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#1955: regarding pushing new package in F9
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 Replying to [ticket:1955 rakesh]:
 > Is there any chance that Mayavi main package can be pushed into F9 ?
 > https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=482216 All dependencies
 (Nine of them) have been pushed already into F9 .. and just this one
 remains ..
 > I know it hasn't yet even been imported into cvs ? Is it too late ?

 Yes, it's too late.  We stopped taking new packages for F-9 on June 9th.

 > I wanted it badly into F9, it is on of important stacks for mechanical
 engg students. Few days I had been too busy and it went out of my mind
 that F9 would be EOL and already is.
 > Looks like it is too late ?

 Yes.  I see it's branched for F-10 and F-11.  I suggest you concentrate
 your efforts there.  Good luck!

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