#3970: Tag request for urg-0.8.7-3.fc14

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Sat Aug 14 14:52:49 UTC 2010

#3970: Tag request for urg-0.8.7-3.fc14
 Reporter:  timn  |       Owner:  rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org
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 Please tag urg-0.8.7-3.fc14 into F-14 for the release. The current urg
 package is defunct (not rebuilt against new Boost).

 Koji build is at

 Update is at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/urg-0.8.7-3.fc14

 I don't know if the tag request is required, but I'm bugged with "broken
 dep" mails for days now and I made the update already. Known-broken
 packages (e.g. automatically verified as "broken dep" should be able to go
 directly to stable, right?).

 Thank you.

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