#3860: Create Alpha Release Candidate (RC): INstall CD/DVD

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Fri Aug 6 19:25:01 UTC 2010

#3860: Create Alpha Release Candidate (RC): INstall CD/DVD
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      Type:  task             |      Status:  new                            
 Milestone:  Fedora 14 Alpha  |   Component:  other                          
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Comment (by adamwill):

 we're likely to need systemd 6-2, there's a significant bug in 6-1 which
 has heretofore been hidden by the fact that systemd wasn't actually being
 used in new installs (upstart was).

 we also need the compose to use a recently-committed change to comps
 (listing systemd-sysvinit instead of just systemd) which should solve that
 problem - making systemd the default rather than upstart.

 for 620211, I've submitted an update -
 https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/eclipse-pydev-1.5.9-2.fc14 - for
 eclipse-pydev, which drops the dep on python-psyco , which should resolve
 the issue as far as composes are concerned, so we need to push that update
 and use it in the compose.

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