#5406: Create Fedora 18 test compose (TC) and release candidate (RC)

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Fri Dec 7 08:31:31 UTC 2012

#5406: Create Fedora 18 test compose (TC) and release candidate (RC)
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 As FESCo moved up the freeze date at their meeting this week:


 to 12-11(!), we should start doing TCs ASAP. So far as I know the current
 tree should be successfully spinnable, smoketests have been coming out

 We should pull in the latest anaconda:
 - it has +2 karma so it's looking good.

 We should probably also pull in
 policy-3.11.1-60.fc18 (it was pushed stable very recently), to verify that
 -60 fixes the problems from -57 thru -59 in all cases.

 There is a shim-signed package in updates-testing, I'm not sure if we want
 to pull that in and if the necessary adjustments have been made to comps
 and/or anaconda to make it actually be used.

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