#4736: Want to keep eclipse-cdt-7.0.1-6 for f14

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Thu May 12 15:21:29 UTC 2011

#4736: Want to keep eclipse-cdt-7.0.1-6 for f14
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 eclipse-cdt was rebuilt to upgrade to 7.0.2.  A mistake in the spec file
 allowed it to build locally and in koji even though the prerequisite
 eclipse release (3.6.2) is not in f14.  The BuildRequires was missing the
 epoch and so it succeeded, but the Requires which has the epoch causes it
 to not install.  So eclipse-cdt-7.0.2 for f14 is invalid.  It superseded
 eclipse-7.0.1-6 which is the last successful build in f14 which is now
 tagged as trashcan.  I would like to restore this build and make it the
 last update for eclipse-cdt in f14 (since f14 will likely not update the
 requisite packages before it is unsupported).

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