#3950: build tag for gnome rebuilds in f14

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Wed Aug 11 14:47:17 UTC 2010

#3950: build tag for gnome rebuilds in f14
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 with gnome3 getting delayed to f15, we need to get all of gnome rebuild
 against gtk2, and downgrade a few things from their 2.90 versions to 2.31.
 Unfortunately, the delay decision came right after the f14 branching, so
 we'll have to ask for tons of buildroot overrides if we want to get this
 done without too much breakage.

 I wonder if it would be better to have a tag to sort it all out in
 private. I have never used a dedicated build tag before, so I have a few
 questions related to that:

 - if we had a tag, how do  I build something in it/against it ?
 - I assume tags are self-updating (in terms of getting stuff in the
 buildroots) ?
 - how do I initially populate it (there are a bunch of rebuilds in
 dist-f14-updates-testing and dist-f14-updates-candidate that we would need
 in there) ?

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