#4262: Provide deltaisos for Alpha, Beta, Final

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#4262: Provide deltaisos for Alpha, Beta, Final
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 For Alpha, Beta, and Final, which are available on the main mirrors, zsync
 is irrelevant since rsync is already available there as well. In any case,
 rsync/zsync only save space by not downloading unchanged RPMs, and between
 Alpha/Beta/Final, almost all RPMs change, so the savings are very small,
 which is why people don't bother to use it for converting between
 Alpha/Beta/Final. AFAIK there is no tool that works as you suggest that
 can provide large bandwidth savings under these conditions. If there was,
 it could replace deltarpms for updating, so that entire infrastructure
 would be unnecessary. And there are only a few disos which need to be
 created for each milestone, which can easily be done manually (and I've
 already offered to do it).

 I'm looking into getting enough disk space in either my fedorapeople
 account or alt.fp.o to host these, so if that's possible I could do this
 entirely by myself and releng wouldn't need to be involved at all.
 Something on the order of 20 GB (about 10 times the standard quota of 2000
 MiB) would be enough.

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