Updated Schedule for F12

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Fri Jul 10 16:14:36 UTC 2009

Bill Nottingham said the following on 07/09/2009 05:51 PM Pacific Time:
 > John Poelstra (poelstra at redhat.com) said:
 >> Based on the feedback from the Release Engineering Meeting on Monday I
 >> have made the following tweaks to the schedule:
 >> o Added earlier blocker review days (f13)
 >> o Changed usage of "Release Candidate"  (f13)
 > I don't think this is right. You've now moved the RC compose a week
 > later from where it was before.
 > Bill

I haven't moved anything, I just changed the names.

Please tell me what the correct "compose RC date" is.  Thinking about it 
a little more I'm still not clear on our methodology.  We need a few 
specific dates that fit to get the time frame correct:

1) Date blocker list must be clear or slip the release
2) Date build RC (same day or day after #1)
3) <input from QA on how many days to test the RC w/ allowance for 
finding problems in RC>

Note that #3 must be done by Thursday 2009-10-29 to start staging the 
content to the mirrors for GA on 2009-11-03.

We also need to decide now what our contingency plan and schedule 
consequences will be if the blocker list is not clear for #1.

When is the meeting between Releng and QA to review the schedule?  I'd 
like to be there.


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