Bodhi NFR stable mash bug

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Thu Feb 18 14:34:12 UTC 2010

I think I figured out why bodhi is trying to mash f13-updates (maybe).
There seems to be a bug in the repo detection when we resume.  The
code looks like:

 for update in self.updates:
            release = update.release

            # [No Frozen Rawhide] Don't mash stable repos for pending releases
            if update.request == 'stable' and release.locked:

            if self.resume:
            elif update.request == 'stable':


So I think what happened is that on the first push attempt it
correctly skipped f13-updates.  However, since the bodhi configs
were all horked due to permissions, we had to resume the push.
The above code seems to skip f13-updates initially, but then
blindly add it in the resume case (I think).

I'm not sure we actually want to mash f13-updates right now.  I
could create the f13-updates.mash file really easily, but that
seems like the incorrect action to do.

If bodhi is fixed for this bug, we could roll out a new one and
then resume the push again.  I don't really know of another
solution to our current problem.


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