beta live cd size issues
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 I've investigated the live cd size issues a bit for the F10 beta, and here
 are three proposals to help with that:

 1) Add -gnome-games-help to the kickstart file for the live cd. I would do
 that myself, but I don't have commit
    access to that right now.

 2) Tag libgweather-2.24.0-2.fc10 for the beta. I've made it so that the
 localized xml files also have %lang tags
    now, which should make the language filtering we do for the live cd a
 little more effective.

 3) Tag libgsf-1.14.9-2.fc10 for the beta, which drops the ImageMagick
 dependency again (I've asked Caolan, and
    he was fine with dropping it)

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